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Tol Eressëa is a Tolkien writers roleplay. We are G-rated & well moderated. If you like to write, come join our friendly community of roleplayers as a Tolkien book character. We also have an area for original poetry, short stories and artwork. Many of our members are also playing Lord of the Rings Online and you will find us there on the Landroval server in the kinship Leaves of Laurelin. Come join us there.

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 Search for the Elven Ring
Posted: Apr 29 2006, 05:44 PM


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Legolas nodded in agreement at Elrond, and smiled at his mother as she expressed her eagerness to meet his father once more. Without another word, he turned and summoned his lieutenants. "Gather our forces," he told them quietly. "It is time to return home, and we will be escorts for the embassage from Imladris. We also provide guard for someone that my father the king will be very glad to see. Now hurry."

He returned to Elrond and Azaloune. "Nana and hir nin, we are going to reverse the order of march we had previously used," he informed them. "I would like to place your and your parties, and the other injured, very near the front of the line. In this way, the main force is between you and the yrch. I will feel better so," he smiled at Azaloune. "Ada will have my hide on his wall if I let anything happen to either of you."

He summoned two of his warriors. "Carry hiril nin's stretcher," he ordered. "And take care that you do not stumble! I will be most displeased. And my wrath will be as nothing to that of my father."

Then he turned to Elrond. "Would you like for me to walk beside your horse, hir nin?" he asked. "Is there aught of which you would like to speak, or is this merely a happy visit between friends?"

"Would you like for me to describe it to you, or do you want me to find you a box?"

Amulet Inn Biography
Posted: Apr 29 2006, 07:40 PM


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Azaloune looked at Elrond then said with a chuckle, "As if anything else could happen to me." Slowly the former Swordsister, now Queen hobbled back towards her litter with her sons men trailing behind. She turned around, gently lowered herself down on the litter, looking at the two elves who where to carry her back to her husband.

"I would be more concerned about my displeasure if you drop me. Just watch the trail, all will be well."

The dark haired elleth spotted her weapons beside the litter she placed them carefully on either side Celebrithil on her right, her bow on the left, then lay back.

"Take me back to my husband and my new home."

Na vedui hervenn nin, naid bain vaer. Was the dark haired elleths last thought before she drifted off like a leaf into true sleep. She was confident that the nightmare that she had lived with for so long was finally over.

Áva tinta ormë ilfirin óressë!

Battles cannot be understood as formulas. Repetition leads to failure -Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Azaloune's Bio Search for the Elven Ring
Posted: Apr 30 2006, 01:34 PM

Lord of Imladris

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"Your father called me to prepare a contract between our two realms Lord Legolas, rather than do so by courier I decided to visit him myself. If it would be no problem I would prefer to walk alongside you on your return journey. With your permission I suggest your injured scout Neithan ride my horse, perhaps with the Lady Uruviel alongside, to scout the way and ensure we do not run into any stray yrch." Elrond watched Legolas turn to give orders to some of his troops before turning back with a smile to nod his consent to the Lord of Imladris. "Excellent! Then I will set things in motion with my people." Elrond bowed and called Tulus over to his side.

Azaloune left on her stretcher in good humor. She would soon be reunited with her lost family. He grinned at her comments as her pallet moved out to the elf path.

Tulus presented himself with a slight smile and a bow. Elrond considered the youth carefully, looking directly into his eyes to guage how he was coping. Tulus was not the worse for wear and seemed very resilient considering his capture and escape from the Inn and the loss of his friends. The lord knew however that Tulus would need some time soon to grieve but now it was obvious he wished to keep busy.

"I need you to help the women and guests of the former Amulet Inn prepare to ride in front on the horses to the caverns of Thranduil. Will you see to this duty for your captain Tulus? You will be following Neithan and Lady Uruviel."

He watched as Tulus looked back to Glorfindel and Sulie.

"He will be fine Tulus, don't worry about him. Glorfindel has lost many friends over the years, he has much sorrow. Lets give him some time. I believe we must allow the child to heal him as he can heal her. They will be good for each other."

The face of Elrond was ageless, in it was written the memory of things both glad and sorrowful. His hair was dark as the shadows of twilight, and upon it was set a circlet of silver; his eyes were grey and in them was the light of stars. He was Lord of Rivendell, mighty among Elves & Men. (FOTR: Many Meetings)

Posted: May 1 2006, 01:19 PM

Balrog Slayer

Group: Tauristo
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Glorfindel was aware the elves would be moving out. He saw Tulus go to Elrond and was aware Aza had been carried to the path but he didn't want Sulie carried away to be by herself. He believed she needed someone with her, touching her, supporting her and he wanted to be that person. He stood up and when he did Ujak stood also and shook her thick coat as if she knew she would be traveling.

