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Title: Schools of Miri
Description: Some well known middle schools

RIGmaster - January 8, 2007 02:08 AM (GMT)
Pei Min Middle School
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Pei Min is an independent school which starts from 1952 till now. Students in this school can take part in both UEC and the PMR or SPM exams.

From 1952, the student of Pei Min starts to rise from 280 students to 350 students in 1964. Then it starts to drop and reached the lowest which is 27 students in 1977.

After that it starts to rise again and reached 621 students in 2004.

History of Pei Min
In 12th of February 1962 Pei Min Middle School established. Ting Sheng Xin appears to be the first principles in our school.
In 15th June 1962, there are eight classes in the new single storey building.
In 1964, the second principle retired. Mr Song Zhi Ming take over and become the third principle in our school.
In 1966, they used more than RM7000.00 to build the basketball field and repaired the pathway at the same time.
In 1970, the forth principles retired because of his health his health.
In 1971, Mr Chong Yi Fah appear to be the fifth principles in our school.
In 1973, Mr chong principles quit because of his own problem.
In 1974, Mr Ng Yi Kuan take over the sixth principles in our school.
In 1977, only twenty-seven students in our school. Mr Ng principles retired.
In 1984, execellent class exist in our school and the student could enroll the SRP and UEC exam.
In 1986, our school let the students to enroll for the SRP and UEC exam. The students achieve the execellent result. Another new building for new class and teachers' has finished the building.
In May, 1987 they rebuild the old baksetball court and add in a new volleyball court.
In 1988, Senior two student join the SPM exam. Every year student manage to obtain excellent result.

RIGmaster - January 8, 2007 04:00 AM (GMT)
Riam Road Middle School

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Riam Road Middle School is an independent school which concentrade on both Chinese, English and Malay. Although the sum of student is this school is quite little compared to the others independent school, they have students from other countries and they can study and learn well in this big family.

History Of Riam Road Middle School
In 1966, our school build up the first period double storey school building that include 6 classrooms, 1 teacher and students' hostel and a canteen with amount RM66000.
In January 1967, our school opened the junior session and employed Mr Wong Zheng Dau as the school principle.
In 1969, our school build up the second period school compound that include 1 students' hostel, 1 basketball field, bicycle shead, library and science lab.
In 1970, our school open the senior session for the student that finish their junior session in 1969, so that it become a complicated school. After that our school add in typing course, commerce for the student to gain more knowledge.
For the third period of build up in 1971, our school add in many labouratory equipment pedestrian, rebuild toilet and the school is fenced up and a main gate is build up.
In 1974, our school make an open ceremony for the second block of double storey building which include 4 classrooms.
In 1977 and 1978, our school started to requests for support from companies and association in town . 7 students entered the PRE-U in Taiwan.
In 1979, our senior class seperated into art side and science side.
In 1981, our school build up a 6 rooms girls' hostel.
In 1983, we build up a four storey building which include 28 units of classrooms. The school entertainment choir which is set up by the school commitee gain a high comments from the show they make.
From 1984 onwards, our school choose out the excellent student to take part in the UEC exam, and at the same time, they improve their English level to join the LCE and BM Exam.
In 1985, our school started to use the new school building. School friend committee started to beauty up the Huai Eng Lake, the Jiu Qu Bridge and the school friend shead.
In 1986, our school celebrate the 20th Anivesary and the open ceremony for the new school building. We build up an assembly hall for the celebration purpose. We organise the thousand people ball and the education fair.
In 1988, our school arrange the enrollment for the SRP exam. Two ways of the study started with the UEC exam as the main and the government exam as the sub.
In 1990, our school arrange the enrollment for the SPM exam.
In 1996, our school provided carpentary subject.
In 9th June 1997, our school open the machinary training class.
In 1998, our school change the study syllabus and teach according to the chong zheng syllabus after they come back from Sabah.
In 1999, we started to teach the maths and science subjects in English. We rent half of our school compound which include 1 block of four storey building to the Curtin University of Technology. Because of it we build up another block of four storey building which include 16 classroom beside.
In 2000, Our school rent the whole school building to the Curtin University and the Riam student started to study in the new building. We build up another block of four storey building which include 12 classrooms for the study purpose. In 2001, international student started to enroll and study the UEC subject in our school.
In 2002, Our school has successfully organized food fair. Hall's stage changed into cement.
In 2003, New library at third floor started to use. Curtin University of technology has stopped renting that building and it is used for opening of Insitut Riam technology. International student are also join the UEC exam.
In 2004, our school has opened simple language class. Our school has successfully organized a school concert at civic center and got good praise by other people.

