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 OddBob's Transcendence FAQ, Got a question? Find an answer.
Posted: Aug 18 2005, 07:33 AM

Person Who Is Annoyed With Secrecy

Group: Admin
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Joined: 13-October 04

This FAQ will probably save everyone some time (thus allowing more time for actual Transcendence-playing wink.gif ), so I fully endorse it.

Currently, the FAQ is located here, in a section of The Library Link. You can edit it yourself, after registering at

There's also a discussion about it going on over here.

El_FluffyDragon | Supreme Snorgle, Unofficial Transcendence Forum | Get Firefox!
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Posted: Jan 1 2006, 11:14 AM

Maybe a little Holy

Group: Elite Pilots
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i thought that this was a bit out of date, and it has a link to the mainscreen, so i thought why not? heres a bit of on site help

Last edited 1/1/06

press F1 in game to see a full list

Q. it says no carrier signal when i try to activate communications! do i need a certain item?
A. no, but you do need either autons or wingmen. then you can order them around with these controls.

Black Markets
you need a something for them to recognise you by. there are two places you can find these:
1. you can find long transport ships escorted by up to 4 zulus. these are smugglers, and have illegals and sometimes id chips.
2. *SPOILER*go to a hotel with illegal goods in your hold, and click on the restaurant option and then sell the goods to the men sitting there

you need a black market id to get into the tempus labs too

to get a military id chip, you need to do the following:
1. either do korolov or arena mission. you dont need to do all of them, but do as many as you can
2. use a visual display enhancement rom. its the one that makes dots appear around the edge of your screen
3. do the mission at the fortress

you can also just find these occasionally. they show up as "unknown id chip" but its either a military or a black market. try going to one or the other and see

if youre having trouble finding a visual display enhancement rom, just buy all the roms you see on sale and use them. Starton Eridani generally has lots

Question: i blew up a station by accident/design/shooting the crap out of it. now when i dock places they arrest me. is there any way to clear my name?
Answer: No. get ready for a life with the black markets and the ringers

Im being Bounty Hunted!
you blew up a black market installation. now theres a price on your head. to clear it, dock with a black market station and pay the price.

Heretic System
The Iocyrm command ship in this system is the games last boss (at present). currently it can only really be killed with the Qianlong Archcannon. an icx would help with the blue disentegrator shots it fires. try to keep behind it if you can

after you have beaten it, you need to collect the artefact from its wreck and use that in the stargate (dock and use). congratulations! youve won.

Changing Ships
Q. Can i change ships in game?
A. Not at present. you are limited to the 3 starting ships and anything you or someone else cares to mod

How do i get mods to work?
make a folder called EXTENSIONS in the transcendence folder and put created mods in there for simple mods. for more mod help, check out the mods forum.

I cant find the stargate!
look visually around blue giants, near the original stargate and unfortunately all over in nebulae. always go to each planet/clump of asteroids in the system and check visually. failing that, fly away from the stargate you came through and wait for an enemy to come get you, then fly in the direction they came from.

I got stuck in the arena wall
yes, this happens. we know. try quickly thrusting, or jettisoning something then docking with it.

My shields dont work!
check what armour youre using. is it meteorsteel or worldship? these interfere with shields, so you cant use one with it. these armour types are heavily resistant to lots of things however, so there is a reason to use them

alternatively check what shield type it is. if its a superconducting shield generator, you need to use superconducting coils to recharge it

another possibility is that you overpowered your reactor, possibly by flying, shooting and getting shot at the same time. weapons and shields drain the most when they are active. try pressing b and seeing if your shield is turned off

finally are you fighting earth slavers or a sung citadel? (the ones that look like flying saucers). these have an attack that lowers your shields. if so, try not to die and wait for them to recharge. hide out o top of a planet if you need to

I cant find xxxxx
sorry, all but a few systems are randomly generated, and even the stations they have differ. try checking every object on your map, or use a system map rom

