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 Favorite Episodes
Dark Weezing
Posted: Aug 30 2005, 05:22 PM

The 4-D Man

Group: Admin
Posts: 2,102
Member No.: 5
Joined: 15-December 04

I don't think "X" was a turning point or milestone per say, I believe it was riding the coattails of the real and prior turning point, "Deception." In that of "X" was a plot point from an episode two seasons prior. Only the continuity fans would appreciate the episode and it was catered to a specific audience in that one. Granted, it was a nice change back to more noir type of episodes but I don't think it that important as people believe it to be and wasn't ground breaking like "Masks" or "Terra".

Whereas "Deception" was differnet in that of A) was a return to the formulatic super hero forms like say JLU or BTAS while B ) mixing with the teen angst that the Teen Titans concept should be capable of. The comics had every one as young adults, so seeing the H.I.V.E. and the Titans used to be further of the youth oriented genre was brilliance and an apology for the light hearted Season Two.

It was also distinctive as it was establishing themes and laid a more full rounded beat whereas most episodes had too much ("Aftershock") or not enough ("Forces of Nature") and create the unique atmosphere for such a premise. That's another reason why I love this show: the atmosphere.

"Deception" showed how that was changing as with the changing of the guard, (Hogree as head story editor) and was the cornerstone of a watershed season.

It's just part of a list of types of turning point episode archetypes/aspects:

"Masks" had the turning point/shocking revelation vibe. (But the reason why I don't rate "Masks" higher on my lists is because of the plot holes in both logic and the smaller things that made for the Slade arc intriguing thus far to make for the revelation. Thankfully Klein and Pugsley improved muchly)

"Transformation" in the showing of the quality of the series at that point.

"Aftershock" in the ending of this light hearted writing vibe of the series.

"Deception" was the first in setting proper atmosphere combined with an upgrading in writing and plot.

"Haunted" for the climax.

"Wavelength" for the animation.

"Can I Keep Him?" for the filler aspect.

"Birthmark." for the content and deviation from the comics.

"The Prophecy" for characterization. Particularly Raven.

The beat shall go on with Season Five as we know they're now capable of depth while not being so cavenous with the writing as the two previous seasons have shown us.

And "Deception" led the way.

user posted image
Posted: Aug 30 2005, 09:53 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 194
Member No.: 557
Joined: 1-August 05

Well, here's my top ten...

10. "Terra". It makes the top ten just because I absolutely loved the interaction with Beast Boy, and the entire kiddie romance they had going. Very awesome, I loved it. Besides, it was amusing to see someone laughing at BB's jokes. Very cute episode, and it alludes to what's coming very well, I thought.

9. "Stranded" Yes, it makes my top ten as well. I guess I liked to see Starfire standing up for herself against Robin's on again, off again attentions. Besides, it was fun to see the Boy Blunder unnerved the entire time. (And who could resist the little aliens: SHALA!, or the BB and Cyborg scenes, which I believe was a major building point for their friendship.) All together, though it had more plot holes that swiss cheese, it was an amusing filler episode that really served no purpose.

8. "Nevermore" A very good early Raven episode that takes a long look at the gothic girl. It's finally a chance to find out a little about her. Besides seeing Raven in pink and laughing her butt off, I liked it for the Beast Boy/Cyborg/Raven friendship that was built on. (And for the awesome fight with her father in that episode. *drool* )

7. "Betrothed" I liked it, though most Rae/Rob shippers hated it. XD I guess I like seeing Robin freak out all the time, because that's the main appeal to this episode for me. Also, I did like seeing Tamaran. I'm not a Starfire fan, but her culture is reminiscent of Scandanavian cultures, which I really like, so I guess her people are a personal draw for me. (Side note: I hate Blackfire. She should die.)

6. "Aftershock pt. 2" What can I say? Seeing Terra 'get hers' was very gratifying. Not to mention that I kinda liked seeing BB that worked up.

