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 New place ready
Posted by Calvero - 09-17-09 02:35 - 0 comments
I created a new place to have the forums... now it's going to be a network!

The place is based at Ning:


I have set up groups for each of the comedians/comedy teams.

What you do is create a Ning account: http://comedyclassics.ning.com/main/authorization/signUp?

And then join whatever groups you are interested in. I have created groups for all comedians/comedy teams we have here.

I believe I will be able to use the Twitter accounts for the new groups. There are RSS feeds available for them, so I think it will still work smile.gif.

Reason for the move
While I much prefer to host our community on my own webhost, right now I do not have enough time to maintain doing upgrades and then trying to fix it when something goes wrong (such as what happened a few days ago). I have kept an eye on Ning for the last couple years because I liked what they offered and always considered them a possibility if I needed an offsite community.

To see what Ning is capable of, I belong to two active ones: SQPN http://sqpnconnect.ning.com/ and Nerdfighters http://nerdfighters.ning.com/ and Geeks http://geeks.pirillo.com/ (though I haven't joined the last one...yet)

It is a different set up than this place, And I still haven't settled on a layout yet, but the groups are set.

Hope you all like the new place!

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 Updating the board
Posted by Calvero - 09-6-09 16:17 - 1 comments
I seemed to have hit a snag when I was trying to upgrade our usual board. Since it is taking longer than I expected, I figured you can chat away on the old one until the regular one is ready.

Until later!

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 New board is ready!
Posted by Calvero - 11-26-07 08:34 - 0 comments
The new place is ready. There's still some tweaks but it's ready for you all to start posting.


Remember that you have to register first:


And the forums are at:


And be sure to read my post there:


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 Moving the board!
Posted by Calvero - 11-25-07 02:34 - 0 comments
It's taken some time, but I have a new place to move us. The board itself is not ready, but because I have to change where the URL (http://www.comedyclassics.org) takes you, it'll take some time before the new one is ready.

You will still be able to access this old board and post to it until the new one is set. The url for this one (the old one) is:


Once the new one is ready, I'll keep this one here, archived. Whenever I need this one again, I'll open it back up for posting.


PS - I'm also emailing this to all members since not everyone reads the Announcements forum smile.gif

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 Where I have been...
Posted by Calvero - 09-3-07 07:33 - 0 comments
If you've been on the board for awhile, you've noticed that I have not posted much and am long overdue for a podcast. Well, that's because of some big changes here at home.

If you were around last year, you may remember that I almost had a divorce while being pregnant. While the pregnancy went well (Katie is now 10 months old!), the marriage has not worked out. In fact I have known for the last month that we were going to get a divorce but didn't know how to post it.

I won't post much more than this other than saying I still will be checking the board and posting at times. Once things settle down (whenever that is) I might actually be able to improve on the board which is one thing I have been wanted to do for a long time... oh and do another episode of Comedy Classics Podcast smile.gif.

Calvero (aka Kim)
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 Something new
Posted by Calvero - 12-8-06 05:55 - 2 comments
I have been thinking about starting a podcast for classic comedy for some time now. Last year I started a couple podcasts (Basket of Thoughts and Cleft Club Radio), had to stop when things got really hectic here at home, now I'm starting up again.

First, if you don't what a podcast is, checkout Wikipedia's podcast entry.

So anyway there's this neat podcast service called Talkshoe (a take of Ed Sullivan's saying "Tonight we have a really big shoe (show)"). The host, in this case me, sets up a show (hopefully it will be weekly) around a subject and people can call in and talk about whatever the topic is. I created Classic Comedy Talk for us to talk about our favorite comedians.

There's a couple ways to take part. You can call in by phone at (724) 444-7444, show ID is 6894. I set this up for this Saturday at 9pm for now. You can either talk on the phone or just listen to the podcast live... comes in handy if you aren't near a computer. I'll adjust the time depending on what my new work schedule will be.

There's also a chat room. To enter, you'll need to download the Talkshoe Live client. When the show is "on the air", load the client to join the room.

There is a great FAQ on their site that answers a lot of questions:

This will be the first time I've used this so it will be new to everyone smile.gif

Time and Date: Saturday, 12/8, 9pm Eastern
Place: Info is at the CCT page, http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkC...p?masterId=6894

Hope to see/hear you there!

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 Baby arrived, save and sound
Posted by Calvero - 11-1-06 20:19 - 0 comments
Hi everyone!

Wel, my daughter arrived on October 23 by c-section. Everything went smoothly, the doctor later told me he couldn't imagine things going any better.

Katherine was born a healthy 7lbs 10oz, 19in long and is now sleeping. We are all doing well here at home, and the doctors' (both mine and hers) visits have been good. A bit of lost weight for her but she is gaining it back. And lost weight for me is a big plus ... and I hope I don't gain it back laugh.gif .

Mark has a new job and while he is doing better finacially, we still aren't in a position to get a webhost yet... especially with the expenses of a new baby. But I'm still looking and keeping an eye open.

Baby is sterting to fuss, so time for me to end this update... Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers! smile.gif

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 A more sunny update :)
Posted by Calvero - 09-1-06 02:20 - 0 comments
Ok, to let you all know, things are starting to improve here at home. We are trying to work things out by going back to counseling and see where things go from there smile.gif.

And the baby is doing good... She should arrive in two months or less. And all things are looking normal (healthy heart, good kidneys, wieght is 4lbs 7oz so far so that's right on schedule).

I'm still not sure when I'll be able to get the old board up on a host since money is still a bit tight, but for now this one has been holding together rather well smile.gif.

That's it for now...

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 Not so great news...
Posted by Calvero - 06-16-06 23:52 - 0 comments
Hey everyone... Well, we won't be going bck to the old board for a while. We'll be here for awhile longer... While one reason is that Mark still hasn't found a better job, the other reason is that sadly we are divorcing sad.gif.

I won' t get into all that mess, just that we are having the normal trouble with coming to agreements. But part of the reason why you haven't seen me post much was because I was not spending much time on the computer to try and work the marriage out. So you might be seeing me more often now, and even more once this is over and the baby is born.

I'll see if Mark can help me transfer the old board to a new webhost. There's one host that I used for one of my other sites that I'm thinking of moving back to and I think I can split up the account that it can handle this board and my other sites.

The bit of good news is that I'm still pregnant, everything with that is going smoothly smile.gif. I found out a couple weeks ago that it's a girl. I'm going to name her Kathrine Mary after both my grnadmothers who have recently past away. If it was a boy I was going to name him Charles Joeseph. My daughter is excitied she's going to be a big sister to a little sister... she didn't want a brother, lol. And with there being a age difference, almost 8 years by the time KM is born, it'll almost be like raising a new generation!

So we'll hang out here for a while more, until we find a new board home and I can get the board software updated!

Calvero, aka Kim
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 Some very good news!
Posted by Calvero - 03-19-06 07:38 - 0 comments
I have some good news. We might be going back to our old forums soon. HOORAY!! cool.gif

The job market near us has gotten much better and my husband has been getting job offers with twice as much as he's making now. He's a computer programmer/system administrator and the last couple months there's been a boom in our area (Tampa/Brandon Florida). So with that we are planning to get back our cable connection back and reconnect the server that the old forums are on.

In fact each of us got Toshiba laptops. Instead of sitting at my desk, I'm sitting in our family room on the floor as I'm typing this. So whenever we travel around, I can still connect (mine has Intel's centrino wifi connection).

So look for good things to come! biggrin.gif


oh, and I'm pregnant too smile.gif
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