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Hey guys
Demobilize here! Alot of you have been saying why is the Forum down, what's going on well we are undergoing maintenence and will be back in action soon for more enquries please Post Message Demobilize Thanks, Stay Safe!

Regards, Demobilize, Joint Owner

Forum Guidelines
1. Please do not swear anywhere in the forums
Please do not swear for the sake of younger forum members and those who would find it offensive. It is also rude and uncalled for. Swearing is strictly against the rules and also against the Habbo way by avoiding the bobba filter.

2. Don't give out your personal details
This includes information about all instant messengers and anything to do with your personal information. It is for your own safety so please stick with it.

3. Do not post personal messages that involve someone else without their permission
This includes Private Messages. Unless the other person gives you permission, don't post it. Personal Messages are supposed to stay personal so please keep it that way for the good of all users and yourself.

4. Please do not post anything obscene
This includes pictures, rude jokes or anything gory as not to offend younger visitors and others who may find it very offensive or rude.

5. Please don't make pointless posts just to get your post count up.
It might look good to have a high post count but people will respect you more if you make valuable posts rather than a load of rubbish. Spamming is very annoying and will be dealt with if consistent.

6. Respect what other people have to say
Everybody has the right to their own opinion and what other people think, might not be the same as you but that doesn't mean it's wrong. Respect what people’s views are even if it's not the same as what you believe.

7. Don't imitate another user on the forum
Please don't, in any way, suggest you are another member of this forum.

8. Don't name anybody for hacking/scripting
This is for safety reasons and also because the person named may be innocent

9. Don't double post
If you make a post and you realise you forgot to say something, please just edit your previous post instead of creating a new one. This is the same in threads and with using the 'quote' button.

10. If you see rules breaking, let mods/admins deal with it
Don't try to sort out the rule breaker on your own. You could either just leave it, or contact a moderator of that forum to deal with it

11. Don't post meaninglessly
Only make a post if it has a reason. Don't just post one worded messages, as it is pointless and unnecessary.

12. Do not post links to websites that have illegal Habbo content.
This means any and all sites that have information to do with anything against the Habbo way.

13. Don't pester people.
If someone does not wish to talk to you for whatever reason, leave them alone. If they say they can't talk for whatever reason, let them get on with it.

14. Do not bully anyone.
Anyone who is being bullied will get caught. Any form of bullying is not tolerated and should be reported to a mod/admin straight away.

15. Do not post messages with more than 6 smilies.
This is so the forum doesn't lag too much.

16. Make your password on the forum more than 6 characters long and do not have the same one as your Habbo account.
It is more safer and wiser to have a long password with added high and lower case letters. If you lose your forum account and someone gets your password they would try it out for your Habbo Hotel password, which, of course, you don't want to lose that account too. We cannot view your passwords but we can change them

17. Do not have a signature image over 150x700 pixels.
This is because it will stretch the forum tables and looks bad.

- Thanks, Forum Management

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