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 Johnny's Entertainment, Boy Band Factory of Japan
Posted: Oct 18 2004, 06:06 PM


Group: Members
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Joined: 3-February 04

*chuckle* kai now on mc and not resting... ^^;;
allow me to start this thread, so that we can all classify most of the japanese eye-candies here...most of the popular boybands in japan actually all stem out from a single entertainment company, and thats Johnny & Associates or Johnny Entertainment [JE].

I've always found JE amazing and to me personally it's pretty interesting company to explore about. There have been rumours about the boys getting ill-treated, or getting sodoXXXX-ed by their boss etc etc..but such things are always left hanging in the air, for us to ponder about...

It was first established in the 60's by Johnny Kitagawa [he's still going strong currently!] and since it has been producing popular boybands bringing millions of revenue for the company every year.

The company rules are strict, there are rules like no smoking, no dating before their adult ceremony [which is 20yrs old...correct me if im wrong] and no marriages till ...not stated...Violating the rules means saying 'sayonara' to JE but Kimura of Smap the dare-devil challenged the company policy openly in 2000 by having a shot-gun wedding with also famous singer Kudo Shizuoka. [it was rumoured he delibrately planned her pregnancy..something else we'd never know...] and it seems that his act has given Nagase of Tokio enough courage to plan his wedding with his long-time lass, Ayumi Hamasaki. That, we will know in time.

All of JE groups work in similiar manners.
first, everyone is given a fraction of attention and tons of hard work being in the Johnny Jrs. There are so many eye-candy boys in this whole band of little performers and each is given a chance to dance behind their seniors in concerts or tv shows, and they all get featured in the monthly issues of JE's own idol magazines, they get to do their own variety shows and radio programes. and annually they have things like jr concerts, countdown concerts, JE sports day [where ALL JE boys come together and compete in sports], theatre plays etc etc.
Some get to act in dramas.

eventually, those who have the potential to make it big are given more opportunities to perform, and subsquently every now and then, without any prior warning Kitagawa comes personally and handpicks potential boys to form a new group and debut.
No one ever knows when Kitagawa will come to choose, nor on what basis he makes his choices. It seems that he is just choosing based on his fancies, however each group he chooses every time makes a very successful one and churns in revenue @ astrological figures.

however, the revenue aside, each JE member is merely getting a monthly wage like any other salary-man from the company, they dont seem to work on a royalties basis...

and when a group debuts, apart from doing records and holding annual concerts, they host variety shows and radio programs, act in dramas and theatre plays, developing their potential as a full-fletched artistes/performer, not just a singer/actor. and the members will work separately, coming only together for certain variety and the annual concerts. other than that, each develops his career on his own. this seems like a fixed formulae across JE groups.

then again, perhaps it's due to their diversified channels... few JE boys can really sing well... sorrie for saying this.. and some were quite horrible, some cant act, some cant dance...however at the end of day, we are all so attracted to all of them.... sigh~ hopeless me...


watching a JE performance is as good as watching an acrobat performance...they do back-flips, cart-wheels, somersualts etc etc... then they'd fly into the air, suspending on steel wires and sing as they hover while the audience go crazy screaming and shrieking below...

To begin with, im only familiar with the groups from Hikaru Genji onwards.
user posted image
that's hikaru genji... not the japanese literature about the charming prince, but this boyband that was so famous in the 80's. their songs were mostly catchy pop tunes that till today, the JE juniors sing them during concerts, there's still attraction in the tracks. Established boybands today, Tokio and Smap were once little boys barely noticed dancing behind Hikaru Genji on rollar-skates.

in 1982, Shonentai was formed. user posted image
i'd say it is one of most successful group of JE. in the 80's they were so famous that it was them who 'lured' now members of Tokio, Smap, V6 into joining JE.
Right now, the 3 of them are still pretty active in the entertainment scene, and still as attractive!

the 12 boys dancing behind Hikaru Genji finally saw their chance coming in the late 80's... and 6 got into Tokio, formed a rock band, the other 6 became Smap.
One member left Tokio some time after and the vocalist was then replaced by then 12-year old Nagase Tomoya [1979]. ...someone correct me if im wrong, working strictly from memory here ... *grinz*

Tokio eventually developed to be a pretty unique group and only rock band of JE. They have recently celebrated their 10th muscial anniversary and released a compilation containing their tries at singing other JE groups songs. worth a grab. ^-^
user posted image

