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 Introductory Thread
Dark Weezing
Posted: Jan 7 2005, 07:04 PM

The 4-D Man

Group: Admin
Posts: 2,102
Member No.: 5
Joined: 15-December 04

This is where the new members can introduce themselves or conversely the older ones can re-introduce given the new format.

I'll go first.

I'm Dark Weezing. A 22 year old college student living in the USA trying to imbue common sense in a chaotic world. I've been writing since last March.

I've wrote to date 9 pieces of Robin/Raven fiction. And that is just the prelude. Oh, the machinations running through my mind can reach the sky. I've got several R/R plots waiting in the wings and many more to come. I know some of you already from our interactions from as well as you know me. I look forward to meeting and knowing the rest of you here and have the reverse as well. My passions of the minute are.

Pokemon (all versions)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (anime,no TCG)
Teen Titans (obviously)
Crossing Jordan
Law & Order (all but mostly original)

For my pairings check my bio but you know one already if I'm here.

Personal interests: schoolwork, writing, taping, obsessing over the works of Sam Waterston, Juliana Hatfield, and the pair The Murmurs. Along with Pokemon TCG, just thinking, and romping in the fens and spinneys. When the twilight bathed in the hedgerows like a lambent flame. What? I do.

Music Prefer: Female rock mostly. The Murmurs, Liz Phair, Juilana Hatfield, M2M, Nina Gordon, Tia, Lillix, Lisa Loeb, and the occasional score.

I'm becoming something of a script doctor lately. To the budding Robin/Raven writers(or anyone really)who may need assistance, please don't hestitate to come to me. I'll make time, no matter what. I'll help you with your story or anything else you may need. Don't be shy.

And it doesn't need to be shop. My door is always open.

And welcome to our quirky board and our...odd, little family.

user posted image
Posted: Jan 7 2005, 08:59 PM

Pretty Princess

Group: Members
Posts: 502
Member No.: 3
Joined: 15-December 04

Hello! I'm dangerpronered, your Pretty Princess Mod!

Things I like:
Skirts (I'm a girl. Definitely.)
Music, especially modernish rock, foreign pop/rock and some showtunes
Free time
St. Patrick's Day
Ice cream
Robin/Raven, of course!
South Jersey

Things I dislike:
Waking up early
Being lonely
Not being legal yet...
Not using proper capitalization
When AOL/AIM disconnects you in the middle of a conversation
South Jersey

So, I'm a girl somewhere between the ages of 15-17. I've been around the Titan fandom since it pretty-much began. I remember when it didn't even have its own section in the Cartoon part of! After reading a good (one of the first) Robin/Raven stories, I fell in love. Then, I found this board, and the rest was history. More people who like Robin/Raven! So, I guess the point I'm trying to make is...don't be shy! I'd be happy to help anyone with anything, just pm me or email me.

Hope everyone enjoys the new board!

Posted: Jan 7 2005, 09:31 PM

The Fruit

Group: Moderators
Posts: 939
Member No.: 2
Joined: 15-December 04

I should kick myself right about now for doing this, but euh. Board's opening up tomorrow, and I am compelled to do this!

'm Chokotay, your young, bratty hot-tempered and unlikable mod, reporting for duty! (Every board need to have at least one of them.) I'm not going to bother recycling my introductory sentences; no offense, Dark Weezing, but you've used that sentence at least four times. It's like Snape's signature in Albus Dumbledore's Inbox. Doesn't it ever get boring?

I'm the one who doesn't post a lot, blows a casket at 4 in the morning, and will probably be dying from poor anger management techniques, unless I decide to take "BANZAI!" and "Seppuku!" into real life.

But I digress.

I'll admit to being mean spirited sometimes, and often suffer from foot-mouth, as words tend to fall out of my mouth faster than I can catch them. Yes, I have a way of starting out on the wrong foot with just about everyone.