Military Missions
Q. i was flying a mission for the military, the one where they take all your equipment away. i did the mission and when i got back the CSC had been destroyed and all my stuff was gone! can i get it back?
A. at present no. this has been reported though and will hopefully be fixed in the next version

*SPOILER*you can get here by using gems of despair or the jumpdrive on top of a stargate. it is a kind of hub between many of the star systems. from here you can quickly go to nearly anywhere in the game.

one tip: use a system map or go past every stargate visually (they form a circle around the sun), then look on your map for the eridani and the heretic stargates. these will be next to each, since they are the first and last systems in the game. the gates then go in order around the sun, so you can guess where you want to go

there are several ways to become irradiated in the game, the easiest way by being hit by a radioactive weapon when your shields are down (the "hardened" armours will protect you here), or docking with a radioactive ship.

if this happens you have 3 choices:
1 find a commonwealth station that charges for the decon process
2 use a barrel of decon gel
3 attempt to complete the game in the remaining time or kiss your sorry ass goodbye

remember - if you dont mind dying and reloading, dont exit the system. when you do, it saves the game automattically. many people have lost saves like this. if you *know* there was a station in the last system, go for it. if not, maybe your best option is suicide

Spoiler code
if you wish to post a spoiler, you can use the following:
write *SPOILER* then


where xxxxx is your hidden message

Cargo Holds
There are 2 cargo hold expansions in the game - the normal "just more room please" and the smugglers "i dont know how that got there officer"

the normal one can be found for sale at commonwealth stations and installed normally, but is also a dock screen option at mining colonies.

the smugglers one can only be bought at illegal institutions, and there is also an upgrade cargo hold option on the dock services screen at both black market stations and shipyards

your ship is powered by one of these. naturally, you want the biggest one going. each reactor provides a certain amount of power for your ship which is then used up by each device currently turned on.

reactor upgrades currently come in 5 flavours - the 25, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 MW variants. each can hold more fuel than the last, but they also have slightly varying efficiencies.

the 25 and 100 MW can be bought and installed at commonwealth stations or shipyards. currently 250MW reactors can only be bought and installed at Black Market or Ringer shipyards, whilst the 500 and 1000 MW are only available at Ringer Shipyards. every reactor can be found as loot, or sometimes in commonwealth stations for sale

different reactors take different fuel. heres the current list:

25MW: he3 fuel rods
100MW: he3 fuel rods, helium assemblies, heliotrope fuel
250MW: helium assemblies, heliotrope fuel, longzhu spheres, pteracnium rods
500MW: heliotrope fuel, longzhu spheres, pteracnium rods
1000MW (1GW): heliotrope fuel, longzhu spheres, pteracnium rods

Damage Types
in the xml, damage types are listed horizontally, like so:

damageAdj= " 33,100, 75,100, 100,100,100,100, 125,125,200,200, 300,300,500,500"

each number refers to a different damage type. the damage the shield/armour takes from a particular type is the multiplied by the corresponding number (in percentage form, so 33 is 33% or 0.33). the order of damage types is:

laser, kinetic, particle, blast, ion, thermo, positron, plasma, antimatter, nano, graviton, singularity, dark acid, dark steel, dark lightning, dark fire

He sounded like some insane old pervert, and thatís appropriate for all government officials.
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Posted: Mar 21 2006, 01:40 PM

New Member

Group: Elite Pilots
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ok.... no questions except... what would you have if you could have anything(what armour, shields,weapons etc...)

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  Posted: May 30 2007, 01:25 AM


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The nurse in white socks is f**ked hard!
Posted: Apr 1 2008, 03:26 PM


Group: Pilots
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Spambot? Would somebody with a less... ahem mind please click that link and find out what is there?
Posted: Jan 23 2011, 11:36 AM


Group: Pilots
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Joined: 22-January 11

Military chips is obtainable through sung ships/fortresses.

500MW reactors can also be installed by the military(and black market I think).
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