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 What would Minobus Do?, BM vs Orcs 2400p
Posted: Apr 5 2012, 11:31 AM

Grand Arbiter of Fun, Ph.D.

Group: Member
Posts: 3,918
Member No.: 2,098
Joined: 26-November 07

Like Zombie Jesus, the answer is die apparently.

I hate Foot of Gork. That is all.

Posted: Apr 6 2012, 11:15 AM

Grand Arbiter of Fun, Ph.D.

Group: Member
Posts: 3,918
Member No.: 2,098
Joined: 26-November 07

Savage Orcs and Goblins vs. Beastmen

Location: Da Bunker
Date played: den 4 april 2012

Savage Orcs and Goblins
General: Daniel

(SOS) Savage Orc Shaman [1 point]
(OG) Orc General [1 point]
- General
(GS) Goblin Shaman [1 point]
(OB) Orc BSB [1 point]

(SO) 36 Savage Orcs [1 point]
- FC
(SOB) 38 Savage Orc BigUnz [1 point]
- FC
(NG) 31 Night Goblins [1 point]

(MS1) Mangler Squig [1 point]
(MS2) Mangler Squig [1 point]
(A) Arachnarok [1 point]
(D) Doomdiver [1 point]
® Rocklobber [1 point]

Total: 12 points

General: Henri

(GBS) Great Bray Shaman [254 points]
- General, lvl3, Herdstone
(D) Doombull [333 points]
- Ramhorn build

(BS1) Bray Shaman [102 points]
- "Green" shaman, Shadow, DS,lvl1
(BS2) Bray Shaman [77 points]
- "Purple" shaman, Shadow, xHW
(BS3) Bray Shaman [75 points]
- "Deathrattle" shaman, Shadow,lvl1
(G) Gorebull [239 points]

(TC1) Tuskgor Chariot [80 points]
(TC2) Tuskgor Chariot [80 points]
(TC3) Tuskgor Chariot [80 points]
(GH) 30 Gor Herd [265 points]
- xHW, Full command
(UR1) 5 Ungor Raiders [33 points]
- Shortbows, Mus
(UR2) 5 Ungor Raiders [33 points]
- Shortbows, Mus
(UR3) 5 Ungor Raiders [33 points]
- Shortbows, Mus

(M) 7 Minotaurs [460 points]
- FC, S.ofSpite
(BG) 12 Bestigors [189 points]
- Full command, Std Discipline
(H) 6 Harpies [66 points]

Total: 2400 points

user posted image

Tiny army compared to the Orc hordes, literally. With lots of chaff I "win" deployment and decide for a refused flank approach. If I can beat up the one side and swing round the flank it could work. I finally decide on giving the left flank a shot and throw the Herdstone there, more or less deciding which side to go on. With the house in the way (impassable) I figure it will hamper the Orcs. Obliging, the most powerful Orc unit goes on the extreme right. Good luck entering the game....
Unfortunatley Orcs win roll of and go first.

Turn 1 - Savage Orcs and Goblins
user posted image

Animosity. Iznogud is definitely looking funny at the others, so the whole unit pauses to sort out who stole what and how to divide the spoils.
Mangerls move 11 & 10", no triples. Bummer.
Savage Orcs trundle forwards, the BigUnz heading into "difficult terrain", we called it forest but no LOS effects. Aracnorok also moves forward a bit.
Magic, 6PD 3 DD.
Orc shaman throws a Foot of Gork, just, but with 3 dice I don't fancy dispelling so scroll it. Can't afford it to kill me turn 1. Fail to cast Eadbursta with remaining dice.
Doomdiver gibs 4 Harpies, but I pass panic test. Stonethrower Misfires but only misses its shooting this round.
Couldave been worse I guess.

Turn 1 - Beastmen
user posted image

So my turn.
Charges. Speculatively declare charges with Chariots 1&2.
Chariot1 fails, but Chariot2 reaches the spider.
Move up some things. My 2 Harpies isn't much good anymore. And here I wanted to hunt some machines.
Raiders ready to shoot at Mangler or get close enough to move onto them. I also move up to "bait" some Savage Orcs with the Gor herd and chariot reposition in case of combat.
Get a beefy 12PD (roll 7+4+1channeling) in the magic phase vs 5DD.
Only manage to push through a Withering on the Spider for -2T.
"Low" levels on all shamans are hampering me.
Ungors shoot but unsurprisingly to no effect.

