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a new generation of students have entered and taken over hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. the grandchildren of harry potter and the rest of the gang are here to stay and battle the new evil that is arising. the same ol' friends and enemies remain, but is there something different about the malfoy children? harry had saved their grandfathers life and without that, they wouldn't be here today. do they actually have less of a hate feeling for all those potter children? only time can tell on that.

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evangline denali mattherson
Posted: Mar 17 2009, 12:57 AM

seventeen & sixth year
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Group: ravenclaw
Posts: 14
Member No.: 39
Joined: 15-March 09

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    The sudden episode of purring woke Evangline up. The culprit for this was none other than her ginger cat named Bangles. A frustrated sigh escaped her lips as she forced her sleep-heavy eyelids open. Sure enough, the feline was laying right by her left hand, beginning to rub its head against it. Evangline rolled her eyes and shook her head as she pushed herself up into a sitting position. "Thanks a lot Bangles." she said as she ran her fingertips over his soft fur. "Now, why can't you wake me up at this time on the days when I have class?" Evangline finally found the clock on the wall, it was around 7 am. This time she would usually be getting up for classes, but today was Saturday. It was slightly ironic that Bangles would remember to wake her up early on the weekends, but just slept through the day during the week. Evangline tossed the warm blanket off her legs, the cool air effecting them immediatly. She slid her feet onto the icy stone floor, careful not to wake any of her roommates. Although her body protested against the cold room and she wanted to go back underneath the covers, she wouldn't be able to fall back asleep. That's just how she naturally was. An hour later Evangline was ready to go. She had showered and thrown on a pair of dark-wash jeans and a sweater. It was going to be the usual gloomy day today.

    Evangline walked over to her vanity by the window. Before she fixed her mess of auburn hair, she decided to look out the window. It was just as she suspected. Rain was coming down in a steady pace, not in pelting sheets or a drizzle. A drizzle was best prefered on the days off, but this was England. The droplets of moisture slid down the glass window pane and settled on the sill. Evangline decided to tear her eyes away from the site before she got too irritated. Moisture was good, but she wished it wouldn't rain ninety percent of the time. Now that her attention was focused on the vanity mirror, she felt a bit better. The drowsiness of sleep was still present in her features, but not as evident as before. As she raked the brush through her hair, she thought about the homework she had been assinged to finish before the next class. The tasks came back to her immediatly. All she had to do was Herbology and Potions. She had already finished Potions, so all that was left was Herbology. This was both a blessing and a curse.

    Soon enough, Evangline was in the Great Hall finishing her breakfast. As she finished talking with a few of her friends, she threw them a warm smile before heading up the stairs to go back up to the Ravenclaw Tower. She figured it was better to get her assingments done now, even though she really didn't feel like journeying out to the Greenhouses today. Within ten minutes she was back down at the enterance of the school, with her Herbology book in hand. As she pulled the hood of her jacket over her head, she headed out into the rain. She hurried along the beaten path to the Greenhouses, trying to avoid the moisture as much as possible. It was just a fact of life here in England, but she wasn't in the mood for it to ruin her day. The fog was beautiful, she had to admit she didn't care for the pouring rain much though. Evangline reached the greenhouse quickly, and luckily her book hadn't gotten wet. All she had to do was just find a few plants and write about their similarities and differences. As she slid her hood down, she looked around. It was toasty warm in here. A smile came to her face as she slid off her jacket and walked slowly through the aisles of the plants. Once she found one that caught her interest, she stopped and looked it up. This would occupy her and keep her mind off the pouring rain.

    Evangline found the plant and decided to sit down on a near-by bench as she wrote down some key elements about it. As she wrote she hummed a tune softly to herself. This was a habit that was as natural to her as breathing. As she took in a deep breath, she continued to write, her handwriting filling up the upper-half of the piece of parchment.

    tag;;kimberly william louis
    notes;;my posts are generally
    about 500 words. i got a bit carried
    away with this one [: new charrie & all.
Posted: Mar 17 2009, 08:47 AM

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Group: hufflepuff , admin
Posts: 3
Member No.: 11
Joined: 14-March 09

user posted image

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Kimberly sat on his bed, his eyes half closed similarly to the eyes of an influenced teen; though Kimmy was not high today just incredibly tired. He sat shirtless, with a pair of black sweat pants on. A logo of a tenacious looking badger was glued to the right side of the drawstring. The ends of the legs were cut off due to a frustration with the tight ankle parts. He yawned, while stretching his arms out to his flanks showing an impressive wingspan. When Kimmy finished stretching he ran his hand through his hair and stood up, proceeded to his dresser and pulled out today's wardrobe. His body still had the aroma of the bodywash he used the night before and his hair was still clean. The young Hufflepuff slipped on a white tee shirt that created an interesting contrast with his died black hair. He stepped out of the funny looking sweat pants and put on a pair of white and blue striped shorts. The weather was increasingly getting better and his wardrobe might have been premature given the season but he hated wearing heavy clothes. Kimmy turned his head to see that the sky was overcast and decided to take a black hoodie just in case. He was heading outside to work on herbology, a class that he dreaded. He had a few pairs of converse to match the different colors he ever decided to wear and found himself stepping into a white pair today.

