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  1. STICKY: Least Favorite Pokemon
  2. STICKY: The classic "Favorite Pokemon" thread.
  3. STICKY: This Week's Episode (Japan)
  4. STICKY: The Official Pokemon Trading Card Game Discussion
  5. STICKY: This Week's Episode (USA)
  6. STICKY: The classic What did you name your Pokemon? thread
  7. STICKY: Favorite Type?
  8. What is your favorite Pokemon Card?
  9. Virtual Cute Pokemon
  10. Mewtwo Returns Screenshots
  11. Pokemon originally going to stay 'Pocket monsters'
  12. 0 Error
  13. What kinds of Pokemon should there be more of?
  14. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew Movie Cover
  15. Pokemon Survey!
  16. More Pokeflute songs...
  17. an unbalenced pokčworld...
  18. Pokemon you're fond of
  19. What if...
  20. who's slower?
  21. What should we do...
  22. What would happen?
  23. Why and when did you begin your journey?
  24. Question about pokemon the first movie
  25. Latias and Latios Poll
  26. Pokemon Anime News!
  27. What's your favourite Poké-movie?
  28. Should the American Animé of Pokémon be Tv Y?
  29. Suppose there was a live action Pokemon TV show
  30. SSBM intro
  31. Which do you prefer.
  32. Does anyone else miss...
  33. have you ever noticed
  34. AP = Disliking Pokémon?
  35. Meowth <3 Pikachu!
  36. What's the first Pokemon you've ever seen?
  37. Rukario or Lucario?
  38. Current status of Pokemon in your area
  39. Ever forgotten the name of a real animal...
  40. Least Favorite Pokemon
  41. Favorite Game Music
  42. Pokémon Kid...
  43. Pokemon Habits
  44. Do you have the Pokedex order memorized?
  45. whoa...o_O
  46. NetBattle Discussion
  47. Nintendo fires 4Kids
  48. Things people thought during the Pokemon fad
  49. Crazy Pokemon Characters you've made up
  50. Guessing the Names

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