Turn 2 - Savage Orcs and Goblins

user posted image

Orcs pass all Animosity. Savage Orcs charge Ungor Raiders who hold to force a change of direction.
Mangler1 moves up gibbing Harpies but not reaching the two Raiders units.
Goblins and BigUnz also amble along closer.
Orcs get 10PD to 5DD
Foot of Gork kills 5 Gor. Fist of Gork goes through as I failed to dispel earlier. I'd have needed a +1.
In combat the Orcs bash the 5 Raiders and end up overrunning 6". Just enough to be in charge range and not quite enough to avoid a potential charge from Minotaurs.

Turn 2 - Beastmen

user posted image

So time to do some damage back?
Minotaurs and Gors charge Savage Orcs.
Ungor Raiders2 move onto the Mangler and both units die horribly horribly.
Chariot3 moves towards Savage BigUnz to block and redirect in case of a charge. (No it did not move as long as it looks on the diagram. 7" was a lot closer IRL)
Chariot1 moves closer to Spider and Raiders move up to block and redirect it.
I get 11PD to 5DD. Fail to cast Withering but Wildform is allowed through on Gors as I have dice and spells left. Throw a couple of Miasmas but can't get them through. Too low levels again.
In combat Orc General challenges, but with his S7 due to weapon and stuff I don't fancy my characters and a Gor champ is ordered forward. Takes two wounds. After Impact hits, lots of swinging Minotaurs and S4 Gors with re-rolls and 1 passed 6+ Ward rounding it with 3 Stomps I kill 21 Orcs. Unsurprisingly they break... I know Minotaurs won't be of much assistance and they duly roll a 6 to pursue. Wow. Of course the Gors manage a magnificent 6 as well, with the Orcs rolling 7. Facepalm.

Turn 3 - Savage Orcs and Goblins

user posted image

No charges, no animosity. Savage Orcs rally.
BigUnz try to reform to get past the chariot.
Mangler moves closer again but does not reach the chariot. Goblins move up.
Orcs get 6PD to 3DD. Throws all 6 on Foot and I can't stop it with my 3 dice.
Foot stomps 9 Bestigor and my Green shaman with Withering spell.
Foot stomps again killing 19 (!!!) Gor, and they were T5!
Foot stomps again killing 4 Minotaurs. "#§&%§# D3 wounds too.
Foot finally rolls 1 and stomps on Orcs. I pick Goblins as most likely to get hit and Panic.
*I* roll a scatter and kill 2 Goblins.
I HATE, Foot of Gork. Absolutely HATE that spell.
Oh and my 2 remaining Gors Panic. Shocker.
Doomdiver kills the Ungor raiders

Turn 3 - Beastmen

user posted image

Minotaurs (well, what's left anyway) charge the rallied Savage Orc unit to get rid of them.
Chariot almost charges until I remember the shaman with Withering already died. Not being able to wound easily makes it too risky.Chariot3 continues its work as a total nuisance for the BigUnz. Trying to somewhat keep away from the Mangler. As my opponent asks about charging out the BSB alone from a unit I decided to place the chariot out of arc for the character but not away form the Mangler. Rock and a hard place really, but at this point pinning the BigUnz is more important.
Gors fail rally and run away. I move my shamans so they are not all in the same depleted unit in case of God-stomp. I hate Foot of Gork.
I get 9PD vs 4DD. And manage to get Wildform on the Minotaur unit.
Savage Orcs are curb stomped and reduced to general and unit champion. No more easy rallying for them. My d6 pursuit is way too short, no surprises there. I'm no longer in the charge arc of the Goblins at least.

Turn 4 - Savage Orcs and Goblins

user posted image

No charges for the Orcs. Mangler2 finally squashes the chariot.
General fails to rally, two tries on double 1s is still hard to get.
Aracnarok marches forward. Just a tiny bit more than 7" so can't shoot. Which my opponent hadn't thought of doing so far. Itís got a crew after all! Maybe modelling ti might help spark the memory.
Magic provides 6PD and I get 6DD woo channelling. Guess what he is throwing. Foot of Gork. On a low 24 *sigh*, which I am nowhere near with my 6 dispel dice. Seriously missing those magic levels now.
Gork stomps on Minotaurs killing the rank and file and taking 4 wounds from my Doombull.
Gork stomps on Minotaur characters but I manage to ward it away.
Gork stomps on Minotaurs a THIRD time this round but fails to wound. Finally gets tired.
In the shooting phase the Roklobba misfires and blows up. Finally something.
Doomdiver fails to wound the Minotaur characters.