5. "The Beast Within" XD I just really liked the idea of making Raven vunerable enough to NEED protecting. Not to mention that seeing BB trying to "be a man" as he put it was funny. Also, the fight in the infirmary was one of my favorites in the series.

4. "The End pt. 1" Just hilarious until it started turning dark. After that, it was touching to see the Titans react to Raven. And then I almost cried when she went to fufill the prophecy.

3. "Haunted" ... Need I explain? It was one of the darkest episodes to that point, and the first episode that really delved deeply into a "taboo" issue, like mental illness. Also, nice Rae/Rob moments. I also loved the images presented when she entered his mind.

2. "The End pt. 3" Child Raven = cute. Grown up Raven = awesome. Robin = most awesome friend/boyfriend EVER. Fight with Trigon = SHINY!

1. "Birthmark" The ultimate episode in my eyes. A very awesome look at Raven's character. Awesome Rae/Rob moments. Really awesome Slade scenes. Just... perfection.

user posted image

"Home is behind the world ahead,
And there are many paths to tread
Through shadow - to the edge of night
Until the stars are all alight
Mist and shadow - cloud and shade
All shall fade, all shall fade"
Posted: Aug 31 2005, 12:47 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 109
Member No.: 566
Joined: 8-August 05

"Haunted" my most favorite episode. This one shows the inside of Robin's soul, literally. It was like "Fear Itself" and "The Beast within". Very revealing on Robin's character motivation and reasons for being a hero.

It was played out so well. Robin shows his true colors and how far he can push his team before they think he has gone off the deep end.

The first appearance of Slade. Out of no where, he was just suddenly there. Robin never believed that Slade was gone. Why should he? With Batman; Robin had seen many villians that should have been dead, but were not come back. After the others defeated Cinderblock, without him, he tells them that Slade is back.

The search with Starfire. Slade walks right by her and Robin is in a rage. He interogates her harshly. (Side note: If Raven was there instead would he have acted the same way?)

After a fruitless search for seismic generators Robin searches on his own and goes the place that was the focus of his hatred of Slade. The place where he turned on his friends.

Then the battle at the 'Old Haunt". OMGosh! laugh.gif I have never seen anything like it or as intense. He can't touch him, feel him, every skill, every move usless. It also shows how intense Robin's hatred still is that even though he is getting pounded into lunch meat he never gives up and does not think of running away. Once again his friends come to save him. But the Slade who spoke to him said that he was useless without his friends. That Robin could not stop him without their help and that made Robin weak.

Of all the pounding Slade gave Robin that was the wound that hit him deep to his core. When his friends arrive they see nothing and confess that he might be crazy Robin flips out. He saw what he saw. He was beaten. Slade was out there more dangerous than ever. Now his team was getting in his way. In a very 'Batman-ish" attitude he threatened his friends to get out of his way. Then Starfire shot him knocking him out. (Would others have done the same thing?)

There in the tower they examined him. Raven says that there appears to be no cause for Robin to have experienced what he did. Starfire nearly confesses his transgression and then explodes at Raven for not looking hard enough. Robin acting so cold, so hard and being darkly threatenig I am sure it not only scared her, but put into question does she really know him. Pegging his actions on an external cause, that it did not come from within him, but it did.

He hears his friends confess he is unstable and dangerous. Raven is the one offer a practical assessment to, 'run some tests'. Robin escaped, pursued by his tormentor, locking them safely away from Slade and isolating Slade in the Tower. Then Raven looks for Robin. She finds him and he lets her in his mind. To know him and to help him. Because she and the others believe Slade isn't real she tries to help Robin 'see' that he is not there through her eyes. Her shock and horror when Slade appears, plus that punch was perfect.

She understood. She knew what he was going through and it seemed that Robin and Raven were still connected. She could feel him, feel his fear, dispear that he was losing and was going to be killed. But Robin figured it out. Though Raven he finally believed that Slade was not real, that he was in his mind. Because he trusted her, trusted his friends he saved his life with their help.

