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Title: Meeting Reminder: Sunday, April 11th

Gamburd - October 9, 2012 06:18 PM (GMT)
The Iron Europe Developing Team will be holding its meeting at 1:00PM Eastern Standard Time (Eastern USA time) on this Sunday, April 11th.

I know everyone cannot make the meeting due to vast differences of hours in the different time zones, but please join the meeting if you can.

It will be held on the Iron Europe Steam Channel.

Detroit is GMT -4:00

Looks like Central Europe (Berlin) is 6 hours ahead of Detroit, so the starting time for the meeting in Berlin would be 7:00pm.
London is 5 hours ahead, so meeting start time would be at 6:00pm.

Gamburd - October 9, 2012 06:21 PM (GMT)
CrazyThumbs wrote:
Chat log:

[IE]Javex: You got whipped!
=XpG= obrekat': Well , we were supposed to go outside on a picnic today.... heh... whoops
=XpG= obrekat': OMFG I can't believe that shit you said about Crazy, Javex.  That's bull.
[IE]Javex: Yeah, I'm attempting to speak Dutch, Kettch!
[IE]CrazyThumbs: hahah
[IE]Javex: hahahah
[IE]CrazyThumbs: javex how could u!
=XpG= obrekat': There's no way he'd put a gerbal up his ass and playing with Donald Duck.
[IE]Javex: Listen, I'm not sayin... I'm just sayin.
[IE]Javex: Guten tag? Is that the proper grammar?
=XpG= obrekat': I made Javex shit his pants so it's only right I'd attempt to make Crazy shit his, too.
=XpG= obrekat': Ja.
[IE]Javex: Crazy isn't intimidated by anything I have to say.
Lt. Kettch: yes that's correct Javex
[IE]CrazyThumbs: how did u make javex shit his pants?
hamishcsar entered chat.
hamishcsar: Good afternoon and good evening
=XpG= obrekat': Um... I told him you were pissed off about sound design shit.
=XpG= obrekat': And he was in the middle of DH.
[IE]CrazyThumbs: hahaha
=XpG= obrekat': Told him he has to come in quick to see your messages.
[IE]Javex: He made me quit an awesome match in Juno Beach.
=XpG= obrekat': And he got here and I said:
=XpG= obrekat': 11:54 - =XpG= obrekat': Actually Crazy isn't even on yet - I was just seeing if you'd actually quit your game and come into the chat - LOL.  That's for pwning me all night in RO, dick.
[IE]Javex: Good day, Hamischar.
hamishcsar: Welcome to the meeting everyone
[IE]Javex: Are we expecting any more stragglers?
[IE]CrazyThumbs: ill get willb
Tech entered chat.
hamishcsar: hi, hamishcsar aka Gamburd
Tech: Ellow
hamishcsar: hi
[IE]Javex: Hey, it's that Slovenian guy.
=XpG= obrekat': Word to your grandmother's Mothers, Gentlemen.
=XpG= obrekat': (I'm overtired, forgive me.)
Lt. Kettch: N!ghtmare can't join, no time
[IE]CrazyThumbs: i sent messages to fell and willb
hamishcsar: no problem
[IE]Javex: Boys, I'll BRB, I promise. My food is burnin
hamishcsar: k
=XpG= obrekat': Well count Javex out of the meeting. 
Tech: So, what's up?
Tech: I'm not active lately due to school projects and my new job
=XpG= obrekat': Male stripper........?
[IE]CrazyThumbs: i decided to put off all my homework from break until today
[IE]CrazyThumbs: so thats fun
Tech: Well, i was about to have some freetime now
=XpG= obrekat': Well at least you actually do yours.  You're way ahead.
hamishcsar: So, I finished off the Langemarck map
Tech: but now i gotta do nightmares homework
Tech: since he's a lazy guy
hamishcsar: yesterday
=XpG= obrekat': Give Nightmare all wrong answers, lol
=XpG= obrekat': Tell us about Langemarck.
