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 Spammers attack
Posted by Totter - 01-26-04 15:50 - 0 comments
Yesterday, while it was nighttime in my time zone, spammers attacked. They have posted alot of porn, and made alot of spammy posts. The users where Werd and The Patriots. I don't know how they got here, either trough the InvisionFree Board Directory, or maybe they are still visiting HHK. Somethhing tells me that this could all be revenge, I banned them off at Hamtaro's Beach Party forums, and they said "Where not done with you yet" and I never heard from them again. Maybe they are the same? Well anyways, I deleted them, and the brand new security system should keep them out. I won't give out any info on the new security system, because maybe they can use the info to penetrate it.

I can't beleavie how retarded, and pathetic the spammers was. They posted pathetic spam, only to waste their time, thinking that maybe some 10-year old people will see their images before the admin dropped by.

Thats all for know. I hope those spammers won't return. But I don't mind if they do, because I'll only do this again; deleting all their posts and topics, then banning their e-mail (which seemed false), and their IP, and whatever else I got to ban them with. Plus the new security system will keep them out (I hope).
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