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Title: Robin And Raven's First Kiss
Description: The R/S Shrine has one, so we should too

NetherPhoenix - March 25, 2005 01:50 AM (GMT)
Since The Robin and Starfire Shrine has a kiss thread for their fan fiction section, we should have one for our fan fiction section. Come over to this thread and post your own tales of Robin (Nightwing) and Raven kissing for the first time. I'll start off with an excerpt from my upcoming R/R story, "Endless Nighttime."


Nightwing perched on the rooftop, watching the streets below for criminals. It was lonely work, what he did, not to mention that it wasn't a pleasant task.

They're lucky, he thought. There's actually an end for them. Me, the only end that's coming to me is the blade of another Immortal's sword to my neck.

It was a sick and twisted irony, he mused, that he could bring death to so many criminals and yet death was exactly what was denied him. He was trapped, trapped in the physical shell of a 22-year-old man that could never die. As a result of this, he was doomed to walk the centuries without a friend or a companion. It was just as well, he supposed. Any mortal that he befriended or loved would eventually succumb to death. If said mortal lived to a ripe old age, he or she would come to hate him for his eternal youth and longevity.

However, someone new had recently entered his life: Detective Raven Roth.

Nightwing had committed every feature of hers to memory. Her short purple hair, large violet eyes that glimmered like amethyst and were as sharp and hard as diamonds, full, perfectly shaped lips that he would die to kiss (if he could die, that is), the way that black leather coat fit on her shapely frame, and especially how those black jeans molded to her curvy hips. It was the eyes that got him, though. They were so beautiful and yet so hard.

What happened to her to make her eyes so hard? Nightwing wondered. And why do I care at all? Getting involved in the affairs of mortals has never been good for me.

Still, he couldn't deny that there was something about her that he found attractive. Was it the fact that they both strove for justice in their own ways? Was it that they were both dark, solitary people? Or was it something else?

Then he spotted someone on the street pocketing a considerable amount of cash before handing the person from whom he received the cash a packet containing a powder-like substance. Nightwing knew this scenario all too well: A drug dealer marketed his product as something else and got some unsuspecting drug addict to buy it. Then the poor bastard keeled over and died.

His musings on Raven would have to wait until later. He shot out a grapple and swung down to confront the dealer.

"Hello, dealer of death," Nightwing greeted coldly.

"Who the f**k are you?" the dealer asked, pulling a gun.

"Go ahead and try to kill me," Nightwing replied.

"You high or something?" the dealer asked.

"I'm clean," Nightwing replied. "So go ahead. Shoot."

"You asked for this, freak!" the dealer shouted before emptying the clip into Nightwing's chest. Nightwing collapsed on the ground and the dealer walked up to his "corpse." "Ha, knew you weren't so tough after all." As he stepped over Nightwing's body, he felt a gloved hand grab him by the ankle and pull hard. "What the f**k?"

"Surprise," Nightwing growled as he pulled the dealer onto the ground and stood up over him. "You sell death to others so that you can grow rich." He pulled out a kunai (ninja throwing knife). "Run now, not that'll make any difference."

The dealer got up and started running. He didn't get very far, as Nightwing threw his kunai at him and it impaled him in the heart through his back. Nightwing turned to face the buyer. "I suggest you throw that stuff away. It's not good for you." Then he swung away.


When Raven arrived on the scene along with the rest of the police, she found the dead drug dealer.

"Nightwing again," she murmured. What happened to this man to make him go out and kill criminals? Was he a victim of crime once? Or was it someone close to him?

Raven went through the motions of collecting witness reports and evidence, but her mind was mostly on Nightwing. When all was said and done, she was the only one left at the scene.

"Hello," a low, dark voice greeted from within the shadows.

Raven growled low in her throat. "Nightwing."

"In the flesh," Nightwing replied as he stepped out of the shadows.

"What is this?" Raven asked.

"Justice," Nightwing replied. "The kind you can't get waiting on the legal system to do its job."

"It's murder," Raven contradicted.

"Who says it's murder?" Nightwing asked. "You execute murderers, don't you? That's killing, but since it's the government that does this, it's justice, right?"

"Doesn't make it the same," Raven insisted.

"Doesn't it?" Nightwing asked, now suddenly very close to Raven, so close she could smell his breath. To her surprise, his breath smelled like mint toothpaste.