Avid Robin/Raven shipper, although I'm pretty good at laughing at the pairing. That and bad pop music, like Good Charlotte and above all, Simple Plan. I've never come as close to popping my eardrums out as I did when they came on the radio. It was like the sound of a cello attempting to sing sorprano. Written some fan fictions; you might know me as The Darigan Cat, Insomnia's Phone Number, or the soon-to-be Bike Scizor. If I run over you, it's your fault.

Other stuff:

Send me a PM, kick to the rear, or a list of curse words in foreign languages if you have a problem. I'm always happy to learn.

QUOTE (Kuchiki Rukia of Bleach)
"You don't have the authority to say that to me!"

Icon by malthide_ at LJ.

For every time a person asks a question on the FAQ, I kill a kitten. Please. Think of the kittens.
Posted: Jan 8 2005, 07:37 PM

Spaceman Spiff

Group: Members
Posts: 543
Member No.: 10
Joined: 8-January 05


Guess I'll go with everyone else and actually say something about myself...

I'm Crow, a not-so-old member of the old board.

Sixteen since...thursday, i think. I can never recall what day it is...

Anyway, I'm the crazy, cranky member who hated almost everyone at the old board for their stupidity, and who ABHORS the Teen Titans, and yet watches every episode and writes numerous fics for the fandom.

The characters have potential.

The writers...have less.


So i've written...about thirty total pieces of fanfiction, for various fandoms and for both het and slash shippers. Actually, R/R is my ONLY heterosexual pairing at the moment. Oh well.

Nine TT oneshots, and three chapter pieces that really need to be worked on.

Except for Fallen. It should die.

I also write quite a bit of original fiction/poetry.

most of my work can be found at and under the penname 'fairy of irrlelevence' and yes, i know it's misspelled.

Beware insanity and imagery.

I enjoy:

Alternative Rock, slash fanfiction, autumn, manga/anime, Futurama, Pinky and the Brain, drawing/painting, writing, tattoos, acting(to a degree), reading(young adult, realistic fiction, drama, etc. Also some fantasy/sci fi), Secondhand Lions, Simon Birch, A Separate Peace(book and film), swimming, karate, biking, running, and disturbing topics involving psychosis and disorders of any and all kinds.

I am:

Sadistic/masochistic, insane, evil, lazy, cynical, irritable, creative, insightful, observant, pragmatic....the list goes on.

I can see the beauty and ugliness in everything, depending on my mood.

Do not expect me to be nice to you when i don't want to be.

Do not expect me to know much by way of facts and figures.

They bore me.

oh well. if you want to know more, contact me. stupid questions do exist, and will be scoffed at.


Timothy Drake + Peter Parker = OTP!
Posted: Jan 8 2005, 11:33 PM

New God

Group: Members
Posts: 8,388,607
Member No.: 1
Joined: 15-December 04

My name is Iain R. Lewis.

I am the tyrant.

Well, let's not put it that way. I'm the less-friendly administrator, saddled with the job of maintaining order and being all-around unlikeable. But, of course, if you have any problems, just call on me and I'll be there for your defense.

Don't hesitate to call.

I'm an author, in training, and I think it shows in my work. You can find it in under my penname "Noriaki Kakyoin". I'm a fan of the Japanese series "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" and "The Slayers".

But most importantly, I love writing. And I will be the best.

user posted image

ROSE: Onii-sama...sugoi
ADEL: Hmm. Touzen no kekka da.

- KoF 2003
Posted: Jan 9 2005, 11:06 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 74
Member No.: 16
Joined: 9-January 05

Those of you of the old message board already know me farely well as Mega...the annoying crappy writer...

Anyway,I'm very ambitious and competitive as I try to make one good rp character......nevermind.Apart from that,I have a very interesting imagination so i'm never far from an idea but,its usualy more harmful then good.

I plan on being a game designer.Or a writer,actor,or anything else that life throws me.

My likes.

