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 New Forum Owner
Posted by Dan - 03-17-07 18:41 - 0 comments
Hi Guys,

Thats right i am now a forum owner ohmy.gif,
dont worrie domi is still here and our new forum more
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 New forum manager
Posted by Jake - 03-17-07 13:39 - 0 comments
Hello guys, i like to say that i'm the new forum manager.

I thank everyone who supported me and i hope to do well in this forum.

Many thanks

Forum Manager
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 New Skins
Posted by Domi.s - 02-24-07 13:25 - 0 comments
Ok guys the Valentines skin has gone and a new Blue skin has come ;o

- Thanks, Domi
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 New Assistant Forum Manager
Posted by Jake - 02-12-07 18:17 - 0 comments
Hi, i like to say i'm the new assistant forum manager

I will be looking forward to the forum

Many thanks

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 Skin and forum being down
Posted by Domi.s - 02-12-07 16:37 - 0 comments
Heya guys Owner of the forum here. Sorry about the forum having down time today it was from 03:00 - 16:00 but I was testing out a new skin. Check it out!
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 Bullying is NOT Aloud!
Posted by Destored - 02-11-07 15:17 - 0 comments
As the title says, Bullying on this Forum or on Habbo is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN! If me or Any of the Management or MODs catch you Bullying on this Forum you WILL be banned Immediately.
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 Forum Asist Manager !JOB!
Posted by Dan - 02-10-07 22:49 - 0 comments
Ok Guys,
As I am Forum Manager I need a little bit of help so im giving the chance for you to become a assistant forum manager just fill in these questions

read more
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 The new trial Mods!
Posted by Domi.s - 02-10-07 14:01 - 0 comments
Yah thats right say hello to

read more
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 The Arcade
Posted by Domi.s - 02-10-07 00:03 - 0 comments
Im glad to announce after ages of searching I have found the arcade I want. You will find the link at the top of the page!
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 New Forum Skin
Posted by Dan - 02-8-07 10:56 - 0 comments
Hey guys,
As most of you must see we have a new forum skin which is very smexy.
I hoped you liked the last one but we all like a change so we have another one read more
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