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Title: Please help with Iocrym problem
Description: I'm going to pull my hair out

Heartburn - March 10, 2007 10:56 PM (GMT)
Man, this is frustrating. :)

So I'm going toe-to-toe with the Iocrym ship. No Qianlong cannon - couldn't find one anywhere, and couldn't get the Teratons to fabricate one. So, I found a strategy which seems to work. First, the strategy:

1. Use scramble cube with quantum CPU to disable iocrym ship
2. Use penitent cannon to bring down shield (using more scramble cubes as necessary)
3. When its shield is down, launch four of the 1M/i autons, which keep it disabled with their EMP
4. Use ares archcannon to finish it off

However, STUPID, STUPID autons will NEVER attack the iocrym unless I let it recover from the scramble cube BEFORE I launch the autons. So, I have to be VERY careful to get the shields down, then it recover from the scramble cube, then launch all four autons. Most of the time, the autons get killed before they can disable it. After about 20 tries, I finally get it to work, and the autons are keeping it disabled. I think 'a-ha, I'll save my game now that all four autons have locked on'. I do that, and promptly get killed due to a simple mistake. So, I reload my saved game. GUESS WHAT? The autons are no longer interested in the iocrym ship! I can't get them to attack it no matter what.

Sigh. This is a great game, and I realize it's still in development. Does anyone have any ideas how to smack those autons into realizing that they need to attack the iocrym? "Attack target" means "Attack target", dammit!

goat_not_sheep - March 11, 2007 12:00 AM (GMT)
A ares archcannon can bring down the iocrym armour? Never tried that. That's weird. Evertime I use the autons... it works perfectly, as the only target(enemy) if the iocrym. If they're not interested(which never happened yet) I simply use my targeting ROM, press [T] and tell em to attack target. Maybe it's a bug...

schilcote - April 1, 2008 08:58 PM (GMT)
Umm... You got an old version? (this is an old post, I know)

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