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 Ponderings for the Battalion...
Posted: Nov 21 2005, 06:22 AM

The Pessimistic Raven

Group: Moderators
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Joined: 12-April 04

A HoC battalion would most likely get a chariot rather than Marauder Horsemen, despite the fact that the horsemen are more popular - I just can't see GW putting two cavalry units in a battalion box. I agree about the hounds and Minos- GW would be stupid not to make them plastic, especially considering the sheer amount of Chaos players there are out there. Some new Bestigor models would be nice, but they are not essential, and I'd be happy for them to redone in metal.

I still can't escape the feeling we will only get a generic Chaos battalion though - great for Mortal players who use Beastherds as cheap skirmishers, but another kick in the groin for us Beasts.



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Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore"

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Posted: Nov 21 2005, 10:15 AM


Group: Member
Posts: 492
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Joined: 1-June 05

QUOTE (Jhaantikaal @ Nov 20 2005, 05:52 PM)
But I think Minotaurs will be in the running too (although not as likely as theyre a special choice, battalions try to remain core)

Well, Batallions often have one item that is special [The skaven box set actually has two! Rat Ogres and Plague Monks]. Also Minotaurs are Core in a Doombull list.

Taken together with the recent appearance of platic big dudes [Ogres, Rat Ogres, LotR Cave Troll] I really think that plastic Minotaurs make a lot of sense.

I think, though, that we have to be careful not to get excited too much about a BoC batallion box. The Dwarf one [and the Lizardman one before] show that the trend is for these to be of less value than they were previously. The standard was to have three regiment box sets and one 'other' box set such as a piece of artillery [which is cheaper than the full regiment box]. The Dwarfs get 2.5 regiment box sets and one artillery set.

Therefore a BoC box set could easily be 1.5 Beast Herds, plastic Chaos Hounds [only eight in a 12 box] and four Minotaurs [in a 20 box], and, honestly, that would be if we were lucky...

Elucidate, Enumerate, Eviscerate
Apparently, I now have a blog for my miniatures. I can't promise any pictures of my Beastmen for a while though.
Posted: Nov 21 2005, 12:26 PM


Group: Member
Posts: 810
Member No.: 693
Joined: 26-April 05

I think Minotaurs are a lot more asked for than bestigors. Bestigors might be a core choice, but A LOT of people use mino's and no bestigors. Besides, we also already have khornegors and pestigors, so including a unit of "undivided" bestigors wouldn't suit quite some players needs...
Oh: When would this batallion box be in stores? Any of the mentioned compositions would suit me, as I'm looking to expand my army quite a bit. I suppose the battalion box would be cheaper than buying thi individual boxes?

Check the progress of my Warhammer hobby projects here : Red Squid's Painting Log
Posted: Nov 21 2005, 01:17 PM


Group: Member
Posts: 1,011
Member No.: 955
Joined: 17-November 05

we wont be seeing this box until after the 7th edition of the game has been released and if we are lucky enough to get our own battalion set that is.

parley? withdraw? a promise to a dead man means nothing...
Joe Camerieri
Posted: Nov 21 2005, 04:16 PM


Group: Member
Posts: 174
Member No.: 609
Joined: 27-February 05

It was mentioned on Portent (back when it was still called Portent) that the big goal at GW was to give every army a Battalion. This seems to have been borne out by the fact hat every new army release since Brettonians has included a battalion and they have even retroactively added Battalions for Lizards, Skaven, and High Elves. The last White Dwarf even had an article on how great the Batalions are at starting a new army, and for the record, they are a good deal. You typically get 4 box sets worth of plastic for the price of 3 or 3.5. It aint a huge discount but it's the only one GW ever does.

Hopefully the armies without Battalions: Vampires, Chaos Mortals, Chaos Beasts, Dark Elves, will be updated in the coming year. This isn't a rumor, just wishful thinking based upon past actions of GW.
Posted: Nov 21 2005, 07:54 PM


Group: Member
Posts: 879
Member No.: 444
Joined: 11-November 04

around spring they said they'd have one battalion for each army before the end of the year..
Posted: Nov 21 2005, 11:34 PM


Group: Member
Posts: 810
Member No.: 693
Joined: 26-April 05

Hmm, they'd better hurry then tongue.gif
But I make of this, that the batallion isn't going to be there by the end of the year, if it will be there at all?

Check the progress of my Warhammer hobby projects here : Red Squid's Painting Log
Posted: Feb 5 2010, 07:10 PM

Foe Render

Group: Members
Posts: 78
Member No.: 3,793
Joined: 13-December 09

For what its worth, I was reading the "Getting Started with Beastmen" article on GW's site. At the end, the author wrote that "the battalion box set is perfect to get your warherd started. It contains 10 Ungors, 20 Gors and 10 Bestigors."

I was hoping it'd contain some Minotaurs and/or warhounds. Oh well.

(First post, glad to be here)
Ghorros Warhoof
Posted: Mar 28 2011, 12:27 PM


Group: Member
Posts: 281
Member No.: 4,693
Joined: 1-March 11

Those models are definitely the way to go for a good start. Most generals will want to have every one of those models in their army.

Minotaurs? Not so much. They just don't perform on the battlefield as well as any of the units in the Battalion. Same with the Chaos Hounds.

That said, you can definitely make an army out of it. My army has absolutely no Ungor. Or Gor. Or Bestigor, for that matter. That doesn't mean they aren't the best units to have for a beginning general, though!
Posted: Mar 28 2011, 01:57 PM


Group: Admins
Posts: 9,052
Member No.: 1,341
Joined: 28-August 06

No need to threadomance a topic from 2005.

Please look at the date of the latest post before you post, especially if you're trawling the ancient dusty hallways of the Herdstone. nono.gif

Thread closed.

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