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 Sasaki Fusai No Jingi Naki Tatakai By Goro Inagaki
Posted: Jan 25 2008, 01:08 PM


Group: Admin
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I will be translating the major parts of conversations for this drama unitl some subbers take it on. As soon as I get the clear copies, I'll put a few screencaps in.

My comments for this drama are mostly at my blog here but feel free to leave comments . It's better here because I have a limit on the number of comments at my blog for a free account.

Here's the ending theme song for the series.

Here's a blurb on the drama.

Posted: Jan 25 2008, 02:57 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 30,840
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Joined: 1-November 03

Episode 1

The opening is funny. It says that the nephew of rich American magnate JP Morgan, called George Morgan, was married to Koyuki in 1905. Then 100 years later, protesting against the invasion of Afghanistan, the Japanese boycotted the Olympic Games to be held in Russia. Then George Bush gave the speech in 2005 Jan 20.

At that moment, Sasaki (Goro) is at his lowest point in life. His workmates ignored him. His confession to his highschool mate was rejected.

Even at this restaurant, he ordered some food that is worse than anything in the world.

Norimichi (N): hard to eat
At this moment, when he feels that his world has given up on him, (squirt)
Ritsuko ģ: Donít worry. No matter how bad they tase, just add salsa and mayonnaise on it and it would be different. There, if you think I lie to you, then try.
N: Tasty
At this moment, he feels that the world is blessing him.
This changed his life.
N: Your name?
One week later, R walked down the stairs. N looked dazzled by here.
R: Todayís itís the modern look.
N: I got tricked.
She turned heads 100%.

N: You are a lawyer?
R: Yes, thatís not good?
N: NoÖthen what do you think about the case of libel that was reported earlier?
R: Thatís ridiculous not taking into account the reality. Based on the no. 21 law of constitution, Ö
Then N started quoting the law tooÖthe 13th rule is about personal dignityÖ. He looked at the watch and said, oh, the movie started. Missing the beginning of the movie, thereís no meaning to watch it.
R: It doesnít matter, the first 10 mins we could guess more or less.

Her character is easy going.
Then she drained the cup of wine because it would anger the wine of god if she didnít.
And along with many different thingsÖ.he sees everything that she does is good.
In 2005, April 1, they got married.

After signing the marriage application form, she said she would submit it. In May, they set up a husband and wife lawyerís office.

At breakfast, he found the marriage application and he didnít like the fact she didnít submit it.
N: this is like cohabitationÖ.oh your socks. Ö what?
R: marriage and cohabitation is like these socks. There are not much differences.
N: to be with you makes me happy
She lifted his pants and said that they were perfect butterfly knots. That is comforting.

Then they finally went to the family registry to submit the paper. On the way back,
N: no matter how busy, we have to have breakfast together.
R: But I canít wake up too early.
N: Then Iíll prepare breakfast
R: And I wash the dishes.

And we would think this love would continue onÖbut it didnít last more than one month.

OMG, Goro looks so good at this part when he was looking thru the cdís and then sitting there meditatingÖhahaÖ

Why? Why are the things not in the right box.
Oh, after listening to Jalan, it should be Mozart. She put it in Mozartís box.
Put it back in.
Why not. Then when you open the CD, wouldnít it be interesting?
I absolutely donít allow it!!
Fine, then put them all back in.
Itís not that I said so. You are always like that! (Gosh, Goro looks so funny here when he is trying to be angry.) towels here, and washing cloths all mixed up. How many times do I have to remind you about the gargabe classifications and you still donít understand. And no matter how many times I say it, you still put oily dishes in the wash. Donít know how you were brought up when young. (HahahahaÖGoro is so fun here.)She stepped on itÖthen might as well not put it in the box.
Do you know what you are doing? This is the crime of causing damage to other peopleís property.

Do you want to get the fingerprints of every box? It would be very time consuming.
N started stepping on her CDís.

Hey what are you doing, you?
She leaped and bumped into the wall.
Are you alright?
R: Itís bleeding. This is definitely domestic violence.
N: this is proper defence.
He now finally understood that this beautiful girl did not have a boyfriend was because that she explodes , the right term for her display of intelligence. is so cute to see his head embedded with a CD.

10.26 mins


Exclusive: Please do not repost this translation outside of this forum.

Posted: Jan 25 2008, 04:31 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 30,840
Member No.: 1
Joined: 1-November 03

The morning news reported that a man has knifed his wife to death and in the house was garbage and clothes everywhere. The husband said he couldnít stand it anymore and every corner of the house are insects of the wrong season. I think I would go crazy one day.
N: This is the last breakfast between us husband and wife.
The thoughts of heartless divorces come around.
N: was last night fun?
R: the loser of last nightís game has to go to the convenience store half naked and he was afraid to be nabbed by the police but he actually is a police himself. He reasoned, isnít pipo naked too? (pipo is a decoration ornament at the station I think.)