For the first time in a long time, Raven felt the stirrings of passion deep within her, a passion she had never felt with anyone, a passion that rivaled the one for her work. She looked at Nightwing, her purple eyes staring into his masked ones. Slowly, Nightwing's lips descended upon hers in a soft yet passionate kiss. To her surprise, Raven found herself kissing the mysterious vigilante back. When the kiss ended, she was breathless.

"I can't believe I just did that," she murmured.

"I'll see you sometime, my sweet Raven," Nightwing whispered before swinging away on his grapple, leaving behind a confused Raven.

ShadowRaven - March 28, 2005 02:58 PM (GMT)
Nice. Here's an exerpt from "Lady in Black." It's from Richard's POV and the following scene takes place at Raven's family's summer home. They have just escaped the nefarious gangster Slade Wilson, who has tried to take Raven's life, but Richard takes the bullet for her. The scene opens with Raven removing the bullet from his left arm. Enjoy!

Richard's POV

The stinging was unbearable as the peroxide was being applied to my injury. It wasn't even an hour ago that I had been shot in my left arm when Slade Wilson tried to shoot Raven. I took the bullet for her, having promised to make sure that nothing happened to her when I took the case.

"You really didn't have to take that bullet for me, Richard. I would've jumped out of the way myself."

Raven tried to hide the guilt in her voice as she continued to dress the gunshot wound.

"It goes with the territory, sweetheart," I replied. "We both know that I promised to protect you when I took your case."

"True," said Raven. "But, I didn't think Slade would track me down so quickly."

"Me neither," I said. "I guess the criminal underworld of Gotham City isn't without its many informants."

As Raven was finishing up, I took the opportunity to scan the living room of the mansion we had taken cover in.

"This is a nice place you've got here, Raven. Is it all yours?"

"It belonged to my family," she replied, keeping her eyes on what she was doing. "It's primarily a summer home, but we rarely use it anymore, especially not after the damn stock market plunged."

"Ah," I said. "So, you were rich."

"Used to be, yes," said Raven. "Though, I'm surprised that the house hasn't gone to pieces yet."

She finished her work and got up off the couch.

"I'm going to get some brandy. Would you like some?"

"Don't mind if I do," I said. "Anything to dull the pain I'm feeling."

Upon my reply, Raven smiled for the first time since we arrived at the mansion and went to the liquor cabinet, where she got two glasses and a big bottle of brandy. She opened it, poured the liquid into the glasses, and carried it to the couch.

"Here," she said, handing me my glass as she placed the bottle on the coffee table and took her seat next to me. "I hope this will help."

I took a sip and to my surprise, it was actually quite delicious.

"This is good brandy," I said. "Even better than that cheap crap at my office." I looked at Raven just then. "I don't know if I ever told you this, but I can't help but marvel at just how beautiful you are."

Raven gave me a playful look. "Do you like what you see?"

"Of course," I said. "Why anyone would want to harm a beautiful woman like you is beyond my comprehension."

"My beauty isn't the reason that I'm Slade Wilson's target," said Raven. "I believe I mentioned the protection money that my father owed him."

"Yes," I said. "Your father was killed because of the debt. In fact, the rest of your family died as well."

"Precisely," said Raven. "And I was a material witness, another factor in his wanting me dead."

I could see that tears were welling up in her violet eyes, so I slowly put my good arm around her and hugged her to me.

"Everything is going to okay, Raven," I whispered. "You're safe with me."

"I know, Richard," she sobbed. "But, what if we're found? Your arm is still healing."

"We'll worry about that when it happens," I said. "For now, let's just be grateful that we're here together."

I then backed away just enough so that our eyes were meeting. As I looked at her face, I found myself beginning to fall for the lovely Raven Roth in a big way and I couldn't fight my heart on it.

"Raven," I said. "I think this case is beginning to get very intriguing."

"You do?" she replied. "How so?"

"I'm breaking my own rule," I said. "I can't fall in love with the one I'm protecting."

"To hell with rules, Richard," said Raven. "After all, rules are meant to broken. Besides, I've wondered when this was going to happen since I walked into your office."

At her last syllable, I leaned in closer and our lips met in perhaps the most tender kiss a man could give a woman. I liked the way Raven's lips tasted. Even though they were obviously laced with brandy, it was a sweet taste.

"Damn it, you're good," I said in between breaths. "Is this the first time a man ever kissed you this passionately?"

To which she replied, "Yes, it is."