Smap is dare-i-say, the most defiant JE group. They know their advantageous position being the most profitable group around and seems to get away with violation of the sacred JE rules. Releasing a pictorial outside the company's reign, getting married, ...etc. Right now, though i can be wrong, it seems to me apart from the label 'Johnny Entertainment' and the copy rights they owe, Smap has nothing to do with JE...they have full say in their own productions and since 1996 they have never participated in any of the JE events, be it sports day or countdown concert. Guess i can safely deduce Smap has detached itself from JE?
user posted image

Next comes kinki kids.
user posted image

they first debute in 1997 with a single though this group has been formed long ago.
Beside Smap, Kinki kids have been the most successful JE group having the honour to enter Guniness world of records for their large volume of records sales. Though both shares the family name Dohmoto, they have no blood relations! it is just a coincidence. Currently KKK is working separately, each holding solo concerts and releasing solo albums..even calendars are sold separately ..fans are so worried they might just get disbanded like that...but my personal guess would be that KKK will stay like this for a while, after all revenue is now three-folds compared to previous.

to add, Tsuyoshi Dohmoto is known for one of best singers in JE. Owning to popular dramas like Kindaichi and To Heart he has won over hearts of many however some years back he has fallen sick and due to his medication & break his face ballooned so round, it slowed down his pace a little. However his fan base is strong and this chap is definitely shining still. Then again he has been dressing himself up in weird manners these days, and one of the periods resembling a bit like late Leslie Cheung. He has always been a great fan of Chueng, we wondered if he was badly shaken by the terrible news since.

then in 1994/5 came V6.
im not too familiar with v6, hope someone can come along to enlighten us. seems to me that v6 is a dance group with many catchy tunes.
user posted image

V6 is further divided into 2 groups, 20th Century and Coming Century. 20th Cen consists of the 3 older members while Comin Cen contains the 3 young ones. I'm given the impression V6 likes to release titles of varying versions. For example, their summer concert this year was sold in 3 different versions...which i dunno where the difference lies...

It was a long time after V6 that JE ever had a new group... while rumours were growing strong for Takki [then a Jr leader] to debut for he has established a super strong fan base by then, his chance never arrived till 2002.
in 1999 Nov instead, Arashi, consisting of 5 members was formed.
user posted image

yet again another group of promising youths, Sakurai Sho rec'd most rave for he was from a prestigious high school and was on his way to finish a degree in Economics in one of best U of Japan. There were skeptical views for many japanese artistes actually cant quite finish their degree courses doing part-time. This chap cried terribly at the end of their very first concert cuz apparently it was said that he has made a pact with his dad if he doesnt graduate from Johnny Jr by the time he was ready for U, he will be quiting from JE. Well, today, Sho has finished his degree course and gained his position as the rapper of Arashi. We can expect to see more from them in time to come.

[kai luvs Jun & nino of arashi!!]

and next it was another 2 years before the next shiny group was formed. in 2002, the long awaited Takizawa Hideaki made his appearance with his long time partner Imai Tsubasa. many fans had wrote in and appealed greatly before this duo finally made their debut. they were such great pals and people just enjoyed seeing them together. and by the time they debuted, each already has gathered his fan base while they were still in Johnny Jr and they were gonna be such a big hit.

user posted image

surprisingly though, their first release, HATACHI was pretty weak in sales. I wasnt too sure why but im definitely looking forward to more of their productions! i've always favoured Imai since 2000...

and lastly, last year NEWS came along.
user posted image

What a big group...there were 9 of them in all... but within a few months they debuted with the catchy single "NEWS NIPPON" [nice song..] one of them got kicked out of the group and outta JE cuz he was caught smoking. ... poor thing, he could actually sing...
NEWS is kinda too new to make any comments, but watching their first video kinda captivates me and think most prob i'd follow them thru in time to come... scary idea... out of the 7 active JE groups, im already pursueing Smap, Arashi, T&T and now News, and thats like more than 50% of JE ... not forgetting the Jrs...