Why do you say itís the last breakfast?
From tomorrow onwards, there wouldnít be any more plates. (Whoa, goro looks good here with this eye expression.) and so Iím sighing saying this is the last breakfastÖ.(HahahahaÖthis part is very funny! The music is perfect for it.)
Then, thatís the way it would be.
Didnít we seem to have agreed earlier on that I cook and you do the dishes? Should we ascertain when you agreed and when you started breaking the rules? (he showed the recording device)
Na, the promises between couples could be cancelled anytime.

But in the 752nd rule, couples have to help each other and support each other.
The civil law is full of loopholes.
Goro stood up and slammed the tableÖ.hahahaÖ

N: I didnít want to talk about this.
R: but I feel that things should be left to those who are interested. Interest is the best teacher. Whatever you do is better than me be it work, cooking and cleaning, including doing the dishes. Of course, it is not impossible for me to wash the dishes, but I canít make them shine like you. And even if I work hard in cooking well, the value of it would decrease relatively. It would be so regrettable. So, perfect food has to have perfect crockery.

N: thatís reasonable.
R: sorry, Iím so useless.

N speaks into his own recorder, this morning I forced my lawyer wife to live up to her promise but she used rule 754 to evade the issue.

(HahahaÖheís documenting all her infractionsÖROFL.)

The legal case they took in is that the neighbors kept piling garbage at this coupleís area and they had to clean up everyday. In the meantime, the girl who came along with the old man did not leave with him and they thought she was the daughter. She was to work here and it was R who hired her last night at the bar. N said that when she is at night at a bar, that type of promise do not stand because sheís not using her head at that moment. Girl offered to leave but they realized she would otherwise work as a hostess at a club.

At the wrestling club, guy asked howís things with R. N said itís no use talking to you about it. You wouldnít be of much use. Ö.

N showed the photos to her. Itís been a year that she has been taking advantage of the fact that compared to her, he couldnít stand dirt and mess and she does nothing. So for the last month he hasnít done any cleaning. He couldnít believe he would be in such a relationship still. Everyday he thinks about it every 10 mins. He couldnít stand it anymore.

So the friend suggested that things would go missing in the house to alert her. N said thatís like theft. He convinced him that between couples, itís not theft. N said I wonít listen to your nonsense.

R got drunk, get packed into taxi.

At home, N deductedÖa 3 mins cup noodle, sheís bound to get hungry and therefore headed straight to the fridge and got ham. He watched her on the floor. This is beyond help.

At the clientís house, N remarked that this place is like my home.

N. looked around the house. Said thereís a group meeting on Saturday and they passed info to him. Tenant got anxious. N. on the outside mentioned the sofa is a bit small. Everything in the house look small. (Now he looks gorgeous here!!!)

R. was looking for the keys. It might be at the kitchenÖ.pan fell on her feet. Might be at the washbasin. Where? Sorry, Iím busy.

What is it?

She couldnít find her keys.
Would that be alright?

She would be able to find it in the end.
You know where it is? Let me call her.
Do, donít tell her at all.
He of course said it to her that N would be happy that she would understand the situation by this incident.
Koyuki looks beautiful here!

Morning, she made breakfast. Go wash.

Someone put more garbage in front of the plaintiffís house now that they know they have legal representation.

Plaintiff: actually for us to accept the position of the garbage placement in front of our house, they have reduced the price
N: they gave you showroom furniture?
P: you knew?
N: I heard that to make the house look bigger, they make smaller furniture. So how much is the furniture?
P: around 2million
Lady: actually, I have been prepared mentally for this but last year, my back is not doing well and so my husband said, letís see about it.
P: indeed, some people are still not satisfied with us. I feel that if this go on, it would get worse. Hereís the fee up till now.

The office feels it would be hard for plaintiff to stay on if he stops halfway. What should be done? Their house is not easy to sell.
N rushed out.

R: Whatís up?
Her phone rang which has his ring tone. Iíve just changed the ring tone.
Man: if you need to talk to him, you need to chase after him.
R: no need.
Man: looks like itís going to pour.

He got stuck in rain, tried to convince everyone to go on with the meeting.

At home, N: how did you notice places like that?
R: because it rang just now.
N: but the last call was half an hour ago. Donít you feel you would lose face doing such things.
This is really a crazy hairdo of Goro! Cute!!! And I love his expression at this point. The resignation to it all!!
R: You started it first?
N: if we both donít don anything, it would become like this. How could one live here? I donít only do the easy stuff. This is a home of two persons and we both have to maintain it.

R: I didnít ask you to do it. If you want to clean the room, then do so. If you donít, then donít. Donít make it as though I make you do it.
N: true, you didnít ask me to. But you donít do anything at all. Look at this. When no one does anything, it would become like this. This takes away the rights of a normal existence for me. Your behavior of not doing anything infringes on my rights.

R: thatís because in law, the couple has the responsibility to help each other. Each party has the responsibility to do what is their strength. Besides, because of different upbringing, you have to accept and tolerate the otherís responsibilities. As to the state of the room, it is dependent on the person.

