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 Backgound characters
Posted: Apr 28 2007, 07:54 AM

Advanced Member

Group: Director
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Joined: 8-March 07

ow that the majority of the major characters have been locked in, and scenarios are being written, I thought I might steer away from the usual, and start writing some flights of fancy for the background characters.
I don’t expect that any of this will ever make the “main” game, however there’s always a chance that these little side stories fill in some “dead” space, or are some kind of unlockable chapter… Still, they’re fun, and also add to the fabric of the game.

Background Character #1:
Name: Shirikawa Yuuko.
Age: 17
Occupation: Tea House waitress (Probably also a student at a “normal” school elsewhere).
Hair: Auburn, shoulder length, put up in a tight bun when at work.
Eyes: Dark Green
Figure: Slim
Traits: Tends to get distracted easily. Isn’t particularly considered a “pretty” girl at school, so when she finds something that makes her feel good, she gets excited. Almost constantly late for everything, and hence is usually running around, late for one appointment or another.

This scene is what set my mind on this task; basically the “other side” to the (unfinished) ~Chance Meeting~ scene. (Truth is, I was *going* to finish that scene today; however it turns out that I left it on my main box, and don’t have ‘net access here. As an aside, I might end up forgetting this fact and leave some of my {check} tags in; tags I use when I want to check a fact or such when I write. I’m notorious for forgetting that these tags ever existed, so I try to just do insto-fact checking where possible.) Also, you’ll note that I’m using the new name for Deaf-tan, Shizune, which was the name of the interpreter in ~Chance Meeting~. Interpreter-chin is now Misha, just because I’m running low on naming inspiration at the moment.

Another thing; I’ll be putting short “character notes” for each of these characters, but they will basically be derived from the scenes; ie, I’ll be making them up as I go along. You’ll note that they’re not all that detailed; I’m just going by what I write.

Yuuko spun around in front of her mirror, her smile reaching from ear to ear. She came to a stop facing the mirror, the sudden deceleration sending the delicate fabric of the dress swaying. She couldn’t help but be impressed.
Still, was getting this impressed over a work uniform really okay?
The smile faded slightly as she pondered this though. A quick glance in the mirror set her doubts packing. This was no ordinary uniform. Although the pattern and style were fairly similar to her old uniform, the new cut and fabric set the once-plain tea maiden kimono{Check} suited her figure perfectly; accentuating every line of her form, whilst working to conceal her flaws. The royal blue of the fabric was punctuated with yellow flowers; the sash a brilliant gold colour, marbled with a deep, emerald green.
As much as Yuuko hated to admit it, the uniform made her look, and feel, incredible.
She began to twirl in the other direction, but in her gyrations lead her to notice a fact far more pressing than swaying fabric. It was already 15:47; to make it to the tea house by 1600 would take a miracle. She grabbed her handbag and bolted for the door, almost forgetting to lock it in her haste.

Miyagi looked up from his newspaper as a flustered Yuuko burst through the rear entrance to the tea house at breakneck speed.

“You’re late.” He spoke the words more out of habit than out of any desire to reprimand his employee.

“I’m sorry, I.. I was busy, and I didn’t’ notice the time…”

Miyagi busied himself back in the newspaper.

“Never mind. The regulars are yet to put in an appearance. You ought to buy yourself an alarm clock…”

“But… but I have two already…”

Miyagi breathed a near imperceptible sigh. Before he could respond, a faint tinkling from the door heralded the arrival of the “regulars”; two girls from the special school on the hill. By the time Yuuko had made her way through the curtain, they had already claimed their seats, and had started gossiping to each other in sign language. They noted her arrival before she even had a chance to welcome them to the store.

“Hiya Yuuko! Nice get up! You finally got a proper uniform? It looks awesome!” Misha, the ‘voice’ of the pair, always seemed to be overflowing with joy, a strange counterpart to her stoic, silent friend, Shizune.

Shizune looked up from the menu to study Yuuko, who reeled back slightly under the silent gaze. Even though Shizune and Misha had been coming to the tea house since before Yuuko started working there, she was still unable to read this deaf expression.
Shizune finished her inspection, and cleared her throat to attract Misha’s attention. The pair exchanged a quick bout of sign language, after which Misha turned back to Yuuko.

“Shizune approves. She says you look hot!”

“Ehhh!??” Yuuko was startled by the compliment, and Misha’s face contorted as she fought back her laughter.