Recently one of the subgroups in Johnny Jr, the 'kansai 8' released a new single. 2 of them are from News. i cant quite comprehend whats kitagawa's motive for getting these 2 members, Ryo & Uchi alternating between these 2 groups but one thing for sure, Kansai 8 will be the next JE group in focus.

there are still groups not mentioned, they are the subgroups of the Jr clan..but since they have yet to debut, allow me to take a breather first.. there are still groups like KATUN, MA, FIVE, Yah Yah Yah...and on and on and on...

finally...im done with the intro... let the rest of the discussion come from people keen on the groups mentioned above...!

life is hard, dakara happy!
Paradise 405

有人話命運係無得選擇 定抑或條路由自己去揀
I'll Fly Away 想翻身演一齣好戲

user posted image
Posted: Oct 18 2004, 07:20 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 30,840
Member No.: 1
Joined: 1-November 03

Thank you, Kai. That's a great introduction. So Japan really likes these groups in shows. Now I know.

Thanks to poch for the following information as posted on page 6 of this thread.

Officially (meaning they've released their 1st single..that's when they celebrate their anniversaries)

smap (1991)
tokio (1994)
v6 (1995)
kinki kids (1997)
arashi (1999)
T&T (2001)
NEWS (2004)
KAT-TUN (2006)

All those who turn 20 within the year appear at the ceremony with a chosen senpai who is usually at least 30.

Nagase Tomoya (TOKIO)
Morita Go (V6)
Domoto Koichi (Kinki Kids)

Miyake Ken (V6)
Domoto Tsuyoshi (Kinki Kids)


Ohno Satoshi (Arashi)
Okada Junichi (V6)
Attending Senpai: Joshima Shigeru (TOKIO)

Sakurai Sho (Arashi)
Hideaki Takizawa (Takki & Tsubasa)
Imai Tsubasa (Takki & Tsubasa)
Attending Senpai: Sakamoto Masayuki (V6)


Aiba Masaki (Arashi)
Attending Senpai: Yamaguchi Tatsuya (TOKIO)

Ninomiya Kazunari (Arashi)
Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)
Attending Senpai: Nagano Hiroshi (V6)

Here are the sample centers for the groups mentioned.



mv's for SMAP

Kinki Kids Albums

mv's of Kinki Kids

V6 Albums

mv's of V6

Arashi Albums

mv's of Arashi

Takizawa Hideaki and Imai Tsubasa Albums

mv's of Takizawa Hideaki and Imai Tsubasa

NEWS Albums

mv's of NEWS



赤坂 晃:前光GENJI成员

1) 少年队 :

2)SMAP :
草彅 刚

城岛 茂

长野 博
森田 刚
三宅 健

4)KinKi Kids(近畿小子)
堂本 刚

大野 智
樱井 翔
松本 润

6)Tackey & Tsubasa(泷与翼)
今井 翼

锦户 亮
内 博贵

横山 裕
涩谷 昴
锦户 亮
内 博贵

3、Johnny's Jr
1)Musical Academy(MA)

田中 圣

赤间直哉 (已退)
薮 宏太







JE artists who left or disbanded


中谷 良
Four Leaves
北公 次
青山 孝
赤坂 晃
柳泽 超
Four Tops {已解散, 但成员没有退出事务所}

Posted: Jan 4 2005, 04:17 AM

First Love

Group: Members
Posts: 23
Member No.: 277
Joined: 2-January 05

Oh my good heaven its Kai laugh.gif Thank you for all the info! I learned a lot

And I never ventured into the Japanese section at Bugs, Ill have to now!

Posted: May 19 2005, 09:36 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 81
Member No.: 86
Joined: 3-February 04

im so ashamed~!
juz got to learn about JE's official site.... neva expected them to have one so neva sought to find it...but they really do have one! GOSH~ hahahaha~



life is hard, dakara happy!
Paradise 405

有人話命運係無得選擇 定抑或條路由自己去揀
I'll Fly Away 想翻身演一齣好戲

user posted image
Posted: Jun 20 2005, 09:53 PM

Officially obsessed

Group: Members
Posts: 352
Member No.: 337
Joined: 18-April 05

Ahhhh.....the other Johnny's boys biggrin.gif Haven't given them much thought lately....until about a month or two ago....when i discovered Kinki Kids biggrin.gif gigi is my witness in my most recent addiction...lol.....

simply put, i love KK (or Domoto Tsuyoshi to be more exact..hehe)..and while looking for vids and stuff of them, i can't help but stumble on the other Johnny's as well....heheh...i've grown to like the others as well...not the same level as i love SMAP of course...hahahhah

ahhh....how i wish SMAP would suddenly make an appearance in the Johnny's events (Sports' Day, Countdown)... *sighs* wishful wishful thinking....

