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  1. Happy Birthday Jake!
  2. Ruh-roh, someone found us, Shaggy.
  3. Who takes a 4 month old on a deer hunting trip?!?!
  4. Happy birthday, Kristi!
  5. Xanadu 2: Kira and her Muses
  6. How people's minds work
  8. That was weird
  9. The Twilight Zone- Two of Hearts
  10. Happy birthday, Supreme Commander!
  11. Happy birthday, Captain Geebs!
  12. almost that time again...
  13. Dave? Dave's not here.
  14. cs pt. 2 trivia
  15. gb's bedtime stories: a legal arrangement
  16. Whoa!
  17. facebook, once more
  18. soul trek- frometheus to you
  19. One of my docs went postal
  20. My 30th reunion coming up
  21. So much for The Cabin!
  22. 'Prometheus'- latest 'Alien?'
  23. Who is Gunja?????
  24. Why am I excited about a beer garden?
  25. Voodoo Swamp: Revenge of the Zombie Peeps
  26. Happy Mother's Day!
  27. Bel and Iain pay historic visit to Stardust
  28. The latest on the editor saga
  29. weirdness
  30. Showdown At Black Gulch: Revenge!
  31. The Cabin
  32. Happy birthday, Bobbi!
  33. Smartphones...anyone have one?
  34. Planet of the Cats
  35. Happy Birthday, xnova
  36. soul trek- an abscess of reason
  37. Happy Birthday Bel!
  38. soul trek- an epidemic of burnt weenies
  39. My night with Ryan pt. 1217
  40. If the Republicans can't win this election...
  41. A Tortilleria in Stuart Florida?
  42. Bizarre event my daughter witnessed
  43. I'm a bartender again
  44. gb's bedtime stories: the forgotten puppy
  45. gb's bedtime stories: the planet of the apes
  46. The Twilight Zone- When is the future?
  47. Dee's town in the news!
  48. She's having a baby!
  49. Birthday Greetings for Deb, The Ed-Head
  50. yet another question about Facebook

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