hamishcsar: first map for the mod, clash between Brits and Germans, October 1914
hamishcsar: at the Ypres Salient
[IE]CrazyThumbs: thread on the sketch map
hamishcsar: in Belgium
Lt. Kettch: hmm all our work horses aren't here
Lt. Kettch: of
[IE]CrazyThumbs: Ekoms should turn up soon
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I hope
hamishcsar: I put it off for a long time, but I finally finished it up yesterday; man, I hate drawing
[IE]Javex: back
Lt. Kettch: the map turned out good
Lt. Kettch: it will be very useful
hamishcsar: Thanks, Kettch
hamishcsar: it just needed a few hours work; I think I started drawing it almost a year ago
=XpG= obrekat': Hey, impressive, I like it!
hamishcsar: better done than never
[IE]Javex: nice
hamishcsar: thank you, thank you (takes a bow)
Tech: Sweet 120 registered users
Tech: 5k posts o.O
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I've just about finished the 11 month plan for the mapping department, and I'll be tackling Loos 1&2 and Gommecourt sketch maps
hamishcsar: CrazyThumbs, has Benzie contacted you yet about his character models?
[IE]CrazyThumbs: so Gamburd you'll only have Gheluvelt to do
[IE]CrazyThumbs: said he was going to upload them on rapidshare
hamishcsar: ok, I'll sketch Gheluvelt in a few weeks
[IE]CrazyThumbs: and send them to us
hamishcsar: Yeah, I wasn't so sure if we can include the Black Watch Scots since Benzie left
[IE]CrazyThumbs: But how does everyone like the 11 month plan?
Lt. Kettch: what about Miro?
[IE]Javex: The 11 month plan is a great idea.
[IE]Javex: Having deadlines means people (like me) won't just say "I'll get around to that later"
hamishcsar: Miro I think hasn't visited the forum since maybe the end of February
=XpG= obrekat': It's also something that can be added to the website - sort of like a public itinerary of what's going on.
Lt. Kettch: not in that detailed manner
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I've included Miro on the IE mailing list so he got my emails on the 11month plan
hamishcsar: Also, I updated the IE Modding Team Member List a bit; it is in the Archive at the forum
[IE]CrazyThumbs: but nothing from him so far
Lt. Kettch: meh :(
[IE]CrazyThumbs: we have a new list stickied in hte general forums
[IE]CrazyThumbs: 'Communications" thread, it's fairly up to date
hamishcsar: Do you think we can still manage to include the Black Watch characters now that Benzie has left?
[IE]CrazyThumbs: but not completely
[IE]CrazyThumbs: he got a good headstart on some of them
hamishcsar: We could switch the maps a bit and have a BEF battalion instead of Black Watch (BW)
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I like what we have planned
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I've never seen the Scottish in any game
hamishcsar: 47th London Division, just south of the Black Watch
hamishcsar: Yes, but they Scots were Benzie's idea, and he didn't follow through with it
[IE]CrazyThumbs: but I supported it
hamishcsar: Well, we only have one person who can make them now
[IE]Javex: It's not too late to bail out on an idea
hamishcsar: We could have the Loos trench attack map with the London Division.
hamishcsar: We could scrap Loos town, and replace it with a forest map
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I'd wait to see in what condition Benzies models are in before I make a final decision
hamishcsar: ok
Lt. Kettch: why not make the Black Watch map and add BEF units to it and when we get the Black Watch models we use them
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I'll send him a pm or an email soon, see if I can get the models
hamishcsar: I'll hold off writing the descriptions for Loos until the final decision is made
hamishcsar: It wouldn't be authentic
Lt. Kettch: I know
Lt. Kettch: but would still have the option to add the Black Watch
hamishcsar: well, the BEF were just south of the BW
Lt. Kettch: so we don't give up on that idea yet
hamishcsar: Another reason, I thought of getting rid of the town is because I am not so sure if we can make all those ruined buildings with the size of our team
Tech: houses should be that hard to make
Tech: actually
Tech: most of them are quite similar
hamishcsar: The houses will be hard to make?