user posted image

The future leaks its secrets to no one. Nobody knows. The only thing within my ability to do is anticipate how the future looks in my heart. ~~ Domoto Tsuyoshi
Posted: Jun 21 2005, 10:55 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 81
Member No.: 86
Joined: 3-February 04

yeah man~

my sentiments exactly~ really wished smap can be involved in the je events... the countdown concerts, sports day etc... 2003 sports meet was awesome~! luv the dance they did towards the end...wat a pity smap was not there...usually they will send rep leader to be there...but even nakai wasnt around...

i m watching Summary concert lately~ the jr concert earlier this year...so nice! and payin more attn on pp fm kattun... sadly though, kanjyni8 was not involved..missed seeing Ryo-chan na~ and weird seeing News having only 6 members...


life is hard, dakara happy!
Paradise 405

有人話命運係無得選擇 定抑或條路由自己去揀
I'll Fly Away 想翻身演一齣好戲

user posted image
Posted: Jun 22 2005, 01:48 AM

Officially obsessed

Group: Members
Posts: 352
Member No.: 337
Joined: 18-April 05

yay! kai love that dance back in 2003 sports meet as well! but D Tsuyoshi being in J-White needs a little getting used to...hehe...and i loved the 2002 soccer game too (hope i got the right year...hahha)..just realized that sakamoto and nino were such great keepers..hahhaha

*sighs* wouldn't it be great if you see SMAP suddenly appearing in any of those events? heck, even the shounentai appeared in one of the countdowns! i hope our dear SMAP would too....

and you have to fill me in on the NEWS members (Ahem...i actually need help on the newer groups...hehhe...). I only know YAMAPI!

user posted image

The future leaks its secrets to no one. Nobody knows. The only thing within my ability to do is anticipate how the future looks in my heart. ~~ Domoto Tsuyoshi
Posted: Feb 1 2006, 07:15 PM


Another Johnny's Star Nabbed for Boozing
A 17-year old member of popular Johnny's band News has been suspended after his underage drinking was revealed in a monthly magazine. The magazine published photos of the singer, named only as B, with a young woman at a karaoke box last autumn, in what appear to be stills from a concealed camera. The singer has denied that he drank alcohol and says he plans to atend the prestigious Tokyo university that he gained entry to recently. Another of the 8-member group was suspended last summer for exactly the same reason. His suspension is still in effect and he was simply replaced with a member from a different Johnny's group.

Taken from http://www.japan-zone.com/news/index.shtml

I know this news is not related to SMAP but I was wondering, since they are all JE boys, why is it that Shingo (& Nakai?) can talk openly about their drinking habits but the rest of the JE boys seem to be under a lot of restrictions from JE?

Or is the NEWS member supended for drinking because he was underage?

It seems to me as if SMAP has a free rein on how they want to portray themselves and sometimes, I even wonder if SMAP is a renegade JE group! They seem to be allowed to do a lot of things that other JE groups cannot, including getting married... wink.gif
Posted: Feb 1 2006, 07:42 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 30,840
Member No.: 1
Joined: 1-November 03

Ah, ribi, I saw that news too. Yeah, I wonder what all you think about this, but I think because he's underage, he should appear to be disciplined properly otherwise the JE image would be blamed for promoting artists who drinks when underage and the younger fans would follow suit.

But I couldn't imagine SMAP boys being in their 30's should be reprimanded for drinking since they are grown up. What I want to know is if on TV all over Japan, other artists talk about themselves getting rip roaring drunk too.

The other day, I watched a video clip of Nakai interviewing Gackt and they talked about sexual positions too and what Gackt's sexual habits are....hahahaha.....like how many hours each time and is it daily etc...

Gackt says he drinks too...but he didn't go in length about the effects of alcohol on him.

Posted: Feb 1 2006, 07:58 PM


Yeah, I think now Smap has more freedom because they are big money makers for JE thus giving them power. I believe they've talked about getting drunk when they were underage too but back then, I don't think it was frowned upon as much. I read somewhere that Shingo said he would get a big bottle a beer everyday on his way home and drink it. When he did the Bera Bera Show (SmaStation special in English) he was a little drunk by the end of the show.

They are (especially Takuya) noted for talking openly about sex too. One year, Takuya's new year's resolution was to try to hold out longer so he could give his partner more satisfaction! He called it his "Love Gun." This was of course pre-marriage days. But he still makes remarks and recently, although I haven't heard it yet sounds! When he was on SmaStation last year, he talked about how he kisses the actress over and over again to make sure to get it right even when it's okay.

