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 Forbidden Love Faq, Ants aren't nice people.
Posted: Sep 11 2005, 01:18 PM

The Fruit

Group: Moderators
Posts: 939
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Joined: 15-December 04

The One and Only Forbidden Love FAQ!
Because we get asked these a lot. My head still hurts.


-How do I post an image?
Do you see that toolbar just above the place where you type your posts? There should be the letters “IMG” in one of the buttons. Click it. Follow the instructions, and you’ll be fine. Avoid posting images that will cause people to side-scroll; in those cases, just link to it.

-How do I put an image in my signature?
Go to your Control Panel. Scroll down until you see "Personal Profile." Click on "Edit Signature." From there, just follow the instructions above.

There is a size limit on the image you can put in your signature; the image cannot be larger than 500 by 400 pixels. There is a limit of three images you can use in your signature; the largest must be no larger than 500 by 400 pixels, and the remaining two cannot be larger than 150 by 150 pixels.

-How do I upload an avatar?
Go to your Control Panel. (...again.) Scroll down until you see "Personal Profile." Click on "Edit Avatar Settings." Avatars uploaded from your computer can't be larger than 25K, although there is no size restriction for avatars hosted in other places.

The optimal size for any given avatar is under 120 by 120 pixels.

My signature/avatar got removed! Why?
Chances are, you didn't get our, "Heads up: Signature/Avatar Violation" PM, or we got tired of waiting for you to take it down. Most of the time, removal is because of size, character bashing, or shipper bashing, but there are times when we remove signatures and avatars for not being kid-safe. This is a kid friendly forum as there are members under the 13 year-old mark. Avatars and signatures cannot contain nudity, explict violence, guns, and other vices. If you want to know whether your avatar or signature falls within our guidelines, don't wait for it to be taken down, but instead PM a staff member and we'll give you our feedback at a later date.

-How do I change the color of my text when I post?
Go to the toolbar again. There should be a drop down box with the word “COLOR” on it. Select your color of choice, and you’re set to go.

<font size=7><B><I><U>-EH? My HTML doesn't work here!</B></I></U></font>

Heh. I noticed. Click on the toolbar to change the text of your posts instead of HTML. On these boards, we use brackets instead of sharp, pointy tags. We're kid-safe all the way!

-What is cyperspeak/chatspeak?
lol if u type like dis i'll string out ur guts!!1

Chatspeak is the language of chatrooms, instant messages and such. Some examples of chatspeak include LOL, ROTL, OMG, and YMIAM (your mother is a monkey.) It also contains the massacre of basic English words like to/too/two, you, and the.

Cyberspeak/chatspeak is not allowed on this board. Make an effort to type in English, slacker.

I just made a double post and I can't delete it. What am I supposed to do?
Most double posts are found by an admin or a mod and deleted. To me, double posts fall into two categories: the accidental double post and the intentional. Accidental double posting would be when you accidentally click the "Submit Post" button twice. Intentional is when you post once, and then suddenly have a new idea and post right after your first post. The latter is really, really annoying, and drives some moderators insane. Just... edit if it's that important.

If we don't see your double post within 48 hours or so, PM us or find some other method of contacting a moderator or admin and we'll get to it.

-What's with the calendar?
The calendar is a place where we update people on things like the newest Teen Titans episode, releases of the newest issue of Titans GO!, and new DVDs. Stuff like that. All news is Teen Titans related, and only admins can make posts on the calendar.

I want to talk about the Teen Titans comics, but I don't see a section for it.
We normally direct members to the Titans in General section. However, we are considering creating a separate section for the Titans' comic counterparts.

I want to change my rank. How do I do it?
To change your rank, post more!

But don't spam, because no one likes your useless replies, kplztnx.

What are all of the ranks I can get?
Listed in a "rank, required amount of posts" format.