Lt. Kettch: and HoS will give us some meshes to work with
[IE]CrazyThumbs: alot of rubble would be taken care of with HoS
[IE]Javex: That was a typo on Tech's part. He meant "shouldn't be that hard to make"
hamishcsar: There is a bit of architectual difference between Belgium and Russia
Lt. Kettch: I dunno about the others but I want a town map
Tech: yeah shouldn't
Tech: my bad
hamishcsar: k
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I would like a Twon map as well
[IE]CrazyThumbs: swithcing maps would also mean more researh
[IE]CrazyThumbs: not as much as a completely different map
[IE]CrazyThumbs: but there are a few things that would need some looking up
hamishcsar: The forest map is really just a forest map, like Snowy Forest but no snow
beerbelly30 entered chat.
[IE]CrazyThumbs: is that what's south of Loos?
hamishcsar: shouldn't be too difficult to map something like that
hamishcsar: South of Loos is the Double Crassiere slag heap; two large slag heaps about 15 meters tall I think
hamishcsar: a cemetery also
Lt. Kettch: once we have the meshes everything isn'T that "hard" anymore
hamishcsar: Loos cemetery
Lt. Kettch: just needs some time then
hamishcsar: Well, I  reallydon't know about loading all this stuff on Nightmare, since he is our only character modeller; its too bad he isn't around today so we could get some feedback from him
hamishcsar: It was Benzie's idea and Benzie left
=XpG= obrekat': Well, I mean, I know I'm new and all - but if it was just an idea and the person that originally pitched it bails - does it have to stay in?
Lt. Kettch: N!ghtmare will the Black Watch characters last when nothing more important is left
hamishcsar: and Benzie left us with his stuff to do
Will -TWB*RedY entered chat.
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I've scheduled the Black Watch characters for sometime in the Fall
hamishcsar: I would like to have the Scots, but it could just be too much for one person
Will -TWB*RedY: Hi everyone sorry im late
hamishcsar: Hi
hamishcsar: Welcome
Lt. Kettch: yes that is true but it would be the same if we wanted to do the french for example
[IE]CrazyThumbs: it's two character base models, I think one of which has been started
hamishcsar: Yeah, it is going to defintely be harder for the team without a second character modeller
Lt. Kettch: I don't think it is important that it was Benzies idea and he left we will do the Scots when we can, we even can make the map and release it with the BEF units and a year later we can add the Scots if we finish them
hamishcsar: k
[IE]Javex: You never know, once we release the mod we might attact some attention from a bunch more volunteers, allowing us to add Black-Watch, Canadians, etc.
hamishcsar: But I don't think we should make it up for Benzie unless somehow it won't be too much extra work if we get a hold of his models
=XpG= obrekat': I think that's the most plausible idea.
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I don't want to release the mod uncomplete though, if we have maps with the Scots, I want Scottish character models on that map
=XpG= obrekat': Maybe taking off a chunk that is easier to chew for now with the Germans/British - and extending from there if people volunteer in the future.
hamishcsar: Yeah, we're going to have problems with later on, if we make the 1917-1918 version
=XpG= obrekat': It could happen that too much is trying to get done and then shortcuts would be made - sacrificing quality.
Lt. Kettch: we have to cut some corners anyway
hamishcsar: too many character models, Canadians and Aussies
[IE]Javex: We should probably wait till we see Benzie's models to continue our speculations.
hamishcsar: too many character models
Lt. Kettch: well no one will notice
=XpG= obrekat': Javex has a good point - because in the meantime there is plenty to work on without sweating about work that has or hasn't been done by a guy that left the team.
Lt. Kettch: then we will hold the map back until we have the Scots? and test it just for us?
hamishcsar: So, it sounds like Ekoms worked on the Stokes mortar
[IE]CrazyThumbs: yea he's still working on it
hamishcsar: RE: Loos, I think we'll just have to see if the BW modles can be finished up without too much trouble
[IE]CrazyThumbs: i just checked the forums
[IE]CrazyThumbs: and he did start the blackwatch riflemen
[IE]CrazyThumbs: and some British models
[IE]CrazyThumbs: i think the Riflemen
hamishcsar: yeah, he did start on the BEF soldiers, a BEF officer, and that ship for the 1917 Zebrugge Raid
Lt. Kettch: then we will hold back the decision until N!ghtmare had a look at the models?