N: do you know how ridiculous you sound. I am already at my limit. I cannot stand it any longer, you cockroach girl.

R: cockroach?
N: to be able to live in garbage, itís only you cockroach.
R: marriage? I want a divorce.
So she went for a massage.


Exclusive: Please do not repost this translation outside of this forum.

Posted: Jan 25 2008, 06:43 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 30,840
Member No.: 1
Joined: 1-November 03

The next day, she was driven to the meeting because he was sick at the hospital but she refused to help. Then the partner tried to shove the assistant to the front as a lawyer. R. decided to help afterall.
Her argument is that it is not fair for the couple to have to clean up the garbage and the others have not once helped.
She kept thinking about her own home. It was rare for her to have self reflection at these moments.

R: itís not fair to make the plaintiff do it all by himself. Itís beyond what most society could accept. His rights have been improperly infringed on.
Friend: look, she is still helping you.
R: according to investigation, the management of garbage is usually shared by all those who use it.

Floor: excuse me, but we didnít ask them to clean up. (she thinks about herself again.)
Floor: we didnít ask him to and you are making it sound like we ask him to.
R: Itís true. You didnít make him clean it but itís just that you didnít do anything. (She is beautiful at this angle!!) and if no one does anything, then it would be like this. And that is to say, if nothing is done, it would lead to this state. This state takes away his rights of normal existence. So this behavior of not doing anything on your part infringes his right.
Floor: letís stop the fancy talk.
R: do you have a question?
Floor: the fact that the garbage is placed in front of his residence is a condition in his purchase that the real estate company reduced the price and they got 2 million worth of furniture .

Sorry, that was the news we got yesterday

Floor: what is this? We used paid the actual price for our property.
Floor: if I could get 2 million, I would be willing to go clean up too.
Floor: the plaintiff bought this land cheaper because of the location of the garbage collection. So it Is natural that he takes up the cleaning. The so called infringement of rights is not vlaid.
R threw the garbage can: this is the state of garbage at the doorway. Having accepted 2 million and they have to take care of the garbage for 15 years. Not only that, they have to clean the area too. 15 years. 750 weeks, 4 times weekly, 3000 days. This type of labor, isnít is worth more than 2 million?

Floor: butÖ
N: let me say a few words. The plantiffís taking care of the garbage , if you hire a company, for 15 years, it would cost 8 million. If it is valid that receiving 2 million necessitates the taking of the responsibility, then it is equally valid to say that if you pay out 2 million, then you donít have to take on the responsibility.
Floor: so you mean to say we should now live in garbage dumps?
N: thatís right. This is the key. Under the present circumstances, whose home should we move the garbage to? It would only infringe the rights of another person. In order for this not to happen, I have 3 clauses here.

1. Use the hooded garbage cans (anti-pigeon ones)
2. Adopt a cleaning rotation
3. Reduce the amount of garbage.

So which one should it be? What do you all think?

(a decent argument! I especially like it when Goro turns around to look at his colleague and there is really something about Japanese bowing to each other, so polite!!)

So Goro fainted and he woke up.

Friend: I was right. Itís not too bad to be married to R.

He steps into the house and everyone is cleaning.

N: why is everyone?....
What is this?

Assistant: She has a sense of crisis. She feels that one day, you would request her to pay for your labor.
Goro smiles.
N: I told you the greasy stuff could not be washed with the non-greasy items. What exactly is your sense of hygiene? If you are not washing, then turn off the tap. A waste! Really, look at this. It still has soap suds on it. Do you think this is cleaned?
R: it wasnít that easy for meÖ
N: enough enough. Donít do anymore. Whether you do it or not, I get impatient. You had better not bother. Couples should help each other according to their strengths. For those who like to do such things, it would be easier for them to do it. Move out.

(HahaÖthis is very funny. I would never imagine Goro in real life would be like thatÖso uncoolÖhahaha.)

Koyuki smiles.

R: then I wonít bother you . Iíll take a bath.
So, (GOro looks at the garbage.) Strange that they donít sleep in the same bed. The crisis for divorce passÖuntil next time.


Exclusive: Please do not repost this translation outside of this forum.

Posted: Jan 26 2008, 08:44 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 30,840
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Joined: 1-November 03 was announced over at d-addicts that Momoflower and Haruspex will sub it. Good! Then I won't continue on.

Posted: Feb 10 2008, 08:00 PM

Pop Junkie

Group: Members
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Joined: 1-October 06

thanks for the translation kimurafan. I love this drama~~and I love Goro-Koyuki pairing biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

user posted image
colorbar thanks to taguchon@LJ

Kanjani8 - BJ
Posted: Feb 11 2008, 09:19 AM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 1-November 03

I watched episode 2 the other day and I love Goro's quieter moments. He looks so good when he doesn't smile.

Now that I watch on, this is a very good hot and cold pairing. When Koyuki used to look very cold type of person to me but she is definitely very warm in this drama, and Goro plays the cold one.

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