It was such an awesome episode, and left the door open for more like it.


Dark Weezing
Posted: Sep 21 2005, 10:15 PM

The 4-D Man

Group: Admin
Posts: 2,102
Member No.: 5
Joined: 15-December 04

In addition to favorite episodes, there are those I always loved in its day but as the future goes on, the premise wears out its welcome.

Fear Itself: Filled with comic references and quirky insight, the episode showed Raven, focusing on two important items to her identity: her pride and her powers. With the series' upgrade, Raven could do more than just teleport and tell you what you're feeling as per in the comics, it was one of my favorites but the humor and the premise feels like a one shot note and weakened by repeated viewings. There is hardly room for nuance and just leaves the surface. Conversely, Raven's prior season episode focus in Nevermore (which I also loved) left room for much of nuance but not enough of a cohesive exposition to explain it all, which in the wake of Season Three and Four, make the characterization of her personality traits obsolete as well.

Particularly as they weren't used since.

This isn't the first set of episodes undone by future effort/lack of nuance but for such topics to cover so minutely as Raven, it doesn't do her fandom much good as her episodes constantly revels, or at least prior to Season Three.

Compare Spellbound and Bunny Raven to that of Fear Itself and Nevermore and you'll see what I mean. Or for something more obvious, Nevermore vs the end of the fourth season. Or at least The Prophecy.

Doesn't mean I no longer care of Nevermore or Fear, just having it fit in the short term vs the long term and appreciating it in lesser ways than say Haunted or Wavelength or even Date With Destiny. Just capturing that moment of time that came with them as they aired and that's where they should remain. For me at least.

user posted image
Posted: Oct 1 2005, 03:35 PM

New Neighbor

Group: Members
Posts: 10
Member No.: 660
Joined: 23-September 05

for some freakish reason, i am in love with "X". I find the narrating by Robin very heart-felt and interestingly powerful. I know i had little to do with the actual main storyline, but I really liked the whole concept of Red X. i do hope he comes back in this new season.

for R/R, definetly "Birthmark" and "The End Pts1-3". oh yeah. biggrin.gif

as for more care-free episodes, i'd have to go with "Detention", is it? (the first Mad Mod episode)...I can always get a laugh out of that one. although "Episode 257-494" and "Bunny Raven" also drove me into giggle fits XD

and lastly, for fight scenes, I'd most definetly have to go with "The End Pt2"...that Slade and Robin scene was EXCELLENT. and the scene with Robin and his swords. total coolness. *nods*

Yup! put my 2 cents in. smile.gif

user posted image
user posted image
Kory Anders
Posted: Oct 22 2005, 10:10 PM

New Neighbor

Group: Members
Posts: 23
Member No.: 668
Joined: 30-September 05

Haunted - My favorite episode ever! I couldn't guess whether Slade was actually there or not. Robin is my favorite character (tied with Starfire), and I love his 'haunted' (no pun intended) personality. As though he has something to hide. The thing Raven did to Robin was really cool. I also liked the fact that they portrayed Robin being really mean to his teammates - even Starfire. I like that because lots of canon couples are all good and cute and have no little 'bumps' along the road. This showed us that R/S isn't the 'perfect' canon couple. It makes it more realistic. You could tell Robin was sorry he hurt her in the end.

Troq - Lots of people hate this episode, but I love it. I like how they showed Starfire standing up for herself by refusing to do what Val-Yor told her, and the fact that Robin didn't come to her rescue, like I thought he would. Starfire is a strong girl, and doesn't need her boyfriend to save her.

The Beast Within - Very different from other Beast Boy episodes. Very dark. I liked it when BB stood up to Raven. I never liked how much she abused him, and it was good how we actually saw how BB felt about it. I didn't like the end, however, when BB was protecting her the whole time. Too cheesy.