    The converse carried the boy to the entrance of the castle and by this time it had already started raining. He slipped on the sweatshirt and left it half zipped because it wasn't being worn for warmth, but to shield rain from his hair. Kimberly put the hood on and kept walking toward the greenhouses that seemed more and more like hell. Why did he have to leave the common room to do work? He was going to fail the stupid class anyway and in his mind he didn't recognize the importance of such a class. Plants? Come on now, totally not worth it but his converse shoes still led the poor guy to the the glass house. The rain however was a nice break from regular weather. He didn't mind watching it and just chilling out. If it wasn't in the greenhouse the teenager might have had a nice day, but no the herbology teacher used words like 'letter' and 'to' and best of all 'parents' and Kimmy was stuck doing the work. His parents could become very big pain the in the asses when they figured out that he wasn't getting good grades.

    He entered the greenhouse and the first thing that caught his eye was a bright, scarlet head of hair. He noted the cute face that went with it and then his ADD like focus was off to something else. He took a few steps forward before a nasty looking plant jumped at him quickly and then slowly retracted. This scared the hell out of poor Kimberly and he jumped quite high. When he regained his composure he continued to a bench that was a few benches down from the red head. He pulled out a notepad because he thought parchment was overrated and a simple ball point pen and started to scribble notes about the plant that just attacked him. A few sentences in his eyes were diverted once again by the stunning head of hair. Thoughts of why he doesn't dye his hair that color struck him and he was having trouble keeping focus but yet again he peeled his eyes from her head and turned back to his notepad.

    "GODAMNIT!" His mind yelled at him as he gained more and more interest in the girl. She was starting to become an obsession to the point where he just clicked his pen and gave a long stare. He thought that he thought she was really cute but he had to ask himself if it was just an excuse to get out of the herbology work that he hated so much. Finally he decided that if he was able to even hold a conversation with the girl that it would be reward enough for letting him skip the work. "I love your hair," He blurted out suddenly without thinking of exactly 'what' to say. He instantly mentally smacked himself, but eagerly waited for an answer.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

thanks to BEE LARA AKA OH WOW. LOVELY. @ CAUTION for the template
credit to wanker for banner
evangline denali mattherson
Posted: Mar 17 2009, 06:24 PM

seventeen & sixth year
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Group: ravenclaw
Posts: 14
Member No.: 39
Joined: 15-March 09

user posted image

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Evangline kept scrolling in black ink across the parchment. It was a good thing she decided to get this done today, since it was going to take a while. Although she was bright and all, she was a bit of a procrastinator. The greenhouse was a good enough place to work, and it atleast it wasn't as drafty as the tower got at times. The fog continued to creep around the grounds, the castle getting lost in the white abyss. A slight smile crept onto Evangline's lips as she looked away from the parchment, taking a break. The rain had come to a soft patter on the roof, much more pleasing to her than the consistant pelting on the roof. Before she looked back to her paper, she brushed a lock of her scarlett bangs out of her sight. As she read over the paragraph, she was pleased. Now only three more to go and she could be done with her coursework for the weekend. As she continued to write about the next plant she had decided to write about, her humming continued as well. Evangline preffered the tune over the silence that usually filled the greenhouse. Of course it wasn't the favorite spot for students to go, since it was scarcely filled other than during classes.

    Evangline wrote steadily as she jotted down a few notes on the physical appearance of the plant, along with the description from the text book. A soft sigh escaped from her parted lips as she dipped her quill back into the ink well. Her hand had begun to cramp, so she transfered it to her left hand as she stretched out the slighty-sore joints. Her eyes scanned around the deserted green house, taking in the colors of the foliage. A soft laugh escaped her lips as she heard the grumble of a garden gnome in a near-by room. They always amused her with their dumb antics. It really didn't take much to amuse her, as bright as she was. As she felt her joints return to normal, she put her quill in her right hand and continued to write. This was one of her favorite classes, although it was just about plants. Nature never ceased to fascinate Evangline, even though it would bore the other students in her year. The only class that truly bore her was Transfiguration, but it was tolerable.

    Evangline was finished with the third paragraph when she heard a door open to the Greenhouse. Her head perked up as she looked to see who it was. Soon enough a boy that she recognized walked in, wearing a tired expression. When he caught her eye, she smiled warmly at him before looking back down at her paper. Now she had some company later, if he stuck around. The rustling of the plants and his footsteps didn't bother her, she merely ignored them like she did with every other distraction. As she brushed a lock of her shock of red hair, she peered over at him for a quick moment. The main thing she noticed about him was his vibrant blue eyes. When she looked away her delicate eyebrows knit together. He was familiar, but she couldn't remember where from. It soon rushed back to her, he was in a few classes with her. When she remembered, her expression relaxed and she continued to write.

    The humming started up once more, just out of familiar habit. Evangline was about finished with the last paragraph when the boy spoke to her. As he commented her hair, she smiled and let out a laugh. "Thank you. I like your eyes."she said, the smile still strong on her features. Evangline certainly wasn't shy and talked to people as if she'd known them for years. As she brushed her hair out of her eyes once more, she looked over at him. "Are you working on this assingment too?
    "she asked, remembering that he was in her Herbology class. It was an obvious question, but she still asked it for a conversation starter. The assignment was the first the class had recieved in quite a while thanks to all of the lab-type work they were doing. A group of chatty Hufflepuffs was to thank for the assingment, but Evangline didn't really mind. It didn't take much effort for her. As she waited for his reply, she tried to remember his name. It was on the tip of her tounge, but she couldn't think of it.

    tag;;kimberly william louis
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