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Jess McKenna Richardson
Posted: Jan 20 2007, 09:30 PM

Good Looks, Bad Intentions
Group Icon

Group: Admin · Oak
Posts: 38
Member No.: 1
Joined: 12-December 06

We are now accepting SOME sites for affiliates; if you would like to affiliate with Dusk & Summer, please post in this site, using the code below. If you do become an affiliate, your button will be placed on the sidebar to the left. Obviously, if we do become affiliates buttons will be exchanged. xD.

[B]YOUR Name[/B]:
[B]Site Name:[/B]
[B]How Many Members:[/B]
[B]When Opened:[/B]
[B]Any Other Info:[/B]
PM × Email × AIM × MSN ×
Trey Derek Jancen
Posted: Jan 28 2007, 07:42 PM

the day nobody __died
Group Icon

Group: Cedar
Posts: 20
Member No.: 34
Joined: 28-January 07

YOUR Name: Ellllllikins. biggrin.gif Or just El, whichever.
Site Name: __seven deadly sins
Link: __seven deadly sins?
[sub]There are seven deadly sins in the world, or so they say, that can doom a person to eternal suffering in the afterlife. They are unforgivable, and each has their own consequence, as well as a Holy Virtue, to conquer it.

Lust conquered by Chastity
Gluttony conquered by Temperance
Greed conquered by Love of Others
Sloth conquered by Diligence
Wrath conquered by Meekness
Envy conquered by Charity
Pride conquered by Humility

In a new world of technology and magic, there are few bound by such sins, and fewer yet that remain concious of their penalties. They seem nothing more than a thing of the past that is recalled in the ancient stories of old, in legends covered by layer upon layer of dust.

But when there is a stirring in the heart, and fears of wrongfulness arive in a land unplagued by such misfortunes, havoc is the only thing that can result. With the revival of the Muggle World falling into conciousness of such misdeeds, it seems only a matter of time before the Wizarding Community falls prey to such worries.


Returning for yet another year of schooling at Hogwarts, some coming for a first-time education and others for their final year, it has become something of a surprise that the long-standing pillars of security in the form of professors have dwindled down to muck about in the chaos of their world. Whispers of a dark organization beginning to form has been kept under wraps, until now.

It has become recent news to the children that a power has come to existence that could very easily expand and wipe out the Wizarding World. Parents and graduates alike, still very much unaware, are hearing the same thing for the first time from their children in letters sent by Owl - but how safe can this be? Tampering with words and ink is something common in the shadows, and the news that reaches the ear on the receiving end may not always be the same as it was when it was first sent out.

For the first time in years, there are withdrawals, and fear seems a part of every day life. Some support the oncoming of bleak futures, while others still find a way to prevail in their grim surroundings.

Each action that every individual makes is monitored by peers. The deadly sins seem just that at this point in time: deadly. One wrong turn could deliver you into the hands of darkness, or redeem you to the wings of light.

Which side will you choose?

How Many Members: 72
When Opened: Created November 25 ; Up and Running the Day After
Button: user posted image
Any Other Info: Harry Potter Marauders' Era RPG, in case you didn't pick up on it. happy.gif
Fitzhugh Raleigh Willis
Posted: Feb 10 2007, 07:34 PM

Group Icon

Group: Oak
Posts: 7
Member No.: 93
Joined: 10-February 07

YOUR Name:
Site Name:
how to save a LIFE
how to save a LIFE

user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image

Ever wondered what would it be like to be the person cutting you open not getting cut open

Or to wait on a nasty patient hand and foot and still try to work out this love triangle you got going on

or even try to pass the entrance exam to become a doctor .

Whoever said winning wasn't everything never held a scapel.

Welcome to Seattle. Population,563374, and home to the world famous Needle Point but if you're ordinary you may not know it's also home home to one of the best medical schools and home to one of the best hospital research facilities, .Seattle Grace Hospital. One of the best Hospitals in the world, home to some of the greatest doctors you'll ever meet, but most likely you're just an intern so you're just going to be learning to basis or maybe you're the doctor who dosen't have any patience to teach an intern or maybe you're the college student who wants to be a doctor more than anything but you just can't pass the exam. Behind the scapel there are stories of love, and lies, and deceit and betrayl and even death.

Do you remember Derek Sheperd, you're going to know him he's the new chief of surgery and Cristina Yang is one of the best doctors in the world even has a son with Mr.Burke who she pushes and pushes to do great things but he's not into that and where's Miranda Bailey you say she's the boss you all. We want you to meet the first femalle Cheif of the Hospital and what happened to our heroine little Ms. Grey, I'm sorry I mean Mrs. Shepered, she is now one of the best surgeons along with Cristina Yang . There's new fresh meat in the hospital. A whole new batch of interns who are just waiting to be broken in. Oh and you're wondering who's in charge of all the interns. Meet Izzie Stevens yeah thats' right Izzie Stevens and you ask where are the rest of them Preston, Karev they're around and doing great things but just worry about yourself for the time being.

Scrub in, becuase today you're going to learn How to Save a Life

user posted image user posted image user posted image

How Many Members:
When Opened:
A Couple Days Ago
user posted image
Any Other Info:
It's a Future Grey's Anatomy RPG
Braelyn Nicole McKinley
Posted: Feb 11 2007, 09:55 PM

Group Icon

Group: Oak
Posts: 21
Member No.: 28
Joined: 28-January 07

YOUR Name: Brianna
Site Name: Pacific High
Link: www.pacifichigh.hosted-forum.com

Pacific High School. A pretty decent sized highschool located in Beverly Hills, California. A new school stands where and old school once was. New computer labs. New science labs. Even a new library. Two years ago, a major renovation went towards PHS. Many people, as well as past alumni, came to see the destruction of the oldest school building in the Beverly Hills district. Every other school had long had it's facelift and it was time for the highschools. The old long and decrepit building was knocked down and computer generated images were put up to see the future layout of the school.

The new school was amazingly finished on time and last years graduating class was the first to christen it with a graduation. The two story building, which is only the main building; you haven't even seen the gym and athletics department; is large enough for a few thousand students. Most of which are the children of some of the richest families around the town. Everyone in Beverly Hills has some sort of money, whether they don't like how they get it or not. Not everyone who has money is exactly the sweetest kid. There are quite a few disturbing and rude children running around PHS trying to make another students life miserable. Sometimes they succeed.

A new year is starting at PHS, bringing with it a new and improved freshman class and wishing the seniors good luck in thier future. Some new staff are making thier homes and straightening thier desks in their classrooms, many of the veteran staff also return; which includes our star foot ball coach, Coach Rolhouse and his assitant coach, Coach Rivers. Who we hope will carry us to another State Championship. Many students are looking forward to the upcoming Spring Prom, already finding dates in the winter months. This year looks like a good one for Pacific High School. I guess all there is left to be said is....


How Many Members: 39 I believe.
When Opened: Over a year ago.
user posted image
Any Other Info: Your normal highschool rpg, I guess.
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