Turn 4 - Beastmen

user posted image

Fast running out of units. But I decide to try for a death or glory charge on the Spider. What else can I do? Minotaurs think a while, chasing the Orc general further away is of course an option. But the risk of him rallying on double 1 is low and inevitably failing the charge would leave me exposed o being flank charged by a horde of Savage Orc BigUnz. Just got to accept that unit is out of my league now.
Instead they charge the Doomdiver. It's a long charge, but I get the required range.
Gors keep running.
I get a nice 10PD vs 5DD. First the Spider is Cursed (of Anraheir). Then I throw dice at Wildform for the chariot and the game's first Irresistable comes. Long overdue, and of course I get it. Figures. I roll a 7 and consult the chat. Detonation. With the Bestigors down to onyl command the only model in base contact is the champion and he gets his brain blown out spectacularly. Oh well. I also roll a 2 for lost PD, having 2 PD left to lose. It's like someone knows.
In combat the Doomdiver is duly squashed by the impact hits alone. I overrun behind the hill.
Now for the Hail Mary. And it seems my Gods are slowly waking up too. Again I throw low impact hits, what those damned designers thought I can't even fathom. I even made my chariots on wider bases to accommodate the scythes doggonit. With -1 to hit my chariot survives on 1 wound and in total manages to inflict two. A draw? No. I remember I'm actually flanking too, giving me just that one pip I needed to win. The Spider may be Stubborn but a 6 isn't forthcoming. This perked me up immensely. The Spider easily outdistances me though, Swiftstride or no, 10 to 6. At least it won't rally easily. I hope.

Turn 5 - Savage Orcs and Goblins
user posted image

The Night Goblins find there's little to do so try and charge closest shaman. Turns out they'll need boxcars, so I decide to hold. No dice. Well, 6s anyway and they trundle forward slightly. General fails to rally again, and of course rolls double 1 for the flee distance. The 3rd law of Warhammer in effect (a Ld roll is always inverse to the flee roll). My opponent shakes his head. The Spider refuses to rally as well, scurries onwards 8".
The now randomly moving Mangler heads in the right direction, 12".
Both Characters leave BigUnz to double the Orc generals chance to rally.
Magic ebbs low with 4PD and 3DD.
And once again the Foot of Gork is called upon. Really tiring of that spell right now.
I desponded throw my dispel dice and see two lowely goat's heads. Finally the Gods have awoken to my plight. Auto-dispel. I almost did a happy dance. I hate that Foot of Gork spell.

Turn 5 - Beastmen

user posted image

My chariot charges the Aracnarok which has to Flee. It runs just far enough to land on the Orc general and friend, end up bouncing past him which leaves it with the corner hanging off the table. Bye bye itsy bitsy spider and hello 290VP.
Shamans move around to hide behind the Herdstone, Bestigors retreat 2" to make a Goblin charge less easy. And everyone hopes the Mangler goes away. Gors continue to flee. Double 1 to rally is as difficult for them as for the Orcs.
I manage to roll double 6s for magic. Bummer. My opponent gets lots of dispel dice too.
I throw a Curse of Anraheir on the Goblins as they are likely to try a charge and might loose enough for a Panic test. Irresistible Force. So they are cursed and I roll a 4 for a beautiful big BAM! My Great Brayshaman is just close enough to one friend and both take a wound. I manage to roll over 4 however and loose 6PD instead. Exactly what I had left. Again.

Turn 6 - Savage Orcs and Goblins

user posted image

Last chance to rally Orc General. Despite the BSB urgently waving his banner the general and Boss decides to quit the field. I don't fancy his chances in continued leadership. Obviously the Shaman is the brains behind this operation.
The Goblins attempt a charge again but fail, it's a long way to go. The Curse makes 6 out of 29 stumble along the way, but that's not enough to cause Panic. Damn.
Magic. 9PD vs 6DD. I wonder what'll come. There are so many spells he could pick from after all. Oh Foot of Gork, well there's a surprise. Damn I hate that spell. He rolls a measly 26!
Throwing all my dice I hit 25. &%§#"@£$Ä#§&%$£#&!!!
Gork stomps my Doombull and BSB, he scatters but jsut 1" and still hits. No wounds. Finally my saves help against something.
Gork stomps my Doombull and BSB, he again stays on target. No wounds caused.
Gork finally stumbles and I get to place the template, figuring I'll throw it onto the Shaman as just desserts. What do you know, long scatter backwards. Typical. Oh how I hate that spell.

