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" everything i need is right here by my side and i know everything about you. i don't wanna live without you. i'm only up when you're not down. don't wanna fly if you're still on the ground. it's like no matter what i do. well you drive me crazy half the time, the other half i'm only trying to let you know that i what i feel is true. and i'm only me when i'm with you."

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MYNAMEIS : "Alice Phoebe Logan. I like it. It's not too stupid or anything."
CALLME : "Well, Al and Ali are obviously shorter versions of Alice. Logan's my last name and my dad's called me Bulldog since I was a kid. I've no idea where that came from but its stuck."
IAM : "Seventeen, which means I can give my sister elephant tusks and she can't do a damn thing about it."
BORNON : "My birthdays November 9, 1959. Buy me something nice."
ILIKE : "Boys. Frank can attest to that."
SPECIES : "All human, though when I was small, I used to want to be a bird."
POWER : "Alas, I am perfectly normal."
HOUSE : "Gryffindor. Everyone else sucks."
WAND : "It's about eleven and one third inches, cherry wood with a unicorn hair core. Ollivander, naturally. I like it.

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MYTWIN : Alice Kastrup-Moller
HOWTALL : "Utterly and woefully average. 5'5 is average, right?"
IWEIGH : "Erg...137? I think...I loathe weighing myself."
MYHAIR : "It's very long. I hate getting my haircut so I let it go for a long time. It's about waist length right now so I should maybe trim it a little bit before I start getting caught in things. Color wise, it's a dark blonde and a little on the straggly side but that's because its so damn long."
MYEYES : "Blueish...I think. They're a little on the green side...Blueish greenish?"
THEFACE : "I've got a fairly round face but it's not fat. I hate when people equate round with fat. My nose is a little funny but I think I'm the only one who thinks that. My eyes are a little small but I can't really help that. Fullish mouth, thick eyebrows...yeah, pretty. But normal."
THEBODY : "Again, I'm pretty normal here. I'm average height, average weight...but I"m kind of built like a guy. I've got no hips and a small chest. I've got a pretty tiny waist though. That's something.
SPECIAL : "May I point your attention to The Hair? And yes, it warrants capital letters, it's that big of a deal. It's very witchy. I like it."

BROOMSTICK : "I hate flying."

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    "Frank. Duh.
    Daffodils. I just think they're cheerful.
    Very strong coffee. I like it dark and I like it bitter. It's a little off-putting to other people but I adore it.
    Dogs. I hate little yappy sorts like other girls seem to but I adore giant smelly dogs.
    The sea. I grew up in Devon so I always equate the ocean with home and comfort.
    Slytherins. I hate to lump all those people into one grup but I've yet to meet a nice Slytherin. If I do, I'll be sure to tell you.
    Flying. I fucking hate flying. I can't do it. I'm terrified of heights. I also fell off my broom during flying lessons first year, broke my right wrist, and have been on brooms only five times since. I can't stand it. Oh my god, I hate it.
    Cream cheese. There's just something about the texture that really bothers me.
    Being cold. I'm always cold so I'm always trying to cuddle up with someone. I don't mind the cuddling but I mind freezing all the time.
    Losing. I'm competitive as hell and I hate to lose at anything, even if it's just a race to the Great Hall for dinner.[/LOST]
    DONTTELL : "I chew on my pillow in my sleep, I have a very high pitched yelp of a scream, and I can recite a few Keats poems. Nothing shocking, unfortunately."
    SCAREDOF : spiders, flying, losing frank
    WANTTO : marry frank, become an auror, have a family, get a dog, graduate
    GOODSTUFF : bright, brave, tenacious, and passionate
    BADSTUFF : savagely honest, tenacious, fastidious, and moody
    AREOMENTIA : frank,
    ABOUTME : [LIST] Alice is a walking, talking Gryffindor stereotype. She's almost stupidly brave and stubborn and it takes a lot for her to fold to something she doesn't like. At the same time, she's loyal and kind with a heart of gold underneath. She's a sweetheart and a tough cookie all rolled into one.

    Brave is a given for a Gryffindor. Alice is a 'leap then look' kind of girl, rather than 'look before you leap'. She usually ends up getting herself in up to her neck before she realizes what exactly is going on. Lucky for Alice, she's generally quite good at talking herself out of nasty situations but when she can't, she's completely stuck. Going hand in hand with brave, Alice is tenacious. Her father nicknamed her Bulldog growing up and the family still calls her that. A strong willed girl, when she puts her mind to something, it gets done. If she has to go through hell and back to get it done, she'll finish. When she made up her mind to become an Auror at age eight, she knew that she would do it, even if it took her forever. Her mother may have doubted her but Alice was convinced. Once her mind is made up, it's damn near impossible to change her mind. She'll deny everything until the bitter, bitter end and only when she's out of options will she admit defeat.

    For all her bravado, most people would expect Alice to have a brain the size of a pea. In reality, she's quite bright. She's worked hard all through school in order to get into the Auror training program and now that's she's so close to her goal, she has no intention of slacking off. She's good at Charmwork and Transfiguration but lousy at Potions. In fact, Alice has been known to hire tutors before major tests and exams in order to secure the perfect passing grade. Doing the bare minimum has never been enough for Alice and if she can't succeed at something, she'd rather not do it at all. When she can't win, she sulks. Her roomates over the past seven years have learned that if the drapes on her bed are drawn, it's best to just leave her alone. When things go wrong, she's too proud to face them head on and prefers to hide. At these moments, she curls up on her bed in her pajamas with a box of jelly beans and a trashy novel and whiles away the hours, stewing.

