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Tol Eressëa is a Tolkien writers roleplay. We are G-rated & well moderated. If you like to write, come join our friendly community of roleplayers as a Tolkien book character. We also have an area for original poetry, short stories and artwork. Many of our members are also playing Lord of the Rings Online and you will find us there on the Landroval server in the kinship Leaves of Laurelin. Come join us there.

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 ***Land of Ice and Snow***
Posted: May 20 2007, 09:00 AM

Son of Erurávo

Group: Tauristo
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Joined: 29-June 05

Though Artanis had answered his question, her words were vague and had a element that told him she dared not speak in more detail. Laurëfindë did not wish to ask further for the look in her eyes gave him cause to wonder what she had seen. He was not sure he wanted to know. There was a quiet moment where their eyes met to see into the depths of the other. There was great sorrow in hers, sorrow for them all. Such a burden to carry, he thought.

The horn of Findekáno, its shrill note stabbed spear-like through the chill air, alerted them the camp had come into sight. Laurëfindë could hear the murmur of the people as they came into view around an outcrop of ice. His hand reached out to touch the arm of Artanis', to give some comfort for his rude question that she had answered at cost to herself. He would speak no more of such things, they were not his to know.

With a grin he started on a song, a hunting song of victory, and was pleased when most of the company joined him. With Findekáno in front leading the procession, the song warmed the air as a hearth fire warmed a room and they made their way victorious to the bright fires of their kin.

I am depressed because of the state of my life at the moment. I've got this horrible feeling that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, knowing my luck, I'll come back as me!

Laurëfindë's biography: Land of Ice and Snow
Posted: May 21 2007, 10:18 AM


Group: Members
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Joined: 5-March 06

Idril stopped sobbing and held her mother. She started taking comfort in the fact that her mother was with her and they were all safe. She breathed slowly and confidently. Maybe there was a way to save her mother after all. she thought. She slowly came to her senses as well and remembered that Olóte was in the tent with them. She looked around and saw her standing there with a cup of tea. She slowly reached up and took the cup from Olóte who looked very unhappy, which was understandable after what she had overheard.

Idril did not know what to say to either of them, she had said all she knew and felt exhausted from all the crying. The look on her mothers face made her think she needed some tea as well.

“Olóte, would you make my ammë some tea,” she said with a soft voice, “it might be good if you made yourself some as well, dear málo.”

friend = málo
mother = ammë

Posted: May 22 2007, 08:35 AM

Findekáno, son of Nolofinwë

Group: Members
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Joined: 29-June 05

Findekáno walked in front of the procession. On a rope he pulled the prize white hide behind him and ahead, finally, were the camps of his people. He called aside his trumpeter and had the greeting horn blown to alert the people that the hunters had returned triumphant. He could see many stand and line the way to the king's tent for they knew it would be the first stop. The highest ranked elf would be the first to hear of the hunting foray as was their custom when calling a hunt.

Upon approach to his father's tent the caretakers whispered something and one, his father's most trusted, entered the tent to alert him of the return of the hunters. Quietly they waited for a short time, the murmur of the people dropped to silence as Nolofinwë and Turukáno exited the tent together. Findekáno could not help but smile to see them reconciled now and knew the hunt had produced more than just meat for his people. Then, before they all were chilled from the lack of motion after so much exertion, he straightened up to his full height.

"We, the people of the hunt, bring the first gift to you King Nolofinwë, and father, to note our success. The most renown of us on this day, Artanis! Her strength, accurate bow and the straight flight of her arrow gave us victory!" As Findekáno drew up the magnificent hide for the king's approval he noticed the kind gray eyes of his father look to his cousin Artanis. There was admiration and approval in the contact. It caused him to smile with delight for he knew how that felt himself. For a minute he envied the look Fingon was able to share his father with all, else how could he be a prince and his father king?

"Brother, you should have been there!" he said to Turukáno as he unpacked the pelt to lay it out on the rocks. "The beast was magnificent! The most formidable object of a hunt I have ever seen!"

The statistics on sanity are such that one out of every four of the Noldor leaving Aman are suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of my three best friends. If they're okay, then it's me.
Fingon's Biography Land of Ice and Snow
Posted: May 30 2007, 12:26 PM


Group: Tauristo
Posts: 142
Member No.: 349
Joined: 11-September 06

As silence fell one of the children that had survived the long trek ran from his mother's side to a tall hooded figure still standing in the traces of one of the sleds. The child buried his head in the folds of the elder's cloak and quick words were whispered between them. Hand holding the child to him they watched the King come out to his people.

Lifting back her hood Artanis listened to Findekáno, her head tilted to one side, a half-smile on her lips. She resisted the temptation to shake her head in negation of her importance in the hunt. The shot had been true and the great beast had died quickly. Yet, they made so much of what would have been an interesting hunt among many in their days among the Valar and the quantity of meat they brought back underlined the penury of food in the camp.

At the King's glance she bowed her head, starlight gleaming silver in her hair. The King understood her silence. Neither would cast a shadow on the day's take or on any happiness that could be gotten from the fresh food. Turning outward towards the people she solemnly dipped her head acknowledging their acclaim. She cast a glance at her cousin Findekáno, warm approbation for his lead in the hunt in the smile and nod she sent him and raised a hand to include him in the applause.

Artanis walked towards the sleds. What now? she wondered. Were it not for the King we would have no center and no fire to keep us to our path. Looking up she caught Turukáno's eyes as Laurëfindë showed him their take.

Radiance lies on her face and enmeshed in her bright hair capturing the light of the Blessed Realm.