[IE]CrazyThumbs: or Ekoms
hamishcsar: Yes, Kettch
Lt. Kettch: ok
hamishcsar: The sooner we get  the answer the better, because then I can write the next map description; hopefully within a few weeks we hear from Benzie
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I have a writing and mapping schedule for the 11 month plan anyway
[IE]CrazyThumbs: which might change the order of some things you were going to do
hamishcsar: I sort of looked at that; I'm just saying I need to postpone writing the map description in case we change the scenarios
hamishcsar: We probably could use a few more folks on the modding team to help us out
[IE]Javex: By the way, Crazythumbs, I PMed that guy that volunteered on Moddb, haven't gotten a response back.
[IE]Javex: Just for the record.
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I've heard nothing from him as well
hamishcsar: Maybe since both Carpathian Crosses and Mare Nostrum have essentially died, people  at RO will appreciate our mod a bit more
hamishcsar: I guess there's that Modern Warfare mod still, and the Hungarian mod
=XpG= obrekat': Curiousity striking me here, why exactly did Mare Nostrum and Carpathian Crosses die out?
[IE]CrazyThumbs: the modern warfare has moved to HoS
Lt. Kettch: no one knows obrekat
[IE]CrazyThumbs: CC died because no one really played it
Lt. Kettch: nobody played them
[IE]CrazyThumbs: its was a good mod, but it just seemed to die
[IE]Javex: Mare Nostrum wasn't that great, the SMLE iron sights were barely useable.
=XpG= obrekat': Is that due to bad modding or just "luck of the draw" basically?
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I thought CC was very good
hamishcsar: No one really played CC or MN; the RO community had mods but let them die or there just are not enough people playing RO
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I blame it on the dwindling size of the RO community
Lt. Kettch: probaly it was just more of the same and often of lesser quality than normal RO
hamishcsar: I thought they were for the most part decent mods
Lt. Kettch: lack of players was a bg problem
[IE]CrazyThumbs: and CC was sort of like a sideshow to the other mods, for whatever reason DH and MN seemed to have the spotlight
Lt. Kettch: but I have the fealing HoS will be quite popular
Will -TWB*RedY: I love MN, i still hope they will move to HoS
[IE]CrazyThumbs: and if we can get IE out soon after its release, we'd be very popular
Will -TWB*RedY: yup
Will -TWB*RedY: im sure we'd get a lot of support from TWI too
hamishcsar: I think they should have postponed releasing MN for six months, because MN was released just a month or two after CC; too much of a good thing
=XpG= obrekat': I think so... espeically considering the detail Gamburd is taking to be accurate.
[IE]Javex: Basically, you need to strike whilst the Iron is hot.
[IE]Javex: Having a mod 3 years after the game is released, the community has shrunk.
hamishcsar: haha
[IE]CrazyThumbs: HoS should be very warm for at least a year and a hlaf after relase
=XpG= obrekat': Well, basically CC and MN and RO can all be learning experiences of things not to do.... or things to definitely keep and improve...
Will -TWB*RedY: Ok guys im going to have to cut this meeting short sadly, if someone could post up the rest of the chatlog on the forums ill catch up there. Nice seeing you all, seeya
Lt. Kettch: we have to built us a community of regular players and we are done
Lt. Kettch: bye
Will -TWB*RedY left chat.
Lt. Kettch: well yeah but what can we learn from the failure of MN and CC?
hamishcsar: Not to talk too much about other people who are not here right now, but does anyone know what Cheese is working on currently?
Lt. Kettch: no
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I've been meaning to talk to him lately
hamishcsar: Thumbs, is the Animator fellow still on the team?
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I do have him scheduled for quite a few things though
Lt. Kettch: he has to stay
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I haven't talked to him in a while
Lt. Kettch: seriously he can't be allowed to go
[IE]CrazyThumbs: but lat I heard he had been rigging the gewehr
[IE]CrazyThumbs: last*
hamishcsar: Who's our Animator?
=XpG= obrekat': Well I suppose I could mention about something that is completed , lol.  I finished the menu music and passed it to Javex - he'll be adding sound effect atmosphere things to it.