Tourist --- 0
New Neighbor --- 10
Resident-in-Distress --- 50
Meta-Human --- 100
Hero in Training --- 250
New Hero --- 500
Honorary Titan --- 1000
Titan --- 2500
Justice Leaguer --- 5000
New God --- 10000

Eh? But what about those cool custom titles I see floating around?
Customized titles are given to staff members and contest winners only.

-What are these "PM"s I hear about?
A PM is a Personal Message, often named Private Message by psychos who forget what the first word is. It's like e-mail, although it can only be sent to members of the Forbidden Love board. To PM someone, you can click on the PM button (user posted image this little guy here) directly below a person's post. You can also send a PM by going directly to a person's user information page, find where the words "Personal Message" are bolded, and follow the instructions from there. Another way is to simply go directly to your Control Panel and click on "Compose New Message."

I cannot stress how often this should be used. Instead of steering a thread off topic with, "My name is PuffyAmiYumi! What's yours?" you could PM the person instead.

-My topic was closed for no reason! Why?
Chances are, it's a duplicate thread, or can be answered here. (Although I'm not sure why someone would close your thread without a reason, but hey.) We now have a nifty feature called the Search Engine so you can check if your question/topic has been done before. Using it keeps staff members from getting Carpal's tunnel.

-How do I become a moderator/administrator?
I’ll tell you one thing: you don’t become one by asking. Frankly, we don’t care about your qualifications, how many boards you run, how wildly successful your Robin/Raven fanlisting is or if you have a billion posts. When we look for a moderator, we have several criteria: the quality of your posts (i.e. no spamming), the content of your post (we really don’t want a moderator who blathers off topic all the time), how active you are on the board, behavior, and whether we need more moderators on the board. As the board grows, the need to get more moderators and, maybe, administrators, will increase. When it finally becomes too much for our present batch of staff members to handle, someone will start a “Who I think should become a moderator” thread in the Office Room. We will make a list of candidates, narrow it down a little, and then send private messages to the nominees. Whether they accept the invitation or not is entirely up to them.

-What is Robin's real name?
Stephanie Brown!

Actually, it depends on which Robin you're talking about. The first Robin is Richard "Dick" John Grayson, the second Jason Todd (deceased), third Tim Drake, and fourth Stephanie Brown (also deceased.) The Robin in the cartoon is most likely based off of Dick with influences from Jason and Tim. Think of it as a "Robin smoothie."

-Can you help me with my board?
No. Please use the powers of Google to find another board that specializes in answering these questions. This is not one of them.

-How do I make a music video?
I meant to get a short, concise answer out of this, but... it didn't work. *Sigh* This question was answered by Blotkey and the Titans Forever forum.

A a music video maker, I shall answer these questions to the best of my ability Blotkey can also help, since she made Music Videos right before I started to.
Steps to make a Music Video:

1- find the song you want to use and save it to your computer

2- find the video clips you want to use in your vid.
***The basic ways of getting video clips would include
--Finding and downloading another person's music videos and using their clips
--downloading the actual episodes from a sharing software (I use WinMX when I have to download something. Just search for it on google and you'll find the site easy enough) But you should only download the episodes if you have a -really- good antivirus and have a fast connection to the internet, like cable. If you have dial-up...let's just say it might take over 24 hours to download one episode
NOTE: I normally use clips from other people's music videos, but I edit them enough so that I didn't copy what the actual maker did

3- Once you have your clips and the song you want to use, start up Windows Movie Maker (Start->All Programs->Accessories->Windows Movie Maker)

Now, I made some pics x.x This is just the very raw basics of it- for more details on editing and things, you'll have to give me some time to make the pictures and explain it, since there are a lot of options you can do.
When you start up Windows Movie Maker, the Screen will look like this:

The 1st thing you want to do is import your Video Clips. Go to Import Video, and select the Video you want to use. For this demonstration, I chose Blotkey's Birthmark Video. Just select the videos from the list and it will start to import it.

When done, the screen should look like this:

Next, you should import your song. Do this by clicking on Import Audio or Music. It's just like importing the video. For this one, I chose the Men in Tights song, since I had just been working on it anyways

It will import itself, and will end up at the bottom of your center column, filled with your video pics and now your song too.