The R/R coupling.
Bb/T coupling.
Video games.
good clothing(curse you hot topic)
Teen titans of course.
Reading(when i want to and have something worth reading)
Music,i like what i like.

My dislikes.

Annoying people who don't have anything to back up what they say(shipper war..)
I loath Bb/R.
I don't like R/S very well but its better then Bb/R.
Guests who have nothing better to do but flame...
Utterly stupid people who are surposed to have brains in there skulls.
Annoying siblings.
Having to do any work what soever.....
And boredom.

Well thats it and i hope the new board gets more active then the old one
Posted: Jan 9 2005, 10:55 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 164
Member No.: 21
Joined: 9-January 05

I everyone I'm Sweet_Raven nice to meet u all

I like:
Teen Titans
Nice people
Totally Spies
Make friends

Dont like:
Mean People
I dont like so much Starfire
When people say that they hate R/R
Get up early

user posted image
Posted: Jan 10 2005, 03:59 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 73
Member No.: 13
Joined: 8-January 05

What up I'm Chaos but at the old board I was ChaosWolf the mean little s.o.b that really didn't care if you were about to die in an hour. Well I changed from that having your point a gun at your and telling you to be nice from now on can do wonders for a person's sanity or what little of it they have left. Now I plan on being the messed up in the head werido that I was born as. Expect many strange peices of crap to come from me in the next few months. I have one completed fic you can find it floating around on the board somewhere and two in the works fic that pertain to the character of Chaos Wolf. On the thinking stage I have one for digimon, two for Ranma 1/2, one or two for sailor moon, and one or two for dragon ball z. I also beta read peoples fics so anyone need help just come to me and I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.

My Likes

video games
c-four explosives
death traps
Robin/Raven (Why else would I be here?)
Teen Titans
Hentai (What male would not like this stuff?)
flavored water
yugioh tcg (Dark you need to play this game)
strip bars
japanses music

My Dislikes

american porn
most american anime (They screw it up when they translate it.)
R/SF (Star fire needs to learn that she can't always be premature you have to go through puberty, so while she is in the middle of it R/R have already married are waiting on their second child to be born.)
R/BB (He changes into every animal there was or will be who want a freak like that)
school (I'll kill you all)
sharp objects
american music
jay leno
my family

There are many other things that I can't think of right now. So later

Death Waits For No One
Posted: Jan 10 2005, 08:26 PM

The Privateer

Group: Members
Posts: 231
Member No.: 7
Joined: 16-December 04

*woof* I am Nightwolf, the peacekeeping, sometimes annoying, mother hen mod. Sometimes I'm a lurker, though I tend to have a lot to say. I'll pounce on you with a vengeance if you're breaking the rules so beware! Other than that I'm a nice gal at age 17, preparing for the arduous adventures in Collegedom. As those who know me well will tell you, I'm steadfast, loyal, and often brutally honest. Your feelings matter to me, but don't jump to my bad side, it's almost impossible to get back. I'm writer, and a flake, but I have a memory about as long as an elephants, and that's fair warning. Currently I'm training for my third degree black belt, so I might not be around as much for a while. I'll look forward to getting to know the new faces when I get back.
Old faces...the memory is long like an elephants. You have been warned.

STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!
Hanging with my friends
Martial Arts
Dogs and wolves

Punctuation and grammatical errors frequently occuring in posts
Smart mouths who spam
Lots of faces in a line tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif
Guests who flame
Bigotry, racism, and obvious biases

No flame wars

Thats me, and I don't wear out. dry.gif

We are the darkness that haunts your nights, leading you to neverending blight.

Speak intelligently, otherwise silence is golden
Posted: Jan 10 2005, 11:00 PM

New Neighbor

Group: Members
Posts: 21
Member No.: 29
Joined: 10-January 05

The name's Von, short for some detestable name -- stuck in the 'adolescent' years; what else is there to do aside from moaning, complaining, and being driven on by rampaging hormones? huh.gif

I'm rather new to this board; never been on the old board. I found the link to the board through Dark Wheezing's profile, but aside from that I'm an ardent reader of any Robin & Raven fanfiction, as long as it's entailed with a nice cup of plot with some scones of groovy action mixed with that aroma of drama/suspense [no interchangeability meant there].