She lost.

Her laughter filled the little tea shop, a fact that even Shizune was aware of the din. She glared at Misha. Usually, this would fill Yuuko with dread, but she was still frozen with shock. Misha turned to face Shizune, who quickly signed something. Misha bit her lip for long enough to sign something back, then burst out laughing again. By the time she had gained enough composure to face Yuuko again, tears were welling at the corners of heer eyes, and she was gasping for air.

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist. She really said that you looked quite elegant, and that the colour suited you perfectly. But your reaction…” Misha trailed off as she wiped her eyes.

Yuuko took a breath for the first time in what felt like hours.
Where on earth does she store all of that energy? Yuuko thought to herself. She turned to face Shizune, who obviously wasn’t impressed by her friend’s vulgar display (even if it seemed to happen on a regular basis). Yuuko signed “Thank you”, one of the few signs that she had picked up from the pair on their numerous visits. Shizune bowed her head a little in response, then signed her order to Misha.

“We’ll grab a pot of the Kikucha and a lemon tart each please. {Check- citrus treat}.”
Yuuko nodded, and started to head towards the back room, when the sound of approaching footsteps warned her of an approaching customer. She ducked into the back room, quickly gave Miyagi the girl’s order, then ducked back through the curtained door.
A boy in the same uniform as the girls had just entered, looking slightly parched. Yuuko had never seen him before.
I’ll have to remember to ask the girls about him some day…
Yuuko’s thoughts and speech rarely coincided.

The boy was nervous for some reason, so she showed him to his seat, took his order, and then left him be. As she passed the girls, she noted that Misha had calmed down, and they had resumed their gossip. As soon as she had cleared the curtain door, she pressed her face into her hands as hard as she could. Miyagi looked up from the kettle, expecting to hear the newcomer’s order.

“Got an ord… shit, is something wrong?” As apathetic as he was, Miyagi couldn’t hide his concern for his only employee.

She removed her hands to reveal her ear-to-ear smile. Blood had rushed to her face, blushing her pale skin deep pink.

“The deaf girl said I looked hot! I can’t believe it! Well… not hot… but… oooooh!”

Miyagi rolled his eyes. There was no point in trying to get the order out of her in a state like this, he’d just have to wait until she returned to the planet. He returned to his kettle, where the stick-like Kikucha leaves had started to swell, and the tea had taken on a pale green colour. With the speed and deftness of a master, he decanted the tea into a black and green pot that was warming on the oven.

“Order’s up!”

Yuuko snapped out of her reverie, put the kettle onto a tray with a pair of enameled tea bowls, arranged the tarts on two blue-china plates, and made a beeline for the tea room.
As she passed through the curtain, she saw that the boy had now moved around and joined the girls. Misha cheerfully asked for another cup,

“Oh, so you all know each other?” Yuuko enquired.
“Er, kind of. I just transferred here…” said the boy.
“She can see that you goose. His name’s Hisao. Hisao, this is Yuuko. Say ‘pleased to meet you, Yuuko’.”
“Um, pleased to meet you Yuuko. I’m Hisao.”
“And I you.” Yuuko noted that Shizune’s expression had softened, and as she placed the tray on the table, she whispered to Misha. “Is something wrong with Shizune?”
Misha snorted a giggle, then whispered back, “I think she likes Hisao there.”
“Ehhh!??” for a third time that afternoon, Yuuko was taken aback. And, once again, Misha fell about laughing. Shizune signed something angrily to Misha, with an ever-so-slight tilt of her head towards Hisao. Had Yuuko not been in a state of hyper-alertness (a byproduct of the adrenaline coursing through her veins), she probably wouldn’t’ have noticed it. Misha responded by laughing even harder. She tried to sign something back, but her hands were shaking too violently, so she gave up.

“What on earth is going on out here?” Miyagi, still awaiting the new order, stuck his head through the curtain.
Yuuko was staring at Shizune, who, in turn, was staring at the hysterical Misha. A boy was sitting next to Misha, the confused look of a deer in the headlights plastered on his face.
Miyagi had seen Shizune many times in his little tea shop, but this was the first time he had seen this particular expression on her face, even after some of Misha’s worst “attacks”.

She was embarrassed.


So, that’s a little scene for Yuuko. I’m really liking Misha now. I think I’ll trry and nut out a little scene for her later today. Turns out that I didn’t get a chance to do much writing at work.
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