NOTE: Music Videos/Episodes never turn up in one piece. They are divided into several clips:

The screen at the right will play the various movie clips once you press play, that way you can see the movie and if you want to use those specific clips. If you do, then drag and drop that specific clip onto the timeline below, like this:

To add another clip you want to use, just drag and drop the next clip:

Same thing for your music as well. Drag and Drop again, except you drag and drop in the Audio/Music section of the timeline, like so:

...And that's all I have for now XD I found all of these things out by experimenting, so it's really hard to explain. I'll continue one with more specific lessons when I have the time.

And to Answer Dark Phazon's Question: The time it takes to finish a music video wholely depends on the Maker. It can take a few days, it can take a few hours. If the song is long, then of course it will take a longer time to finish, but it mainly depends on if your willing to spend all of that time on your music video. Me, I have my different modds and such. My best Music Videos took me only a day to make, because the song was fresh in my head and I really wanted to continue working on it. Others, like my Terra/BB one, took around 3 days to finish, as it took a while to figure out what I wanted to put. so, it depends.

Whew, that was long. Next!

-I have a really cool thread I want to start, but I don’t know where I should put it! Help!
Calm down! Breathe in, breathe out. Are you calm now? Good. Let’s take this one at a time.

Rules and Regulations

House Rules: Regular members should not post here. The only thing you should do here is read. Any suggestions, amendments, and such should be brought to the Suggestion Box.

Suggestion Box: If you have something you want to add or subtract to the board, bring it up here. Questions like, “How do I…?” shouldn’t be in here. Instead, suggestions on making new forums, getting a new layout, making complaints, bringing up weird new bugs, etc. etc. go here. The staff will review the suggestion, talk about it, and maybe move discussion to the Office Room. Whether or not it is implemented should be brought up sooner or later—most likely later.

Contests and Announcements: Members are free to post; however, only staff members can create new threads or topics for discussion. This is not the place to bring up the newest plans for Teen Titans season 10; instead, board announcements, such as new layouts or results of the newest contest, go here.

Teen Titans

Robin/Raven Discussion: Where people chat about the two birds. All members are free to post and create threads. Discussions must circle around both of the birds together. Questions such as “What is Robin’s name?” do not go here (and is covered in this FAQ, anyway.) There are two “types” of threads created here: serious, in-depth discussion and filler, or fluffy, discussion. Fluffy discussions go to the Filler subforum.

Episode Discussion: Where you can talk about the episodes. All members are free to post, but only the staff can create the discussions in order to avoid duplicate threads. All episode discussions are exempt from the Gravedigging Rule. To see all the episode discussions we have available, you have two options. One is the Episode Listing, which is normally more or less up-to-date. To see all the episodes we have to discuss, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen. Where there is a dropdown box saying, “the last 30 days,” switch the setting to “From the beginning.” We don’t have all the episodes available for discussing at the moment. Give us some time, or whack one of the staff members over the head with a PM, and we’ll create it.

The Titans in General: Discussions that don’t fit in the Robin/Raven forum goes here. All members are free to create threads and post. To put it simply, if it doesn’t fit under Robin/Raven, but is relevant to the Teen Titans, it goes here. Topics like, “How would the other Titans react to Robin and Raven’s relationship?” go under Robin/Raven while topics like, say, “How close are Raven and Starfire?” go here. Be sure to check all the old threads to make sure you aren’t creating a duplicate thread before creating a new topic!

This Just In: Have news about the latest Teen Titans DVD? Season 167,900,999? Put it here! All members can post and create threads here. Please note that Teen Titans news goes here; news about other DC animated series can be posted to The Rest of the DCU section.

Fan Works

Role Playing: A roleplay is a game. You play a character, and post as that character. What distinguishes this from a round robin is a round robin is a Fan Fiction, and goes in the appropriate forum. All members are free to post and create threads. While the Role Playing forum has its own set of rules, don’t forget the regular rules still apply.