That was all I needed to hear as I continued to kiss her. Despite the fact that I wasn't supposed to engage in this sort of thing, rules were, as Raven had just pointed out, meant to be broken.

Shadow - March 29, 2005 02:40 AM (GMT)
wow nice exerpt, i cant wait to read the whole story, if it isnt already out yet, and if it is out please do tell me

B) :D :blink:

Misha - March 29, 2005 09:09 PM (GMT)
This is an exerpt from "Spin the bottle" The Titans have a party and decide to play spin the bottle.

“It’s your turn, Raven,” Beast boy said with a playfully grin.

Raven glared at him, but she reached over and spun the bottle. As it spun, Raven was eyeing it nervously, looking ready to run for it before it stopped, but she didn’t. He looked down and watched, for what seemed almost forever, before it started slowing down. Everyone leaned a little closer as the bottle came to a complete stop, and he heard a small gasp from Raven as the bottle stopped…in front of him.

The moment it stopped, her heart started pounding in her chest. Her eyes slowly traveled up from the bottle, to Robin, who had the same shocked looked she had. Robin hesitantly leaned toward her, then stopped mid-way. She bit her bottom lip, and glanced at the others. They were just watching her silently. She guessed they were wondering what she would do. Her first instinct was to make up an excuse and flee to her room, but something stopped her. She couldn’t figure out what it was keeping her there. All she wanted to do was get out of this embarrassing situation, but her body wasn’t listening to her. She felt herself sit up and lean over to Robin’s face. She thought if she did it quickly, it’ll be over with…or that’s what she kept telling herself. A tightness appeared in her chest as she neared the Boy Wonder. No! She couldn’t do this! This wasn’t what she wanted, right? Sure, it was, whenever she saw him with Starfire, it was clear those two are right for each other. Why would he want someone as tainted as her, she wasn’t worth anything. She was a fool to believe she could have a good time with them. She was never meant to have anything good, why try denying it.

“No, I’m not gonna-!” She started saying until she went to get up by pushing herself off the floor, but she put her hand on the bottle, making her lose her balance and fall forward.

When she slipped; she saw Robin move to catch her. She was falling too fast for him to catch her before her lips landed on his. Suddenly, an electrical current of warmth rushed down her entire body. Time seemed to slow down for her; she couldn’t do nothing but keep her lips on Robin’s. Soon, she felt Robin kiss her back, causing her head to spin with some strange emotion. She closed her eyes and started deepen the kiss, feeling Robin shuddered and slightly jerk when she did, but she felt him quickly melting back into the kiss. She couldn’t guess how long they kissed, she didn’t care. This sensation running down her body was like nothing she ever felt before; it filled the empty void in her, the void that was slowly eating its way at her. But now it retreated back to wherever it came from as this feeling wrapped itself around her. She thought she heard noise in the background, but it sounded muffled to her, then it started getting louder. She opened her eyes halfway and saw only Robin’s heavenly expression, even with the mask; she could…feel his eyes were closed. That look was a sight she would engrave in her mind forever. After, who knows how long, the muffled noise started becoming clearer to her. It was then she realized it was Starfire and Beast boy talking to them.

“Raven, what’s the matter, are you stuck to Robin’s lips or something!” Beast boy said, sounding perturbed.

“Do you think they need our help, they’ve been like this for the longest time?” Starfire said, sounding worried, but Raven could have sworn she heard a hint of jealousy in her voice.

“Chill, guys, it’s only been a minute,” Cyborg said.

Hearing this, she reluctantly broke the kiss, because her embarrassment returned. Robin stayed where he was for a few seconds, but then he shook his head slightly and quietly sat back down, never taking his eyes off her, or she assumed he was, because his head or expression never moved.

His head was swimming from in the clouds. He could still feel her soft, warm lips on his as he sat back down. What was that, anyway? He never felt anything like that before, it made him feel like some great weight had been finally lifted off his shoulders. It didn’t make sense…but when he pondered about it, the more it started to make sense. Just as he was about to come to a conclusion, he heard Beast boy talking to him.

“Uh…sorry, BB. What were you saying?” Robin asked.

“I said, you got to spin the bottle again, dude,” Beast boy said, sounding annoyed by something.

“Oh,” Robin said, and then he spun the bottle again.

ShadowRaven - March 29, 2005 11:39 PM (GMT)
Nice. I could just imagine what was going on. Lovely. Here's an exerpt from "X to the Third," another upcoming story. When the following scene opens, Robin has just tried on the new Red X suit he made for himself and is about to try on the mask.

