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  1. Pirates look for future stars
  2. Pirates set to host US college team in May
  3. Iain Dick named player of the year
  4. Pirates shut out Predators after scrappy start
  5. Pirates storm into season with 72-0 win
  6. Pirates junior team thwarted after promising start
  7. Pirates take time out for friendly fixture
  8. Baptism of fire for Pirates junior team
  9. Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting
  10. Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting
  11. Notice of Annual General Meeting
  12. Pirates fall short against Blitz
  13. Ugly win secures semi-final place for Pirates
  14. Pirates complete a perfect season with Trojans win
  15. East Kilbride Pirates reveal junior team plans
  16. Comprehensive win secures northern title
  17. Pirates take pole position in race for the North
  18. Pirates bulldoze Birmingham 44-8
  19. Pirates shatter Sheffield's 19 game winning streak
  20. Pirates win on the road against Lancashire
  21. Pirates make statement with decisive win
  22. Pirates shut out Trojans 34-0
  23. Pirates jet off to a great start
  24. Pirates bag loot for youth teams
  25. Pirates youth look for new blood
  26. Jamie McLaughlin named Pirates’ player of the year
  27. New Head Coach for East Kilbride Pirates Youth
  28. Blitz dash BritBowl hopes for Pirates
  29. Pirates clinch Northern Conference title
  30. Pirates battle towards playoffs
  31. New Head Coach for East Kilbride Pirates
  32. Pirates hold firm against Rams
  33. Pirates Youth hold home tournament
  34. Pirates rise up to beat Phoenix
  35. Inverness Youth Tournament
  36. Phoenix scorch Pirates 23-0
  37. Pirates batter Bulls 47-0 in season opener
  38. CherryBlossom join the Pirates
  39. Pirates partner with Kilbryde Hospice
  40. Pirates fall to Phoenix in Youth friendly
  41. Pirates ready for lift off!
  42. Ryan Hunter named Pirates’ player of the year
  43. Pirates clinch British championship title
  44. Pirates BritBowl bound
  45. Pirates beat Rams to the semi-finals
  46. Michelle supports Pirates’ BritBowl bid
  47. Pirates take Titans out
  48. Pirates pull off thrash of the Titans
  49. Pirates overcome Rams to top table
  50. Game report - Pirates notch up another win

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