The End part two - Way better than the other two parts. Although it's marked as a 'Raven episode', it was actually about the whole team. I like the whole feeling of the episode. Susupensful. Desperete. The R/S scenes were really sweet, too.

The others I love are:

Apprentice 2
Aftershock 2

Posted: Oct 23 2005, 04:15 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 129
Member No.: 694
Joined: 20-October 05

i love birthmark so good and end part one and three mostly because raven is my favorite charecter but also because there was so much action i loved them

user posted imageuser posted image user posted image
sailormoon/tuxedomask usagi/mamoru
Posted: Dec 7 2005, 12:31 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 112
Member No.: 614
Joined: 29-August 05

My top Ten:

10. For Real - It was just a great time to be had.
9. Date With Destiny - Kitten is my favorite non-recurring villian. She was funny, she was loud and she put Starfire in her place.
8. Aftershock Part Two - Seeing Terra get handled was a highlight of the season
7. Nevermore - An episode that really isn't as appreciated as it should be. Right in the first season we dispel the myth that's plaguing Raven's character analysis. Nevermore proves that Raven isn't emotionless or unfeeling, in fact we see that she possesses the full gamut of feelings/emotions... she's just selective in the expression of them and for good reason.
6. The Quest - So much fun with cosplay. And one of the inspirations for my favorite Teen Titans Go issue. Anyone else notice that Raven in Robin's clothes is a perfect fit?
5. Apprentice I/II - This is the standard for great episodes. Robin + Slade = a dynamic that you won't find anywhere else. The fight scenes, the allusions, everything about this screamed of great direction.
4. Winner Take All - The introduction of Speedy + one of the most interesting premises for an episode yet. We recognize the existence of other young heroes and recall Aqualad from the previous season. It sounded great, it looked great and of course the Boy Wonder is the Champion of Champions.
3. The End Part One - Visually breathtaking. It was smart, it was well paced and it has great rewatch value.
2. Haunted - Probably the best flowing episode to date. It looked cool, the dialog was top-notch and the insight it gave to Robin's character was brilliant. Also the formation of Raven and Robin's bond: it just all made perfect sense.
1. Birthmark - Visual masterpiece. Dialog on point. Great character interactions. Everything about this episode was amazing

Ten Least Favorites

10. Homecoming Part One: It was just boring.
9. Overdrive: I remember all of nothing about this episode and that's saying something. There's nothing particularly interesting about this episode, Billy Numerous doesn't become fun until he joins the Hive Five.
8. Crash: I think this was just laying in the immaturity of Beast Boy a little too thick... and was Gizmo really the only person the Titans could turn to to get Cyborg fixed? I mean really.
7. Titans East Pt 2: Cry baby Cyborg, unnecessary Starfire interactions (both with Bumble Bee and Mas y Menos) and a blah Brother Blood.
6. Titans East Pt 1: Sigh... Out of character Speedy, boring Brother Blood and lame Cyborg
5. Aftershock Pt 1: only because of the underlying bias for Terra and against Raven. (an essay in the works)
4. Snowblind: Starfire-centric episodes tend to go nowhere. This is no exception.
3. Trust: The portrayal of Robin in this episode is really, really poor.
2. Transformation: 22 minutes of pointlessness... well, to be fair it did have a point, but there are just so many things about it that bothered me, I can't really put it into wordsl
1. Troq: Ugh... I don't even want to talk about it.

This post has been edited by lankree on Dec 7 2005, 12:37 AM

user posted image
You have my heart... I have your moves.
Posted: Dec 7 2005, 01:08 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 103
Member No.: 25
Joined: 9-January 05

1) Haunted: Just wow. and everything else.

2)X: the animation was too awesome for words. and Red X is just cool.