Damn, I didn't think I'd look this good, Robin told himself in his mind as he admired the reflection in his closet mirror. It's a nice improvement over my Titans uniform. I could get used to something like this.

"What the hell is this?"

Raven's voice suddenly brought the Boy Wonder out of his reverie as he was about to try on the matching mask. He turned and saw that she was looking at the female version of the suit he just created. She was bound to ask questions anyway, his thoughts reminded him. Might as well tell her the truth.

"It's your new uniform," he replied. "I was bored and couldn't sleep, so I thought..."

"You thought you'd make another Red X suit?" said Raven. "Why? You keep saying that creating the Red X was a mistake, so I fail to see the point of making another suit when you know damn well that you'll only get yourself into trouble again."

She had a point. Robin did blame himself for creating the first suit, telling her and the other Titans that it was his mistake, as well as his responsibility. However, he brushed her observation aside, went over to the chair, picked up the suit, and handed it to her.

"Here, try it on. If you don't like it, I promise that I'll burn both of them."

Raven took the suit from him and, giving him a quizzical look, walked off to her room to try it on for size. Robin couldn't help but watch her as she walked away. There was just something about her that intrigued him, something that had been there since the day he met her.

She sure is cute when she's angry, he thought. In fact, she's cute no matter what the emotion is. God, she's definitely something else, that Raven. Maybe that's why I find myself strangely intrigued with all things Gothic. Could it be that I'm, dare I say it, in love with Raven? It has to be, because I can always be myself when I'm around her. She's my Dark Angel, no if's, and's, or but's about it.

About half a second later, Raven returned, her leotard and cloak ensemble replaced by the female Red X suit that she had scowled at. For a while, there was silence between them, neither Titan taking the opportunity to utter so much as a syllable, until finally, Robin cleared his throat.

"It seems to fit you. Do you like it?"

"Can't tell," she replied. "Though, it does feel comfortable."

"That's what I was concerned about when I made it," said Robin, slowly approaching her. "I wanted to make sure that you didn't feel confined. You could say that I got the inspiration from the design of your leotard."

Without so much as a second thought, Robin stopped when he was just inches from Raven's face, meeting her violet eyes. He then gently tugged on the hem of the cape, pulling her closer to him, and before he could stop himself, he leaned in and kissed her, savoring every ounce of passion that flowed through them both like an electrical current. A split second later, despite the inititial hesitation, Raven kissed him back, tasting the sweetness of his lips and feeling the steadiness of his breathing. As he continued to kiss her, Robin ran his fingers through Raven's short, purple hair and felt her running her fingers through his spiky black hair.

After about five minutes or so, they came up for air and stared at each other silently until Raven broke the stillness.

"Damn, that was about the deepest kiss I ever experienced."

Robin panted slightly. "Same here." He gently stroked her cheek with his gloved finger. "What do you say we take our new Red X suits out for a little spin?"

"You're one crazy kid, you know that?" said Raven. "Suppose we get caught?"

"We won't if we don't do anything stupid," said Robin. "I didn't design these suits because I felt rebellious. I just wanted to maybe have a little fun. Trust me, we'll be back before any of the others know we've left."

Raven hesitated. She loved Robin to pieces, that much she knew now, but she also didn't want to do anything they'd both regret later. After a moment, she sighed and shook her head before looking at him again.

"All right, Boy Wonder, you've convinced me."

Robin smiled. "Thank you, Dark Angel, you have no idea what this means to me."

Then, they kissed again, a shorter one than before, put their masks on, and, taking each other's hands, they exited Robin's room via the window and Raven flew in the direction of downtown Jump City, keeping her grip on Robin as she did so.

Everlasting - March 30, 2005 01:11 AM (GMT)
Tee-hee. Glad us R/S shippers influenced you to make your own kiss thread!

All of these are so good. I especially liked the conversation between Robin and Raven in "X to the Third". (and the fact that it dealt with Red X matching suits) I can't wait to see more.

Shadow - March 30, 2005 02:51 AM (GMT)
same here i cant wait to read the whole story, all of them

:D :lol: :D

FKA WishesSheWasRaven - April 10, 2005 02:50 AM (GMT)
I love all of these fics, especially the Spin-the-Bottle one! :wub:

Misha - April 11, 2005 04:43 AM (GMT)
i like all the fics too

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