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Title: Commonwealth Pub
Description: do you know how you got here?

Snow_cat - August 20, 2006 07:49 PM (GMT)
Then perhaps it would be nice if you could tell me:
QUOTE (<DockScreen UNID="&dsCommonwealthPub;"><Story><Initialize>)
            ; Where the touble 'at!
            (if (gr bestMessage 0) (objSetKnown bestStation) (objSetKnown (sysGetObjectByName gSource "Outbound")) )
the (orange) paramiter could be made (Nil) if you want to find the outgate without help,
the (red) shortened to (bestMessage) for efficiency,
the (blue) changed to (shpOrderEscort gPlayerShip beststation) to point the player to the station,
but I have not tested this, too lazy.

QUOTE (edit)
oops, if is function dependant.

QUOTE (edit)
Reformatted into a user friendly extension, sets 'order' that the SRS points the player to the station, clears orders when 'all clear' sorry.

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