RIGmaster - January 8, 2007 06:57 AM (GMT)
SMK Baru Miri

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Address of SMK BARU MIRI
Jalan Cahaya, Lopeng,
98000 Miri,
Phone Number: 085-431707
Fax Number: 085-431707

School Biography
In 2nd January 1989, our school started our mission in SRK Pujut Corner which has only 6 transition and 3 form one and form two classes with a sum of 310 students.
In 1991, Form 3 classes exist.
In 1994, Form 4 classes exist.
In the 18th December 1998, our school started our school mission again in the new location which locates at Jalan Cahaya, Lopeng.
In 2002, Form 6 classes exist.
Until January 2004, our school altogether has 44 classes with amount of 1418 of students, 86 teachers and 13 supported staff.

School Objective
To achieve good performance in the academic.
To train out the good students that active in all types of sports and curriculum.
To train skilled and ethics human.
To born citizens that can give positive contribution to the school, social, and nation.
Serve to increase the school productivity.
Increase the good relationship between all the school, the school staff, parents, students and other agency.
To construct and cultivate the school culture.

School Mission

School Motto

School Philosophy
For all of us that have the potency to become a sparkle human, we need to have the attitude as below:
1) Always believe yourself
2) High discipline
3) Hardworking
4) Committed
5) Be honest and sincere
6) Always have the spirit, we can.
School Target
Citizens born to contribute their social and nation productively and positively.

RIGmaster - January 8, 2007 07:22 AM (GMT)
ST Joseph

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Clarify and care for corresponding environment for expects international standard education and self construction personality in order to contribute to target the 2020 vision.

1. Hold steady to religious and spirituality together with student life development.
2. Hold steady to the principle of country pillar.
3. To form personality and with the spirit; "JOSEPHIAN" such as cooperation in the duty, service and a sacrifice, love to oneself, family and country, mutual to respect and agreement, self discipline and high moral value.
4. To make an effort to success the academic and rich culture.
5. To develop harmony, understanding and mutual respect between student, religion and culture.
6. To contribute healthy physical and mental with the Gerko activity.
7. To make an effort to achieve the excellence in all activity.
8. To have a positive attitude in life, self-respect, honest and trust, amicable and zest society, wish to achieve the justice, peace and have a clean and safe environment.

We are the member of SMK St. Joseph, Miri pledge to practice:
1. Excellent and love the school culture.
2. Responsibility and cooperation attitude.
3. Full sprit group and cooperation group.
4. Honorable behavior.

School target:
1. SMK St. Joseph, Miri had won the Sekolah Harapan Negara peringkat negeri Sarawak award on 1996, to make an effort a high quantity of success and balance in curriculum, student personality, society communicate and healthy physical.
2. Build the school imej as Sekolah Premier/Elite.

SMK St. Joseph, Miri history:
S.M.B. St. Joseph was building on 1964 and it is a private school was given on 1982. Before 1964, the school was giving the name of Sekolah St. Joseph, Miri (St. Joseph's School Miri).
The school management was control by Mission namely "Vacariate Apostolia of Miri". The government helps the school financial. Before 1984 the school, the main language for this school is English.
The school consists of male students and female students. This school had different religion such as Malay, Chinese, Dayak, Melanau, Kenyah, Bisaya, Kayan and other Asia country religion, Europe, Serani and India (1968).
This school had two section namely morning section and afternoon section. The first transition classes were beginning on 1975 (6 Jun). The first afternoon section for the transition class and form 1 begin in 1980. In 1982, form 2 class also had the afternoon section. Form 3, 4, and 5 still in morning section.
The first class was begin by Reverend Father Hengry Jansen (1876-1948) in St. Joseph church in 1934 before the Japanese. The male students and female were separate into two building such as male students had the class in the back of the church building. The female students start studying in the Convent (now Nature Department)
When the war, half of the school building and the church was destroyed by the bomb attack.
After the war in September 1945, the class begins to build. Father Hengry Jansen had to repair the St. Joseph old church.
In 1954, the school will enlarge the base, now at Angsana Road. His classroom consists of Shell "quarters". Because of the least of class rooms, half of the students had to attain their study at old Cathay Cinema (New Century Cinema).
In 1954, a new building was build. The study of Primary school and Secondary school had start in a same school but no longer, it will start in 2 sections. In 30hd. May 1954, the primary school building was build.

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