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KRISTINA ROSE KING - February 9, 2009 11:34 PM (GMT)
enter beautiful girl.

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"What you gotta do is be thankful for the life you got
Stop lookin' at what you ain't got
And start bein' thankful for what you do got
You're gonna be a shinin' star
And then you see you're gonna go far"

& FULL NAME: Kristina Rose King
& NICKNAMES: Kris, Tina, Rose, Rosey
& AGE: 16
& BIRTHDAY: September 13th
& YEAR: Sixth
& BLOOD: Muggleborn
& HOUSE: Ravenclaw
& SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
& SIDE: Phoenix Reborn
Firebolt, but she doesn't play Quidditch. Her wand is a 10 1/2 inch yew with a phoenix feather core.

that things would never get rough.

& HAIR: Kristina's hair is an auburn-ish, dark brown color that reflects light very easily. While standing out in the sun, people often ask her if she died her hair red because with the sun's rays hitting it, her hair looks a different color than the characteristic chocolate it is inside. She has blunt cut bangs that fall right at her eyebrows and are always getting in her way. She always carries around a bobby pin so that she can clip her bangs back in class since they make it difficult to see sometimes. Her hair is long and layered, falling to the bottom of her ribcage, and is usually styled straight, since that's her normal hair texture. She's too lazy to do anything with her hair every day, so she just leaves it as it is and brushes it out. It's very thick but instead of being coarse, it's as soft as can be and she almost never gets split ends, thankfully.
& EYES: Her eyes are a piercing blue-greenish color and stand out well with her tan complexion and dark hair. They change color sometimes, usually based on the lighting, but are usually an olive green. During the winter, however, they tend to be a crystalline blue.
& BUILD: Kristina's fairly thin, being a model and all, but she's not stick skinny. She has some muscle, mostly in the form of a flat stomach, but she prefers running instead of any exercise that builds any real muscle.
& DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Though her eyes are a stunning color, the thing about her that attracts the most attention is her alarmingly full lips. Guys have given her many compliments on them (she's a very good kisser) and her mother's friends always tell her how jealous they are because they have to use plastic surgery to get what she has naturally.
Nicole Lenz

it could never be enough.

- modeling
- reading
- old muggle movies
- muggle classic rock music (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bruce Springsteen, etc.)
- all aspects of school
- learning
- trying new things
- horseback riding
- rain/hail/thunder/lightning
- parties/alcohol
- meeting new people
- the opposite sex
- laughing/smiling and having a good time in general
- all colors except orange and red
- witty banter (especially with boys!)
- eating like a pig
- dancing in the rain

- smartassness
- egos
- liars
- hot weather
- people who can't find joy in life
- pureblooded supremacy
- smoking
- drugs of any kind
- narrowmindedness
- the colors orange and red
- people who think school's a waste of time
- immaturity/people who don't know when to be serious and when to let loose
- alone time

- Clowns
- Spiders
- Not proving to herself what she can do

- To become a Healer
- To show people who she really is
- To get flawless grades
- To do well in her modeling

& AMORTENTIA: citrus, lavendar, fresh cut grass, the air after it rains
& BOGGART: A clown in all its cheery, brightly colored glory
& PATRONUS: A wolf
Quirky: Kristina's a very unique individual and prides herself on not following the crowd. She does what she pleases and doesn't think about what the trends say or what others will think of her for it. She loves people who are comfortable in their own skin and strives to show others that being yourself is the true meaning of life.

Accepting: She's a very open-minded person, though she's very stubborn. She loves to learn about other people's opinions on religion, politics, and just about any other topic. She's very understanding and can always see both sides in an argument, whichever she chooses. When it comes to the blood status situation, she has her position in Phoenix Reborn, but she can also see why the members of Tantum Pur feel the way they do, though she doesn't agree with it.

Caring/Loyal: Her friends and family mean the world to her, and she treats them as such. She's always an excellent listener and doesn't judge without getting to know people. She's always there when someone needs a shoulder to cry on and she always knows just what to say or do to cheer people up. She's generally quite happy and likes to look on the bright side of things, which sometimes annoys people when they're upset, but it's just how she is.

Doesn't open up easily: She tries not to focus on bad things in her life and doesn't vent to very many people. When she does, it's usually something having to do with her temper. She'd much rather listen to other people's problems and help them fix things than talk about what's going on in her life. She does have a few close friends that she knows she can tell anything to.

