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TAYLOR -- - March 15, 2009 01:24 AM (GMT)
yes, i know rules do suck, but we kinda need them to
make sure we don't have anarchy - as sexy as the sex
pistols made it sound in "anarchy in the uk". i promise
that they'll be painless, so let's just get through them,
okay? savvy.

first things first. there are no limits on how many characters you can play,
but we ask you to please make sure you can seriously handle them all, that
they aren't all canons, and that you stay active with them all. we don't judge
on being character whores (both josh and i are recovering whores ourselves),
so the more you can handle, awesome. our only "rule" that we are setting
into stone - the others were more just ... guidelines - is that for every two
you make at least one boy. we will be making sure of this, so please follow
that simple rule.

to register, please make sure that you have registered properly. if you mess
up, just ask an admin to change your name for you and we'll be more than
pleased to help because you've asked nicely. also, we do require an app to
be filled out before you can start posting, so make sure that you finish that
before you start making plots with existing characters (unless you are making
your own character as part of a request). and my final note on registration,
please make sure that both the face/canon you want is available, and that
said face is not being requested for another character at the moment. it gets
annoying when someone wants a certain face to be used for a requested character
and then the face gets used - but having nothing to do with the original request.

there are certain things that we frown upon in terms of posting. the first is
obnoxiously short posts. we are a literate board (despite our lack of capitalizing),
and we require at least 3-4 chunky paragraphs per post. or, at the very least,
keeping up the pace of the person you are posting with. we also frown upon
things like god-modding and perfect people. i don't care if you're roleplaying
jesus christ, you're not perfect. okay?!? (-waits to be struck down by lightning-)
no chatspeak, use proper punctuation/grammar/spelling (fine, if english isn't
your first language ... you're excused to an extent), and no 'fortune-telling'.
what's fortune-telling? when you as the player know what's going to happen
in a plot and randomly throw in that your character knows - but in reality the
character doesn't know. we don't like that, so please, just be cool.

we all like graphics. they're the pretty stuff that decorates our characters and
shows the world just how pretty our character faces are. but we've got a few
rules about them. first is that you don't use images that are too large and that
can stretch the board. second is that you check the face claim thread for both
used faces and faces we are not allowing. yes, there are going to be faces that
will be banned because of the fact that they would not fit into the board's mood,
plot, or setting, but that is how it is. and if your favourite face is taken or not
allowed, don't let that stop you from joining us! ask for help in the cbox and we
will be more than happy to help you.

i know that not everyone has a program as nifty as photoshop cs3, so we have
a request forum for you to get graphics. asking for graphics in the cbox is a
'no no' and rather annoying, so we ask you to please post there and wait for a
wonderful soul to take on your request. "YOUR PASSWORD GOES HERE" and when someone
does make your graphics, we ask that you please credit them in the interests
part of your profile. another thing about graphics is that you do not hotlink.
hotlinking is the same thing as stealing, and didn't your mother teach you that
stealing is wrong? so don't do it or else ducky's brigade of pain will come after
you. the best way to avoid ducky's brigade of pain? host the images in your own
photo account - ie photobucket, tinypic, imageshack, etc.

this board is rated 'r'. yes, sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll happen, even when the
nuns are on patrol. so if you have problems with it, let us know. and also do us
a favour and put in a note as to when/if the thread you are in currently takes a
turn for the worseporn. character deaths, pregnancies, rapes, drama is all welcome,
but let's sort of monitor just all of the drama. like too many teen moms/dads
wandering around or eight women who were raped as girls/teens? sorry, i know
the odds of the likelihood actually exist, but i feel as if we can get a bit more ...
creative with our drama. not that i'm being insensitive, but there's a ton of
drama out there to be discovered.

we as people demand respect. everyone does, and it doesn't matter if you're
barack obama or lindsay lohan - you still deserve to be treated with respect. it
is the key to making the world a better place and the most important rule to
follow. respect means many things, but most importantly, things like: obeying
wishes of other members, not using derogatory terms/inflammatory remarks,
not constantly pestering/annoying other members/admins to reply to threads
or check applications, etc. being annoying is not being respectful and will do
nothing but piss the admins off and shove you to the bottom of our metaphorical
pile. we all have lives too (unless you're ducky, who gets crippled and can't have
a life), so we will get to whatever pressing matters you have as soon as we can.
also, a part of respect is not being a snob. by that we mean only plotting with
faces that your face claim has images with. please, create awesome new pairings.
i know that my ultimate favourite pairings are faces that have nothing the same
and are easily one of the more epic couples ever. so branch out. and no cussing
out other members because they have a face you wanted. that's just childish
and stupid.

and finally, the most important rule of them all ... have fun! do it.

these rules are the brainchild of DUCKY! of CAUTION 2.0

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