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 Our Raiding Rules
Posted: Nov 2 2009, 05:58 PM


Group: Guild Leaders
Posts: 5,785
Member No.: 9
Joined: 28-November 06

For the information of potential applicants:

RoTLO Raiding Rules

If you sign for a guild raid, you agree to abide by these rules.


- Register one character as your main with one main spec and you may choose a second spec. You will participate in guild raids with this character most of the time. Spec and gear your toon suitably for PvE raiding, be aware that some specs are more desired than others for balanced raid groups. If you change the spec of your character in a major way (i.e. from one role to another) you must inform us (here ). If you haven't registered a main toon & spec on the forum you can't roll on loot. If you want to respec/change main consider it carefully. If it happens frequently or makes things difficult for the guild we may reduce your loot priority. Main changes, unless for the good of the guild, should be done at the start of new tiers or between tiers so as not to disrupt progress.

- Be online, at raid start point fully prepared at raid start time or we will try to replace you - this will count against you for future raid spots. This includes reserves. Raid start time is the time of the first pull - be buffed and ready to pull at this time.

- Raids are posted for sign-up on our web app. If you sign up you must be available to stay until the advertised end time of the raid. If you can't attend we expect you to state this on the sign-up system in a timely fashion.

- If you sign for a raid then can't make it you must unsign on the web app ASAP. Leave a comment so we know what's happening, and only unsign in cases of genuine emergency.

- Raid reserves should be online prior to raid time and at the raid start point, to ensure they are able to fill spots if needed. It's a good idea to stay online as sometimes spots open up. If you are a reserve and then can't make it you still need to unsign on the website.

- Focus on the raid. Signing up commits you to the team for the duration of the run, with 5 minute breaks every hour. Got something to do that takes longer than five minutes? Do it before or after. Wanting to catch up on a TV show? Not during raid time. Plan your time - don't put upon your teammates.

- Bring your own supply of raid consumables to guild raids - flasks, potions, max buff food and weapon buffs that improve performance of your character. Bring enough max buff food for each boss pull (can be up to 25 per raid) and enough pots to both pre-pot and use during the fight for every boss encounter (50).

- Have Bigwigs or Deadly Boss Mods and Mumble. You need to be able to hear us, but we prefer if it you are also able to speak.

- Fully research the encounters you sign up for before the raid. Keep checking this as targets may change between posting and the raid start. Research the mechanics and tactics of the fight as well as how to optimise your class and role in that encounter.

- If a rotlo in-game channel exists for your class or raid role (tank, healer) be in it.

Raid Etiquette and Loot

- Don't whisper Raid Leaders more than necessary whilst they're leading. Could your question go on the forum or in guild/raid chat?

- Perform to your best level on all guild raids. Bad days happen, but players who are consistently found to be performing significantly worse than other comparable players are considered in violation of this rule. You can check the logs of our previous raids for indications of our raider performances here.

- Loot is distributed at Master Looter's discretion with priority: Main toon main spec > main toon offspec > Alt ms > Alt os > Guild Bank (for BoE loot) > Trial member ms > trial os > Shard/roll. Loot is distributed as evenly as possible across the raid. If you win an item, you automatically default to anyone rolling on further loot with the same priority as yourself, that has not yet won an item. This applies for the duration of the raid.

- Unneeded BoP loot is disenchanted and the mats go to the guild bank. If DE is not available, the drop is raid rolled. BoE loot of blue or higher quality and recipes that aren't needed by a full guild member go to the guild bank.

- Think about the long-term use that you will get out of loot. It's good practice to pass to others if you consider the long-term use for the good of the guild will be better. If you roll for offspec gear, you indicate that you are willing to use that offspec during guild raids as needed - keep it up-to-date.

- Plan your upgrades in advance - don't hold up the raid whilst you decide whether or not to roll.

- Have fun and enjoy raiding, but take it seriously too. Listen to raid leader instructions at all times. Don't spam raid chat, /say or Mumble during tactics, looting and other important parts of the raid.

- Work towards raid goals as a team e.g. don't ignore specific instructions in order to top the damage meters.

- If we wipe, res, run back in, buff and eat buff food quickly to reduce downtime. Don't keep others waiting. If you have a raid buff, use it. Don't make the raid leader ask for it repeatedly.

- Don't go AFK without informing us. Don't go AFK during a boss fight, or tactics.


- You are expected to be loyal to the guild. We don't prohibit joining other raid groups, but don't encourage it. If you are found to be needed for a guild raid, but are saved with another group, consistently raid with other guilds and/or are found to be raiding with another guild when we needed you for a guild raid, you are considered in violation of this rule. Please PuG the raids that we don't run as a guild, and do raid finder but sign for guild raids over all others unless you can't make it.

- Have a stable computer and reasonable latency. Persistant disconnects during guild raids or having low performance due to latency may result in you being replaced.

- Raiders who respec their toon in order to allow a raid to go ahead (e.g. DPS to healer) can claim the full cost of respeccing there and back from the guild bank. Inform an officer of the cost if you do this.

- The guild forum is our primary means of communication, discussion, planning, and organisation. Check it often and contribute to discussions.

- If you sign up for a raid and don't attend, contact us and explain why via forum or in-game mail.

- Full guild members can repair any gear damage from our raids using guild bank funds. These funds are ONLY for this purpose.

- Respect your teammates. If you keep us waiting because you've gone to get a cake out of the oven, you're making 9 people pay the price for you being disorganised. If you don't bother running that instance you need for that last piece of epic gear, you're not respecting the time your guildies have put into their gear. Your time isn't worth more than your teammate's.

Expected Gear Standards

We expect you to have put as much effort as possible into gearing up. As a minimum:

- All gem slots filled with current level blue quality gems

- All items enchanted to a high standard. Epic gear should be enchanted using the best available enchant. Mats are available from the guild bank to assist regular raiders with this.

- Crafted belt buckle with extra gem slot

- Active meta gem

- Any profession-specific improvements e.g. extra sockets, better gems.

- Work hard on your gear and have the best gear you can possibly get outside of raiding, be this from raid finder, valor points (we expect all raiders to valor cap each week), item upgrades, dailies, legendary questlines or reputations. Don't expect to be able to slack off and leech from the effort your teammates have put in.

[Updated 06/08/13]
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