[IE]CrazyThumbs: Fell
=XpG= obrekat': Althought is real low on the priority list.  Heh.
hamishcsar: Thanks, obrekat, for getting that done.
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I've included him along with the group email thing, and sent him a message for the group chat today
hamishcsar: Have you heard from Fell recently at all?
[IE]CrazyThumbs: no
hamishcsar: ok
[IE]Javex: WHen you guys are ready for me, I have a question that hopefully someone can answer.
[IE]CrazyThumbs: shoot
[IE]Javex: regarding historical stuff.
hamishcsar: Well, we'll just have to rough it I guess; hopefully not too many more people leave
[IE]Javex: I was at a party the other night, the dude who owned the place is in a punk band,
hamishcsar: k
[IE]Javex: He had a bullet belt (legitimate bullet belt)
[IE]Javex: With the casings hollowed otu
[IE]Javex: out
[IE]Javex: He had about a dozen spare links laying around, I asked if I could have them for sound design for the MG reloading.
[IE]Javex: I got them, but I was wondering in WW1 didn't the MG belts use a fabric instead of metal links?
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I know some belts used cloth, some metal links, not sure which ones
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I don't know off the top of my head
[IE]Javex: Because I know how to rig up a cloth one
hamishcsar: x
Lt. Kettch:
Lt. Kettch: cloth it was
[IE]CrazyThumbs: for the vickers
[IE]CrazyThumbs: im checking hte mg 08 now
=XpG= obrekat': Well were his bullets .223 or 7.62?
Lt. Kettch: 7,92
Lt. Kettch: and .303
[IE]Javex: cool, like I said, I can manage either.
[IE]CrazyThumbs: looks like cloth for hte mg 08 as well
[IE]Javex: .223
Lt. Kettch: yeah both had cloth
Lt. Kettch: lol didn't read properly obrekat
[IE]Javex: his bullets were .223, but you won't be able to hear the difference. And i'll design with cloth in mind from now on.
=XpG= obrekat': 7.62 i believe are the caliber... .223 wouldn't make the same sound ?
hamishcsar: I think it would be best to go back to a monthly release or try for that because otherwise I just think everyone might perhaps procrastinate getting things done
Lt. Kettch: isn't eKoms from California?^^
[IE]CrazyThumbs: the 11 month plan should tke care of that
=XpG= obrekat': No problem Kettch, was just curious on the sounds
hamishcsar: Somewhere in California, yeah
[IE]CrazyThumbs: californias a big place
=XpG= obrekat' disconnected.
=XpG= obrekat' entered chat.
Lt. Kettch: like every state in the US
[IE]CrazyThumbs: i do think i saw and MG08 near my hosue the otehr day
=XpG= obrekat': Sorry, I got kicked from STEAM because it's a fag.
[IE]CrazyThumbs: yea pretty much
Lt. Kettch: we could make our next media release on the 1st of June
Lt. Kettch: so we go back to showing things
hamishcsar: yeah but there's nothing between Joliet Illinois and Denver Colorado except Omaha, Nebraska
[IE]Javex: We haven't had a release since february. You want to skip May?
[IE]CrazyThumbs: well theres corn
Lt. Kettch hides obrekat
Lt. Kettch: well yeah no monthly release
Lt. Kettch: just a heads up
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I want to make an annoucnement this month
[IE]CrazyThumbs: about our changing update schedulle
Lt. Kettch: are we still interested on making that interview?
[IE]CrazyThumbs: o yea
[IE]Javex: Yeah, we can't just ghost our community. Give them a little niblet to keep theme from giving up hope.
[IE]CrazyThumbs: i forgot about that
hamishcsar: No, we shouldn't skip May; if you guys want to get this almost done in 11 months, it is going to be tough
Lt. Kettch: June isn't that far away
[IE]CrazyThumbs: did u get the questions from them>
Lt. Kettch: no
Lt. Kettch: but I will ask them again
hamishcsar: I think the releases help as far as recruiting new people
=XpG= obrekat': On that note - I found the IE project from the TWI boards on a forum signature.