3) Sisters: *hides* no really, it had lots of potential, it was reallly very sweet, and the animation was absolutely gorgeous. Kinda ironic how much hotter starfire looked at the beginnning of the show >.>

4) Lightspeed: Okay. I am not shallow, i swear. But Kid flash was <3, and JINX! she is one of my favorite villans. ever. lots of character development. The rose, the villan perspective, it was all very....fresh. Very new. I loved it. I have to keep rewatching the episode to make sure i didn't imagine the whole thing.
The only thing was, it was a bit demeaning how there wasn't a single titans in the episode >.> but you can't have everything.

5) Episode 257-494: A lot of shows sneak in references, but this was just insane. I've watched this multiple times and I just keep loving it more and more. Plus the animation was really nice, anyone notice?

6) How long is forever: Yeah, i hate time travel too, it's too contradictory. Xp but the way they portrayed star was magnificent. and the concept was lovely. Music was too.
It was also nice how they didn't directly incorporate the title as well. Made you think more about what robin had said earlier, and though starfire didn't ask that question, we all know what is implied.

7)Aftershock 1: I know many of you hated this, but I thought it had lots and lots of potential. I loved this episode. A lot. It had a nice cliffhanger, and the best part was, it made me hate terra. Hate her. It was one of those episodes where they push you back and forth. I loved that new perspective.

8) The Prophecy: maybe I'm just bias, but I liked this much better than Birthmark. It was more action oriented, and it also showed ALL of the titans' concern for raven. tongue.gif They're her friends too, right? It annoyed me how raven only woke up robin in birthmark. Demeans the entire show's purpose, which is TEAMWORK.
also, those specter-chanty thingys were awesome. and the animation (has anyone noticed a trend here? XD)

9)The end part 1: ...which i believe had much more potential than the rest of the parts. tongue.gif I mean, the ending was a freaking apocalypse! very coolishly LOTR-ish music, too. It was heartbreaking to see how Raven was trying so hard to please her friends. Plus, it pretty much pleased all our raven ships. (cy and raven, BB and Raven, r/r etc.) How often does that happen?
However, I cry for all the wasted potential *coughcoughpennycough*

10) For Real: any episode that has Control Freak as the main villan is a good episode in my opinion XD

This post has been edited by jazzjinx92 on Dec 9 2005, 09:54 PM
Dark Weezing
Posted: Dec 7 2005, 02:50 PM

The 4-D Man

Group: Admin
Posts: 2,102
Member No.: 5
Joined: 15-December 04

QUOTE (jazzjinx92 @ Dec 7 2005, 01:08 AM)
7)Aftershock 1: I know many of you hated this, but I thought it had lots and lots of potential. I loved this episode. A lot. It had a nice cliffhanger, and the best part was, it made me hate terra. Hate her. It was one of those episodes where they push you back and forth. I loved that new perspective.

8) The Prophecy: maybe I'm just bias, but I liked this much better than Birthmark. It was more action oriented, and it also showed ALL of the titans' concern for raven. tongue.gif They're her friends too, right? It annoyed me how raven only woke up robin in birthmark. Demeans the entire show's purpose, which is TEAMWORK.
also, those specter-chanty thingys were awesome. and the animation (has anyone noticed a trend here? XD)

9)The end part 1: ...which i believe had much more potential than the rest of the parts tongue.gif

10) For Real: any episode that has Control Freak as the main villan is a good episode in my opinion XD

You know, I am agreeing with you about Aftershock Pt 1. It's a Slack episode but it was dark and the best part? It had good pacing, again, this is Slack, so it's a more "How in the (blank) did he do that?" moment. It captured comic Terra and the Titans' respective issues with her nicely. And lots of potential for angst, proper angst with Raven/anyone (mostly Robin for letting Terra in). Again, undermined in Pt 2 but hey, take what you can get.

And I agree about Prophecy. It shown more plot and more well rounded turmoil whereas Birthmark was a bit one sided with the Robin/Slade/Raven shtick. Granted it was the episode's saving grace but a bit linear I think as I muse about it.

Agreed about Lightspeed, saw it and I think I died after. Hee.

user posted image
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