Turn 6 - Beastmen

user posted image

I throw last ditch long charge against the Savage orc shaman but I don't reach.
Gors don't rally but stay on board. I forget how many magic dice I roll, but I don't have anything that can hurt anyone anymore so that's finally it.
Damn I hate Foot of Gork.

Not a fan of the Minobus I must say. Obviously this takes some getting sued to, but does not seem to my cup of tea I have to say.
Main thing I realised I was missing magic levels all game. Even the lvl1s could have done with an extra spell and especially the lvl3 should have been lvl4. That extra shaman I bought at the cost of the levels probably was a bad investment.
The Minobus just isn't killy enough for its points. I'm spending loads on filler Minos that
won't benefit from Bloodgreed or Frenzy even as they are in the back rank mostly. Having the BSB along was overkill, and I really could have done with a third Gorebull instead. Also what's the point of kitting out a Doombull to take hits when no-one hits on him, and when they do, it's hard enough to ignore the armour anyway (like the Orc general I'd have loved to kill but didn't dare face with his S7 in the first round). Need some thinking.
In this game at least the Ramhornbull was a bad idea in a Minobus. And of course the champion with Stone of spite got gibbed way too early on before being able to deploy. Maybe I should have deployed everything on the other side instead.
It was really very much a game of my close combat trying to make up for his Foot of Gork.
God damn I hate that spell

To my astonishment now that I had the time count it up I did still win. As my opponent suggested late on Wednesday. Didnít quite feel like that though. 8th ed point counting to the rescue. Iím starting to see the point of it now, with the insane spells 8th ed has.
Lost 887p. Killed 1204+125VP bonus. So some 400VPs up. Didnít expect that. Still not a very fun game. I think I have mentioned it once before. I really really really hate Foot of Gork.

Built with Battle Chronicler.

The Fetid Herd
Posted: Apr 6 2012, 03:01 PM


Group: Member
Posts: 512
Member No.: 1,065
Joined: 14-February 06

So in Captain Kirk style we shout "GOOOOOOORKKKK!!!!"

Thanks for the Bat Rep.

Keeping Gary the Gor in our hearts, just check my avatar,
Mike C.

aka Haus Krannest (warhammer-empire)
aka The Red Dwarf (Bugman's)
aka Gorak Bryngor, Deamonslayer (Slayer Brotherhood)
aka Los Manticores (
Posted: Apr 6 2012, 06:22 PM


Group: Member
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Joined: 29-August 10

that spell is beyond nasty.

What happened w/ the first chariot charge on the Arachnarok? it was -2 T, so some damage?

The minobus is ok, but i think it's real weakness is Bloodgreed. Being FORCED into overrunning and only going d6? that's crazy. Again, pointing to a poorly written book.

Very much an 'eggs all in one basket' approach...and your basket got stomped to crap and back on foot of gork.

That's nuts.


How low on the Beastman social ladder do you have to be to be the ass end of a Centigor?
Posted: Apr 6 2012, 08:59 PM


Group: Member
Posts: 121
Member No.: 5,117
Joined: 16-November 11

I must admit you seemed to have made quite a few errors, you have to build a list with your army in mind. You lost this battle as soon as you finished your armylist.

If you run a Minobus, you are going to be weak on magic defense and Offence unless you build to cover the weakness.

First drop a bray shaman, you don't need a 4+ herdstone battery 3+ is more that enough, and you'll try to spread PD over 4 wizards and that won't work at all.

Shift that herdstone shard to a regular brayshaman and give him lvl 4, or something useful.

Lastly you have to take Items you normally don't. Scroll of shielding would have saved your minotaurs, Wand of jet, and feedback scroll would have helped too. Don't take this the wrong way, I really am just trying to help.
Posted: Apr 7 2012, 11:23 AM


Group: Members
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Joined: 3-April 12

I enjoyed the report very much! The visuals make it all the more exciting. As for the outcome of the battle, it goes to show, that it's all about the dice! smile.gif

a Slaaneshi Minotaur can be a nasty sight
Posted: Apr 7 2012, 12:28 PM


Group: Member
Posts: 201
Member No.: 5,097
Joined: 3-November 11

Awesome Battle report, thanks for posting.

I know how you feel, when enemy magic works... it hurts!
Posted: Apr 7 2012, 01:18 PM

Grand Arbiter of Fun, Ph.D.