=XpG= obrekat': So... it's possible.
=XpG= obrekat': And when I saw the site, the impressive things where the grenade and the audio composite video and I went straight to the forums.
Lt. Kettch: uh shiny things
[IE]CrazyThumbs: everyone really liked that sound showcase
=XpG= obrekat': Yes, go chase the plastic bag Kettch!
hamishcsar: The other thing about the Black Watch is we'll need a Scottish voice actor or someone who can imitate a Sciots brogue accent
[IE]Javex: My e-penis just got bigger!
hamishcsar: No that Benzie is gone
hamishcsar: Now
=XpG= obrekat': Well, can start playing RO late at night and look for anybody with a ping higher than 150.
=XpG= obrekat': lol
[IE]Javex: I can do a Scottish accent.
hamishcsar: ok
[IE]Javex: I'll attempt it and send it soon
[IE]Javex: I've also worked on my "NCO accent for the BEF"
[IE]Javex: A lot more gruff sounding.
[IE]Javex: (The benefits of working all day in a soundproof office)
Lt. Kettch: Javex can you upload the finished soundfiles to the online storage?
[IE]Javex: I suppose I can. I'll check the forums on directions and do that when I get home tomorrow.
[IE]Javex: I'll also e-mail the EPIC song that Obrekat composed.
=XpG= obrekat': Aw shucks.
Lt. Kettch: cool
hamishcsar: If someone can just make some of the smaller static meshes; some of those things I post, like the boxes, the commercial soap bars, things like that, people I think like to see stuff like that
Lt. Kettch: yes that is up to me
[IE]CrazyThumbs: and cheese
hamishcsar: they're not really essentials to the game though
Lt. Kettch: was massivly busy
hamishcsar: ok
Lt. Kettch: with real life
Lt. Kettch: but I will do it eventually
[IE]Javex: IE > RL
Lt. Kettch: little details are important
Lt. Kettch: yes I know screw university it is leading no where
hamishcsar: I think I'll tackle the mapping next
hamishcsar: You know, I really wouldn't be worried too much if everything we make isn't 100% perfect looking
[IE]CrazyThumbs: well im going to keep working on hte 11month plan
[IE]CrazyThumbs: and it should be done sometimethis week
[IE]CrazyThumbs: the sooner the better
hamishcsar: It shouldn't look crappy but I don't know if needs to be perfect
hamishcsar: Sort of a balance between the two
[IE]Javex: Crazy, just for clarification, are you going to message different department leaders individually, and work out their goals for the 11 month plan?
Lt. Kettch: well someone else can always polish up your work gamburd
hamishcsar: I say that because I think we tend to spend too much time redoing stuff, but you guys know more about the meshes than I do
[IE]CrazyThumbs: basically I just making a sort of rough draft sned it to the dept. leader, and if theres anything wrong change it
Lt. Kettch: as long as you get the basics right
[IE]CrazyThumbs: well Ill change it around and make it work, then send it back
Lt. Kettch: you just will put them together in the editor, real simple
[IE]CrazyThumbs: I havent really gotten to sound though
Lt. Kettch: no worries for you the real work should be done by then
[IE]Javex: don't worry, I was just asking to see how that worked.
=XpG= obrekat': Well, Javex is going to give me a list of things he wants for music...and then I'll do that
=XpG= obrekat': And just for Gamburd, I made a death metal version that will go on the mod, too.      (Just kidding.  )
hamishcsar: haha
[IE]Javex: We've made serious progress in a matter of days. Me & Obie will have a lot of good stuff coming your guys way as the days go by.
=XpG= obrekat': Obie-Won, I had to.
=XpG= obrekat': Or Obie-"Juan" incase any of your folks are immigrants.
=XpG= obrekat': That's just a joke. 
hamishcsar: haha
hamishcsar: So, anything else to discuss?
[IE]Javex: What's next on the agenda?
[IE]CrazyThumbs: i dont know
hamishcsar: I guess that is about it, I think
[IE]Javex: But... But... You're CrazyThumbs. All knowing, all powerful CrazyThumbs.
[IE]Javex: How do you not know?
