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 [Brief] March announcement
Posted by ds501 - 03-13-10 18:38 - 2 comments
Hello Worldstar members!!

I have a brief March announcement!

First of all, as always, thank you for still checking in Worldstar 501.
We all appreciate you all trying your best to keep Worldstar 501 going. more
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 [IMPT] February Announcement
Posted by ds501 - 02-23-10 02:06 - 6 comments
Hello everyone!!

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day also known as Red Day in Korea!
I wanted to put up the new layout by the time Valentine’s Day was here, but unfortunately, I got really sick. So I was unable to do so. more
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 [IMPT] Announcement
Posted by ds501 - 01-1-10 18:51 - 16 comments
Hello everyone!

HAPPY NEW YEARS! It's the year 2010! Can you believe that? Wow!!

First, I'd like to thank all the staff members of WS501 that have stuck around from WS501 more
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Posted by ds501 - 12-21-09 14:38 - 16 comments
Hello Worldstar 501 members,

As many of you already know, SS501 are not coming to SG nor are they coming to Malaysia. They will make one last stop in Thailand, and a final one in Korea.

I know that this is extremely disappoint more
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Posted by ds501 - 10-6-09 05:48 - 15 comments
At last, World Star 501 has it's own affiliates box.

I hope that many of you will apply! =)

If you are interested in becoming affiliates with us, please do the following.

Please kn more
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Posted by ds501 - 09-28-09 02:01 - 1 comments
Greetings WS Members!

First order of business is to recognize and thank bluejaymiesky, tsoberified, and akee for the awesome-filled graphics and layout this month. We owe you guys one.

Also, World more
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 Korean TS promoting SS501 2nd album :)
Posted by ss501oves - 08-31-09 02:21 - 9 comments
Hey guys smile.gif
the korean TS have started to promote their second album from about 2 weeks ago.
These ar more
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 Editing Real Pics or Fan Pics
Posted by bluejaymiesky - 08-9-09 12:41 - 15 comments
First of all..i don't know whether this is the right thread for this or now..but if I put it on the Staff thread..that means, only staff can read them..

Now..let's get straight to the point!

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Posted by ss501oves - 08-9-09 04:12 - 12 comments
there are new voting sites for us to vote now:)
its all in korean so it may be hard to understand how to vote
so just follow the steps i tell you to do Read 254 times - last comment by silenette   Print email

Posted by ss501oves - 08-2-09 03:38 - 24 comments
I heard from Anum about people uploading download links to our new song..
What is going on?
Korean TS are trying so hard not to let the song out til their comeback date..
and what is going on?
i am not trying to say that its ou more
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