Easily Embarrassed: She doesn't care what other people think of her, but she blushes very easily. It often doesn't make sense, very true, but her cheeks are almost always a shade of pink. She blushes when she drops her books or trips on nothing - which is very often, she's quite clumsy - and she blushes when no one laughs at a joke she makes. Her parents are very unusual individuals in the eyes of the magical community and, though she loves them to death, her mother's obsession with plastic surgery and "staying young" gets kind of embarrassing.

Intelligent/Hard Worker: She's an extremely intelligent young lady, which is probably why she was placed in Ravenclaw. Academics comes naturally to her, and her world is practically centered around getting good grades. She's very diligent in everything that she does, whether it's school or modeling or a mere hobby, and when she says she'll do something, she will. Her friends understand that homework is her first priority, and Kristina doesn't go to any parties or hang out with any friends until she's completed all her assignments.

Outgoing: She's very outgoing and lively and loves meeting new people. She talks a lot in class and loves to make jokes and laugh. Put her in a long grocery check-out line and by the time she's reached the register she will have had a conversation with just about every person. Small talk is easy for her, and she just loves other people's company.

Outspoken/Honest: She always speaks her mind, but phrases it politely most of the time. If you have a bogey hanging out of your nose, she'll sure as hell tell you without hesitating, but she'll say it sweetly and call you "darling" or "love" while reaching forward to wipe it away with a tissue.

Horrible Temper: Kristina has a terrible temper, though only certain things trigger it. Simple things like annoying first years or forgetting her quill in her dormitory won't set her off, but if you piss her off, you better watch out. She's often been called "The Lion" and "Firecracker" for her ferocity.

trying to convince you.

& PARENTS: John King & Brigitte Davis
---- ---- king && [seventeen]
---- ---- king && [fifteen]
From the moment she was born, Kristina has been very close with her older brother, who happens to be in her house. He's always very protective of her and she spends a lot of time with him and his friends. They know each other inside and out, though they're not inseparable. Before he was accepted to Hogwarts, they were attached at the hip and did everything together - hike in the forest, go to movies, eat junk food, dance in the rain. The list goes on and on. In that short year between his acceptance and hers, however, she became more independent and made friends on her own. She and her older brother also have a very close relationship with her younger brother, though more so her than the older brother. His philosophy is more to teach the youngest to be strong than coddled, which is a radical opposite than hers. She spoils her little sibling rotten and he can often be seen getting a hug or a kiss on the cheek from his cheery older sister.

She's also very close with her parents, John and Brigitte. As much as she loves them, though, her mother's "addiction" - as the family calls it - to plastic surgery and looking young gets rather weird. Kristina accepts this though as just another one of her mother's quirks, and loves her for it even though it's kind of embarrassing. Her father has an obsession with the muggle world, though not in the same way that Arthur Weasley did. He loves old muggle movies, music and pop culture, which is where Kristina gets it from. As soon as she could understand it, John had her watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Singing in the Rain over and over again, pigging out on popcorn and Twizzlers.

From the age of four, Kristina started her modeling career, the start of which was most likely influenced by Brigitte's interest in the industry. She instantly found success, first as a model for GAP Kids and now booking jobs ranging from high fashion to catalog and everything in between. With her vivacious mother as her manager, she's recieved a lot of interest from top designers for shows and photo shoots, and is signed on one of the top modeling agencies. Within the modeling world, of course, there are girls who fit the stereotype of catty, anorexic, self-centered models, but Kristina doesn't belong to that crowd. She knows them all and gets along with them for the sake of being professional, but she and a few select friends are the faces of the management company.

When she got her acceptance letter to Hogwarts, her parents were surprised that yet another one of their children had made it in. When her younger brother made it in as well, it was an even greater surprise that three Muggleborns had been accepted from the same family. But here they are at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Kristina studying away to achieve perfect scores on anything academic related. Before entering the magical world herself, her goal had been to get into med school as a muggle and become a doctor, but now she aspires to being a Healer and helping others when she graduates.

my offer stands and you must choose.

& AGE: 16
PM me.
& ROLEPLAY EXAMPLE: See Channing Noelle Montague's profile.

than my attempt at flight.

this application was made by VERA SAY WHA ?! of CAUTION 2.0. i don't feel like writing a big paragraph, so just don't steal, k? oh and thanks to the spill canvas for the lovely lyrics. enjoy!

KRISTINA ROSE KING - February 10, 2009 03:35 AM (GMT)
This is done, I think. I'm not sure if the history needs beefing up or not, just let me know (:

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