=XpG= obrekat': CrazyThumbs is just fuckin' crazy.
Tech: :D
[IE]CrazyThumbs: well i figured wed discuss the 11 month plan
[IE]CrazyThumbs: and we did
[IE]CrazyThumbs: and we also discussed loos
[IE]CrazyThumbs: so thats already twice as much as what i had planned
[IE]Javex: Then I officially declare:
hamishcsar: Well, we need to hammer at this mod; get some stuff done
[IE]CrazyThumbs: i think though, once i finish the plan, everythign will become alot more clear
[IE]Javex: agreed.
hamishcsar: Now is the play-offs
=XpG= obrekat': ура!!!!!!!!!
hamishcsar: It's the final stretch
[IE]CrazyThumbs: full out sprint for a year
hamishcsar: Hit a home run
[IE]Javex: Final stretch? Really?
hamishcsar: 11 months
hamishcsar: getting there
[IE]Javex: I suppose. it's not that much time.
[IE]Javex: Fuck, we could be done IE before HoS is out!
hamishcsar: Do it, for the Gipper
[IE]CrazyThumbs: now thats very optimistic
=XpG= obrekat': That'd be freaking awesome, lol.
Lt. Kettch: oh yeah
[IE]CrazyThumbs: then we could badger tripwire
Lt. Kettch: A++
[IE]CrazyThumbs: o were done, what about u?
Lt. Kettch:
[IE]Javex: on TWI forums: RO:HoS OFFICIALLY HITS SHELVES TODAY! And our first mod is released for free: Iron Europe!
=XpG= obrekat': lol
[IE]CrazyThumbs: we'd have to wait for the SDK though, maybe itll ship on relaese
=XpG= obrekat': "The first 24 hour mod with a crew of 1,591"
hamishcsar: I would maybe wait several months and release it maybe 6 months after HOS comes out because people will just be playing HOS
[IE]Javex: I totally disagree
[IE]Javex: If we have it done, why wait?
=XpG= obrekat': *BAM* Snickers.
[IE]CrazyThumbs: as soon as its done its going out hte door
[IE]CrazyThumbs: the earlier the better
[IE]Javex: The community will be fresh, growing, and hitting the forums often
hamishcsar: Well, people pay $50.00 for HOS, they'll be occupied playing HOS
[IE]Javex: I see no benefit in waiting 6 months
[IE]Javex: yeah, that's not saying they can play ONLY one.
[IE]CrazyThumbs: wouldnt hurt to relase early, but could hurt to wait
[IE]Javex: They can alternate if they wish.
hamishcsar: all the attention will be on HOS making maps for HOS
hamishcsar: Well, we'll see what happens
hamishcsar: Anything else to discuss?
[IE]CrazyThumbs: i thinks thats it
[IE]CrazyThumbs: i gotta eat
[IE]CrazyThumbs: and do homework
Lt. Kettch: we are done for today
[IE]Javex: Alright.
hamishcsar: OK, the Iron Europe meeting is now adjourned.
=XpG= obrekat': Word to your local Cherokee Indian.
[IE]Javex: Peace out my fellow associates.
=XpG= obrekat': *Punches Javex in the face*
[IE]Javex: And esteemed collegiates.
[IE]CrazyThumbs: later
hamishcsar: Cu all later; thanks for coming
hamishcsar: bye now
=XpG= obrekat': See ya guys.
=XpG= obrekat' left chat.
hamishcsar left chat.
[IE]Javex left chat.
Tech: kk
Tech: cya
Tech left chat.

Gamburd - October 9, 2012 06:21 PM (GMT)
Ekoms wrote:
Sorry I missed it guys. Surprise practice early this morning.

Doesnt look like I missed much though. I am still working on the stokes mortar. I'm still getting used to how modo works and the different steps I have to take to get things to work, but it's coming along. The mesh is done and unwrapped. I did some test bakes, but there are some weird errors and things I need to look into. I should have something tangible if we want to do a may release. Whether is just be the model with normal and AO, or fully textured. We'll see. This next week is a bit busy for me, but I'm pretty excited to texture this thing.

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