On Nakai's radio show, he talked about oral sex and wanted people to write in and tell their experiences! Talk about being open!

I think that its now expected of them to be off the charts a little.
Posted: Feb 1 2006, 09:21 PM

Official Pop Addict

Group: Members
Posts: 3,379
Member No.: 545
Joined: 14-July 05

yikes.gif oral sex on a radio show!!! omg nakai is so scandalous! hehe. i think the reason why the guy from news was suspended was because he was underaged because other je members have shown themselves drinking on tv before, of course they're of age. like the group arashi, on their show mago mago arashi, they show them drinking a beer during dinner etc etc.

user posted image

Posted: Feb 2 2006, 09:56 AM

Official Pop Addict

Group: Members
Posts: 1,395
Member No.: 422
Joined: 2-June 05

Well... I guess Johnny has been pretty strict with the boys (Kusano & Uchi) in NewS not only because they were underage but also the fact that they are still considered as juniors.. and theoretcially, they have not even debut yet! I believe it's a Johnny practice to suspend anyone who has broken the law for a period of time, considering the fact that Goro was suspended for 6 months before his return in 2002..

user posted image
Maybe, I Apple You.
halu's angel13
Posted: Feb 3 2006, 07:34 AM

Official Pop Addict

Group: Members
Posts: 628
Member No.: 538
Joined: 11-July 05

this saddened me and a friend of mine who's really into NewS bigtime.

but in relation to SMAP, dont forget that SMAP has broken JE's rules during their time too, I guess JE does not do much about it since they are real big earners for the company, but it has been an ongoing talk that the reason why SMAP never appeared again (after 1996) during the yearly Johnny's Sportsfest (and Countdown too, i think) was bec the boys went against JE's rules. though it was never specified which rule it was they have broken...

user posted image
Posted: Feb 6 2006, 01:45 AM


Sugimoto Hisashi, the father of comedian Akashiya Sanma (50), died of heart failure at a Nara hospital on Saturday. He was 78. Sanma took his stage name from the name of a fish (sanma = Pacific saury) as his father ran a fish processing business.

Taken from http://www.japan-zone.com/news/index.shtml

This is bad news.
May he rest in peace.

I think Kimura knows Mr. Hisashi personally?
Posted: Feb 17 2006, 12:23 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 30,840
Member No.: 1
Joined: 1-November 03

Ah, ribi, now I understand your question more as I read the news more in detail.

Article: February 5, 2006
Source: http://www.takungpao.com/news/06/02/05/UL-520023.htm

Today's news is that the group NEWS which started off with 8 members has one suspended last summer and now this 草野博紀 Kusano Hironori was also caught drinking at a karoake bar.

The group originally has recorded the theme song for the upcoming animated film One Piece which Goro Inagaki would be dubbing for as a villain. But now the group without the two members would have to redo the recording before March. In the meantime, NEWS was supposed to be holding a concert tour between March and April but now only six members would perform. Then in May they would take a long break and Johnny Entertainment announced that the group would cease all activities until the end of the year. It is not known if the group would be disbanded or not. KAT-TUN as a result would be promoted instead.

The individual activities of the members of NEWS may continue though.

Permission to repost this article is granted only if this article is accompanied with this message, the text is not altered, and credit is given to this site as follows:
Credit: http://s2.invisionfree.com/la_creme_d_asie

A diversion here.

Article: February 1, 2006
Source: http://hk.tv.yahoo.com/news/ent/0060131019701kup7.html

This Kusano Hironori has been reported by a gossip paper BUBKA Magazine in Japan that in a secret footage, 17 years old Kusano was in a kaoroke room with a fan who is older than him. The girl spilled some alcohol on him and she tried to wipe it clean for him and they sat closer. And two times, Kusano was said to have asked for oral sex twice.

Permission to repost this article is granted only if this article is accompanied with this message, the text is not altered, and credit is given to this site as follows:
Credit: http://s2.invisionfree.com/la_creme_d_asie

Basically, I don't really care what Kusano do with his free time, but I suspect that when there are a lot of negative news, rumors, JE probably would think that Kusano does not project a healthy image and therefore suspend him and this was the perfect opportunity.

NEWS could go on without the two. But this Kusano, isn't he the one who sang the hit song with the other member of KAT-TUN? Shujii to Akira...or something of the sort.

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