    To her friends, Alice is a good and fun friend. She dearly loves a good time and is always game for a little bit of organized mayhem. She knows her limits, however, and when things start to get a little bit too wild, she'll quietly slip out. Not in the mood to party? Alice is a kind soul who is good at taking care of things, be they people or inanimate objects. She's always there if you need to cry on her shoulder (though she begs you to not wipe your nose on her robes) and will gladly call your philandering boyfriend an asshole if need be. To her enemies, Alice is a force to be reckoned with. She stews for a long time before lashing out and by the time she lashes out, she's usually too angry to care what happens to her, only that the object of her rage gets their commupence.

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BORNIN : Exeter, Devon, UK
LIVINGIN : Exeter, Devon, UK/Hogwarts
MOMMY : "Mum's named Merope Logan and I love her. But in all honesty, I'm closer to my dad and my little sisters closer to Mum. It's just kind of one of those weird things."
DADDY : "Rupert Logan is my dad and probably my hero. He's an Auror of almost thirty years and he's damn good at his job. I want to be an Auror because of him and I want him to be proud of me."
THESIBLINGS : "-----'s a fifth year and we get along...for the most part. We're sisters and therefore destined to be enemies at least half the time. I love her so damn much but she pisses me off so damn much."
IMPORTANTPEEPS : Lily Evans is withouth a doubt my best friend ever.
OTHERHALF : "Frank Longbottom. We've been dating since fourth year and it's been smooth sailing the entire time. I love him more than I've ever loved anyone else and I can't picture ever being without him."
THEPETS : "At home we have Martin, who is the biggest sissy of a dog you'll ever find in your life. He's a massive English Sheepdog and we've had him since I was seven. He's terrified of thunderstorms, rain, the vacuum cleaner, brooms, the fireplace, cats, birds, fish, and lightning. But he's a total sweetheart."
MIRROR OF ERISED : "Myself older and in Aurors robes, preferably with Frank and our children. I've always wanted a family and I'd love to have that family with Frank."
DEMENTOR : "My worst memory is horribly mundane. I've had a really normal and fairly quiet life so I don't have anything crazy tragic to share. That having been said, my worst memory is falling off that broom first year. I was sick with nerves even before I got on the broom and I was convinced that I was going to fall off and die. I managed to mount the broom just fine but the second we had to hover, I freaked the fuck out, spazzed out, and fell flat on my stomach and pretty much crushed my right wrist. Horrific, horrific embarassment followed and I can count the number of times I've been on a broom since on one hand."

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NAME : allison
AGE : nineteen, yo
TIMEZONE : central standard time
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Saying that Grace hated rainy Mondays was an understatement. She didn't just hate them. She loathed them. Despised them. Banished the mere thought of them to the furthest corners of her expansive mind and tried to forget about them. Unfortunately, when one came, there was no getting around it. It was a Monday. And spirits needed just as much assistance as everyone else, even if they could be nasty buggers.

Grace rolled over on her stomach and buried her face against her pillow. It was warm and soft in her bed, more than what she could expect from the office. Sure, she could make it warmer but she hated to do so. Sure, the weather was different inside the Ministry. But it was the principle idea of a rainy Monday that got to her. A rainy Sunday was just fine with her; she didn't have to work those days. Those were the days that if Reese was over, they could curl up on her couch with a few dozen blankets and watch cartoons all day without having to worry about paperwork or how many textbooks were in stock. They could neck like teenagers with only Angus meowing for more Fancy Feast to interrupt them. Yes, rainy Sundays were just fine for Grace.

It was rainy Mondays that she had issues with. But alas, work beckoned. So while Angus stayed asleep in his nest of quilts and comforter at the foot of the bed, Grace propped herself up in the shower for five minutes until she was clean enough and then forced her hair dry and straight with her wand. A vain little spell but one that'd proved itself infinitely useful. Her brother Sam's latest girlfriend Kenzie had taught her that one at Boxing Day brunch. After making sure her tweed slacks didn't have anything clinging to the fabric, double checking for deodorant marks on her fitted black button down and being 100% sure that her shoes matched, Grace scooped up her red purse (an impulse buy at Marks & Spencer's post holiday sales) and Apparated to the Ministry.

After going through the wand checkpoint like she did every day, Grace took the life to the fourth floor and stepped off with several of the nuts from the Werewolf Capture Unit and made her way to her own quiet little corner of the Ministry. Spirit Liaisons was thankfully quiet that morning, save for the department head's secretary rushing in and out every five seconds. Grace entered her own shoebox of an office and rose up the blinds on her window to find that the jokers in the custodial deparment had given them sun today. A sunny day in the Ministry, a rainy, foggy day in London. Oh the irony of being a Ministry witch. She pondered this thought as she flicked through her mail until she landed on a note from her constant client, Molly O'Reilly. Grace closed her eyes and sighed heavily. It was going to be another insanely long Monday.


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