J'aime X-Files, Latin [the dead language], Teen Titans, Sherlock Holmes, manga, courtesy, and some other stuff that's eluding my mind, as of now.

But onwards, estoy alegre en la establicion del conversacion.

... Hmm ... trying to study for a test, sorry for that cocksure attitude.
Posted: Jan 11 2005, 12:04 AM

Empress of all Evil

Group: Admin
Posts: 883
Member No.: 8
Joined: 25-December 04

Im Pixie. Im 21, madly in love with my husband Gunner, and my ship.

I am probably one of the most devoted people to the Rob/Rae pairing you will find. Im stubborn as a bull (hee..Im a Taurus... probably why ne?) and you cant convince me of anything other than what I want to believe.

Im gothic, punk, stubborn, abnoxious, a tad rude, a bitch and a true-old-fashioned Lady all in one. Im easy to get along with, while being difficult at the same time. I come across as rude and/or a bitch mainly because I am one and proud to be so, but mostly because I am honest... Very honest... Honest-to-a-fault honest.... Im blunt and I tell things like they are... say things as I see them.

Im easy to offend simply because being stubborn I believe I am never wrong, and no one can change one.. many have tried, all have failed.

Im a married women, though with no kids. Will have been married a year on Jan16th2005. Im an Army wife, and still getting used to the whole thing...especially considering how little I have been involved in..

I write fanfiction and paste together websites. My fics arent wonderful.. but I try. My sites could be flashier, but I love simplicity.

I am currently in the midst of re-vamping my Sailor Moon site ( and tossing my Robin/Raven fansite (The Site) online. I also have alot of fanfiction in planning... I have one on hiatus and one that I am working with... I need to upload the chapters I have written....

On I am "Desolatorpixie".....Im "desolatorpixie" on mostly everywhere online....

Erm... Yeah.. I think thats about it.. if you want to know anything/more just ask. I have nothing to hide.

Dark Weezing
Posted: Jan 11 2005, 01:06 AM

The 4-D Man

Group: Admin
Posts: 2,102
Member No.: 5
Joined: 15-December 04

Welcome to have you on with us dear. And incidentally, Pixie made our lovely banner.

Round of applause for her and all that hard work.

Most well done. (Claps)

user posted image
Posted: Jan 11 2005, 12:48 PM

Empress of all Evil

Group: Admin
Posts: 883
Member No.: 8
Joined: 25-December 04

QUOTE (Dark Weezing @ Jan 11 2005, 12:06 AM)
Welcome to have you on with us dear. And incidentally, Pixie made our lovely banner.

Round of applause for her and all that hard work.

Most well done. (Claps)


Posted: Jan 11 2005, 03:33 PM

The Privateer

Group: Members
Posts: 231
Member No.: 7
Joined: 16-December 04

You did that? ohmy.gif Woah! Awesome job! We're certainly glad to have you on board. biggrin.gif It's cool when people can figure out computers...I'm still learning...*headdesk*

We are the darkness that haunts your nights, leading you to neverending blight.

Speak intelligently, otherwise silence is golden
Posted: Jan 11 2005, 03:37 PM

Empress of all Evil

Group: Admin
Posts: 883
Member No.: 8
Joined: 25-December 04

QUOTE (nightwolf667 @ Jan 11 2005, 02:33 PM)
You did that? ohmy.gif Woah! Awesome job! We're certainly glad to have you on board. biggrin.gif It's cool when people can figure out computers...I'm still learning...*headdesk*

*nods* I was worried that people wouldnt like it though.. I am a huge fan of simplicity...and I was worried it wasnt going to be flashy enough... I saw the old banner...and so I was indeed worried...

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