Group: Member
Posts: 3,918
Member No.: 2,098
Joined: 26-November 07

First chariot charging did 3 wounds to the spider, I thought I had written it down? The new BC version has some annoying habits, deleting text I already typed sometimes so things may have disappeared. I had hoped both would hit and I would have a better chance, now it could smack them 1 and 1, though it worked out in the end.

Bossman, indeed. I just threw this together. I couldn't find any good Minobus advice at a short notice. also picked a list I was planning to bring against High Elfs and quickly made some changes. I think I mentioned that I though tit required some use, I wasn't expecting much playing a very unfamiliar list build.
In it's defence it actually almost worked. Had not the Foot of Gork been on the table it would have gone rather differently.

The problem with the scrolls is that they are very expensive for a one shot chance. And the Foot of Gork only needs once to go off and do it's damage. Now this guy is always really lucky with the continuation, but that one round it stomp all 3 main units to bits neither shielding or Feedback would likely have hindered that. A game I watched late last year he stomped another OG to bits. In one round he went I swear upwards of 10 stomps. Took out at least 2/3 of the opposing army, by the time he failed to continue there was almost nothing left to hit, it really shouldn't be d3 wounds either. He also mentioned having gotten 14 stomps on a Chaos Lord with 3+Ward last year.

I'm sure the Minobus can work, but it's not in my style and I really feel Minos are way overpriced for what they do even in the minobus mode. Ie you pay for Bloodgreed on models that aren't going to be using it much. Won't be trying it again I think, but I wanted to give it a go before I start playing with Skaven. At least now I've *tried* all the Beastmen builds. I never have to be nice again thumbsup.gif laugh.gif

Dice had a lot to say this game, but it does bring something up that I've had people complain about. It reminds me of the debates about the Skaven A-bomb. There are two sets of people, the people who get lucky with it and those who apparently do not. And it is very very difficult to set a fair price on stuff that performs all over the place. GW really should stop making such things.

Posted: Apr 7 2012, 11:20 PM


Group: Member
Posts: 354
Member No.: 4,406
Joined: 6-September 10

Thank you for the battle report!! You may not have enjoyed playing it very much, but it was an enjoyable read smile.gif

This post has been edited by ugluk69 on Apr 8 2012, 09:25 PM

"Looks like meats back on the menu boys!!"

ďIf you're frightened of dying and... you're holding on, you'll see devils tearing your life away. But if you've made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freeing you from the earth."
Posted: Apr 8 2012, 06:26 PM

Grand Arbiter of Fun, Ph.D.

Group: Member
Posts: 3,918
Member No.: 2,098
Joined: 26-November 07

QUOTE (ugluk69 @ Apr 7 2012, 11:20 PM)
That you for the battle report!! You may not have enjoyed playing it very much, but it was an enjoyable read smile.gif

At least someone had fun. thumbsup.gif tongue.gif
The praise is why I write these. I am attention prostitute. According to a very miffed elf player who get eaten alive by sucky Beastmen last year. laugh.gif

Since I play so seldom I always try to get as much mileage out the games I can and bat reps is one way. As long as win them at least. Thank the Gods of Chaos my opponents are so obliging.

I still hate Foot of Gork though. Until I put together Orc army at least. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Posted: Apr 12 2012, 01:43 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 21
Member No.: 4,091
Joined: 13-March 10

Nice report. Thanks for taking the time. How do you get the Battle Chronicler Pictures to post here? I had a BR to post but I couldn't figure out how to get the Chronicler pictures to work properly.
Posted: Apr 12 2012, 07:29 AM

Grand Arbiter of Fun, Ph.D.

Group: Member
Posts: 3,918
Member No.: 2,098
Joined: 26-November 07

QUOTE (DMAT @ Apr 12 2012, 01:43 AM)
Nice report. Thanks for taking the time. How do you get the Battle Chronicler Pictures to post here? I had a BR to post but I couldn't figure out how to get the Chronicler pictures to work properly.

You need to "host" the pictures on-line somewhere. I use Photobucket as an image hosting site, but anything you can load files to will do. Though I'd avoid generic filehosting sites (the places where people store illegal files and might got shut down whenever).

When you've got the pictures online you need to change the link generated by BC (it will point to the pictures relatively on your HD, which doesn't help anyone online) to the correct address. That's why I like PB since it will automatically generate links in BB-code format.

I just copy these links from PB and paste over the links in the BC export text.

A few things I've tripped over some times. When uploading to PB the files may not be in the correct order, so I pasted in the links in the opposite order to how they were supposed to go in the report.

Create a folder for bat reps and then a folder for each battle. Makes it much less cluttery in your account.

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