Artanis' biography
Posted: May 31 2007, 05:24 AM


Group: Members
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Joined: 17-January 07

Olóte handed the cup to Idril and smiled reassuringly. "Indeed, I have already made enough tea for your mother and myself and even for a second cup should time allow." She rose and came out to kneel beside Idril and her mother. They sat there sipping the hot drink and not speaking. They were all lost in thought. Olóte searched for words of comfort and understanding.

Even as she drank the tea she heard the distant sound of a horn signalling the return of the hunting party. She looked up at Idril to see if her friend had heard the horn. Olóte wanted to jump up immediately and run to see if her brothers had returned safely and with a kill. She waited watching Idril hoping to catch her eye to see how she would respond to the return of the party.

After a moment she put her hand on Idril's arm, "Did you hear, my friend?" She looked up into Idril's eyes. "The hunting party have returned. There will be joy now to encourage you both. The heaviness of the sorrow at the loss of the twins has weighed you down but help is at hand and not just from Yavanna's herbs. Come will you both come with me to welcome the hunters?" She set down her cup and stood holding out her hands to Idril and Elenwë.
Posted: Jun 11 2007, 04:31 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 3
Member No.: 471
Joined: 11-June 07

(((I hope in the name of Nobody-in-particular that this is up to scratch)))

Now is hope kindled in the hearts of the Noldor. For long had they toiled in the ice and snow and wind of the Helcaraxë. Deep and cold was the world under the stars, and now even the blessed realm of the Valar was darkened. And the halls of Manwe lay in shadow unending, for the Silmarils were gone, taken in defiance by The Great Enemy. And now the wound of this theft had poisoned the hearts of the Noldor, greatest of Elven smiths, they had been perverted by malice and greed. And no longer could they sit and live in the lands of the Valar. For kindred blood stained their hands, and the glow of betrayal was in their eyes. Yet, for now they had hope, if but a little. For now they would feast on good food and warm their cold hearts by a fire.

Fingolfin, son of Finwë, rested his weary legs at last, and warmed his hands before the bright flames. The hunter party had returned an hour previous, and the carcass was being prepared, soon they would eat well, and they would be glad of it.
He looked around at his followers, and sad was his heart. He had led them upon this cursed road, for naught but his own pride. His bloody-handed half brother, Fëanor, had led the Noldor on this blighted road. But he could not blame him for this end. For although he had burned the Swan-ships, he had not made Fingolfin follow him out of Aman, nor had he made him choose the road across Helcaraxë. No, the deaths of so many of the Noldor lay solely on Fingolfin. And yet the pain of the theft of the Silmarils burned so within him, for though Fëanor had betrayed him, the Silmarils where of the Noldor made, and with the Noldor they did rightly belong. The affront that Morgoth had dealt to his family had to be repaid.

He saw around him his sons, Fingon, Tugon, would they live to see Middle Earth? He saw also the fair lady Artanis, would she live on to walk in the woods of Beleriand? He saw also many other Elves, young and old, their faces thin drawn and wasted through hardship and lack of food, had he dammed them to cruel death at the hands of the grinding ice? He laid his head in his hands, and cursed the oath that the house of Fëanor had laid on the Noldor. For what now could they do to prevent the doom given to them by Eru?

Presently the strong scent of roasted meat drifted over the chill air and called him to take food with his followers. He banished his feelings of despair and rose, turning to his assembled kindred. He knew it would break the spirit of his people were they to see him crumble.

"Tonight we will make merry. Or as merry as we can. Come, my brothers and sisters, let us eat and sing for we have survived in the face of many perils to come to this day. And we shall survive many more before our task is ended, and we may recover the Jewels of Light from The Great Enemy in the North. So take rest, and be contented, sleep soundly with food in your bellies and song in your ears."

Then he again was seated, and spoke no more, as the food was served.
Posted: Jun 28 2007, 10:13 AM


Group: Tauristo
Posts: 27
Member No.: 255
Joined: 8-February 06

The host of Fingolfin wandered long in misery, but their valor and endurance grew with hardship; for they were a mighty people, the elder children undying of Elu Ilúvatar, but new-come from the Blessed Realm, and not yet weary with the weariness of Earth. The fire of their hearts was young. Led by Fingolfin and his sons, and by Finrod and Galadriel, they dared to pass into the bitterest North. They endured the terror of the Helcaraxë and the cruel hills of ice. Few of the deeds of the Noldor thereafter surpassed that desperate crossing in hardihood or woe. There Elenwë the wife of Turgon was lost, and many others perished as well. It was with a lessened host that Fingolfin set foot at last upon the Outer Lands. Small love for Fëanor or his sons had those that marched at last behind him, and blew their trumpets in Middle-earth at the first rising of the Moon in the west.

Fingolfin and those that followed him, had finally crossed the Grinding Ice. All the world lay then in wonder at the coming of the Moon. Even as the host of Fingolfin marched into Mithrim, the Sun rose flaming in the West. Fingolfin unfurled his blue and silver banners and blew his horns, and flowers sprang beneath his marching feet. The ages of the stars were ended. At the uprising of the great light the servants of Morgoth fled into Angband, and Fingolfin passed unopposed through the fastness of Dor Daedeloth while his foes hid beneath the earth.

Note: Both the Moon and the Sun rose in the west for awhile before the Valar decided to change their course in the opposite direction.


We now shall take up with the host of Fingolfin as they near the Outer Lands of Middle-earth just before the moon rises. We are moving this thread to the Halls of Mandos and creating a new one for this next segment of the roleplay.
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Of The Return Of the Noldor

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