Fan Fiction: Where you can post your fan fiction, either by copy-pasting it to the board, or by linking to it. All members can post and create threads.

Fan Art: All fan art, regardless of pairing and character, goes here. When posting fan art, link to it instead of posting the image if the image is larger than a signature image. All members can post and create threads. All music videos go into the subforum.

Original Fiction and Art: All original fiction, including poetry, and art goes here. All members are free to post and create threads.

Rest of the DCU

The Batman: Topics pertaining to Batman go here, whether it’s the new The Batman series, or Batman: The Animated Series or the good old comics. Topics such as, “What if Batman didn’t have Robin?” go here; “How does Batman influence cartoon Robin?” goes into the Titans in General section.

Superman: Topics pertaining to Superman go here, whether it’s the comics, Superman: The Animated Series, or Smallville.

The Justice League: Topics pertaining to the Justice League, either the comics but preferably the animated series, go here. A topic such as, “What is better? The Justice League or Teen Titans?” can go into either this forum or into The Titans in General forum.

The Z-Grade: Have some obscure DC comic superhero you want to talk about? Talk about them here.

The Lounge

General Chatterings: Talk about your latest CD, vent on stupid things, or compare Marvel and DC. Anything goes, as long as you keep it to a PG-13 rating. We have kids here, you know!

Toys and Games: If it has almost no discussion potential going for it, is potentially fun to do, then it probably goes here.

The Office Space: …I wish you luck trying to get in, young grasshopper.

… *clicks on “ban member” button*

-What will get me banned/suspended?
Suspension is basically when you've violated or pushed the rules one too many times. For example, plagiarism, under the Plagiarism Policy (you should read that, too), will get you suspended for five days on the first offense. Suspension never looks good, and the staff will be breathing down your necks for several weeks.

Being banned is an entirely different story. What will get you banned? Bannable offenses include, but are not limited to trolling, harrassing other members, and deceiving the members and staff by pretending to be two people. If you use your common sense and read the rules, it should be pretty easy to avoid being banned or suspended. It's (almost) always sad to lose a member of our community. PLEASE use your head before taking action. How hard can that be?

About the Board

-Why is this a Robin/Raven forum?
We were fans of Robin/Raven and wanted a forum all of our own! We suck like that.

-Why is the board named “Forbidden Love?”
The person who created the board isn’t here anymore, so all we can do is guess. The most likely explanation could refer to both Robin’s relationship with Starfire, as well as the risks of being too involved with a teammate.

What's with the "old board" everyone mentions?
The "old board" is where we used to house Forbidden Love. However, over time more and more glitches happened and we heard rumors about random deletion. Instead of waiting to see if the rumors were true, we moved to our current Invision Free board. The old board can be found at if you're interested.

Hey, tell me some cool stuff about the board.
That's not a question!

Hmm. At the moment of creating this FAQ, the board recently broke 20,000 posts, registered our 400th member, and are all still as crazy as we can be. To be up to date and modern and all that rubbish, go to the front page and scroll down. That's where our most recent happenings are. =)

I have a question for a staff member about [insert topic here]. Who should I send it to?
All staff members are open to receiving personal messages, although some staff members are more able to receiving certain topics than others. It's preferable that you direct your personal messages to Dark Weezing, Nevermore, Kakyoin, DangerInRed, or Chokotay, as you're more likely to get a reply from them.

Dark Weezing is good at helping out newbies, being a goob, and pointing out where everything is.
Nevermore is good with prettifying the board, technical stuff, and graphics.
Kakyoin is good for arguing with and interpretting rules with.
DangerInRed is the jack of all trades. Chuck anything at her! But within limits, thanks.
Chokotay will probably yell at you.

And that's it. If you read every question, wow. Have a vampire duckling.

QUOTE (Kuchiki Rukia of Bleach)
"You don't have the authority to say that to me!"

Icon by malthide_ at LJ.

For every time a person asks a question on the FAQ, I kill a kitten. Please. Think of the kittens.
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