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Title: 2800 pt tourney list
Description: OFCC 2013

DoomDuck - July 23, 2012 11:31 PM (GMT)
Geting my beast out of storage and geting ready for the big ofcc next year. Trying to get a solid list befour I finish painting everything. Let me know what you'd tweak

2800 tournament list, OFCC
Great bray shaman, +4 ward, hagtree, doomfire, fear sword, lvl 4-335-death
Beastlord, +4 ward ha, fencers blades, gouge tusk-245

Wargor BSB-206,mark of true beast, uncanny sense-231
Wargor, iron curse, 1+ armor, GW-139

50 Gor, AHW,fc-425
10 raiders, m-63
10 raiders, m-63
5 raiders, m-33
5 raiders,m-33

39 bestigor, fc, flaming-508
3 solo razorgor-165
5 harpys-55
5 harpys-55
5 Centigor, m-132

BSB and lord in gor unit, wargor with beastigors, GBS with raiders, and some support.

HeroZero - July 24, 2012 12:10 AM (GMT)
I will see you at next years OFCC. I will also be playing beasts this year instead of WoC. Going 4-1 was too easy this year I would have went 5-0 with max points but I broke myself in Blood and Glory with damn miscast eating general grrr.
Anyhoo on to your list.
Level 4 switch to shadow or beasts, give hagtree fetish, 4+ ward, shadowskin
Beastlord should have Armor of destiny scrown of command other tricksters shard and a GW
BSB Ganarled hide Beast Banner heavy armor shield. Its too good to pass up
Bray shaman lvl 1 shadow shard of herdstone
Bray shaman lvl 1 Beasts dispel scroll
Bray shaman lvl 1 shadow staff of darkoth

All fine might have to drop 2nd 10man unit
Drop the centigors here they blow
Bestigors with standard of discipline

Add a singular spawn to protect the stone dancing unit with 4 shaman it

GeneralofChaos - July 24, 2012 12:28 AM (GMT)
Doom Duck,
I like the list and good luck at the tournament. Same to you Herozero do the Herdstone proud.


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