With a whistle Asfaloth came to his side. He was unafraid of the wolf for he had traveled with her before. Glorfindel placed a few items he carried in a leather satchel behind the saddle cloth. The flask of miruvor he first took a sip from then attached to his belt where it was easily accessible. His shield he placed on its strap on the off side of the saddle. The weary lord stood back in contemplation as to where to put the injured elfling. He fixed two thick folded blankets above the withers where he intended to sit the child, she didn't weigh much and he decided he would be able to cradle her in his arms best from this position.

He asked Elrond to check the child out once more and watched protectively as the peredhel replaced the bandage on her leg and checked the angle of her arm in its sling. Glorfindel could see her physical wounds were healing but he could not see those she carried in her heart. Sulie seemed quiet, almost in a stupor and hugged her otter to her chest. Elrond gave her a sip of some potion saying it was to help her pain during the ride then told him he would hand her up if Glorfindel would get on his horse.

Soon the child and the warrior were riding toward the elf path. Sulie was cradled carefully in Glorfindel's arms, her legs on one side of the horse and her injured shoulder and arm away from any contact. Asfaloth stepped slowly around snags and dips to join the group of wounded making their way toward the halls of Thranduil. Ujak ran into the trees on one side and then the other, she looked happy they were traveling.

Glorfindel sung a low song as they rode, its tempo seemed to match the stride and sway of his horse. He kept his mind on the young child and her healing.

Glorfindel was tall and straight; his hair was of shining gold, his face fair and young and fearless and full of joy; his eyes were bright and keen, and his voice like music; on his brow sat wisdom, and in his hand was strength.

Glorfindel Biography

I promote:
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Posted: May 3 2006, 10:18 PM


Group: Members
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Neithan bent to help Uruviel pack up the supplies but suddenly he was aware of a shadow and glanced up to see Prince Legolas standing there. He stood and bowed self-consciously but when he was told that Uruviel and he would ride in the front of the army and lead them to the caverns he was overjoyed. The worry of his injury had him thinking the walk might not do it much good so he looked forward to a ride alongside Uruviel.

"How will we carry the healing supplies hir nín?"

Legolas motioned for the other healers to take the supplies and smiled at the both of them before moving away to some other task. Neithan gazed indirectly at Uruviel from under his lashes wondering if she would object to riding rather than walking but she seemed to be happy about it and her mare tossed her head as if she knew she would not need to carry the evil smelling medicines and supplies. He laughed brightly but cut it short, surprised at how alien it sounded.

"Your mare must know she has been reprieved of her menial duties and now only gets to do what she loves to do best, to let you ride her!" Neithan looked at the other horses and inn guests milling around, unsure which horse he was to ride. Legolas had said Elrond's horse but he had no idea which one that was.

"It is the grey wearing the blue saddle cloth and tied to the horizontal limb of that beech tree. His name is Taluur."

The sound of Lord Elrond's voice caused him to turn to view the healer, only to find him smiling and pointing to the horse. He explained that he was not reading his mind but merely seeing his confusion when Legolas told him to ride the Imladris horse. The master of Imladris winked mysteriously and turned back to Glorfindel who was adjusting his saddle on his own horse.

Walking to the tall horse Neithan spoke quietly to him and smoothed the glossy neck.

"I suppose you wish some exercise brave Taluur." he said as he stood by the horse's ear, knowing the large liquid eye was evaluating him. Neithan moved closer and whispered low, "Please know this, it has been awhile since I have been on a horse, please be patient and take care of me for I am depending on you."

The grey horse snorted and tossed his head as if to show he was feisty but immediately settled down when Neithan untied the rope and put the bridle on. He led the stallion to a stump for he could not mount in the normal way with his injuries. Finally he got on without embarrassing himself too much. Most of the elves were mounting their horses so he urged Taluur over to Uruviel who had already mounted her mare.

"I think I am ready to go if you are Uruviel." Taluur tossed his forelock and arched his neck for the pretty mare but at the urging of Neithan's legs, the horse moved out toward the elf path and then to the northeast toward the caverns. The injured scout breathed a sigh of relief and looked over at Uruviel. "We must watch for straggler yrch but they will be more afraid of us than we will be of them! While we ride, would you care to tell me of your childhood, when times were happier for you?"

Ae aníron nad carnen, han cerithon anim.
Character Bio: Search for the Elven Ring
Posted: May 4 2006, 09:46 AM

Advanced Roleplayer

Group: Members
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Joined: 20-December 04

Lord Elrond is right, Lord Glorfindel will care for little Sulie - they need each other. Tulus glanced over his shoulder once more to view his captain before walking to the milling people who were guests of the inn at one time. That time seemed many weeks ago but it was just a week. The young elf marveled at the speeding of time. He saw Lady Celebrían and walked over to her.

"Hiril nín, Lord Elrond has requested me to have gathered the entourage and have them mount in preparation to travel to Thranduil's caverns. Will you be available to help me?"

Tulus could see the Lady of Imladris also needed a job but who was he to give her one? He needed to make the suggestion and see how she felt about helping him. To his relief she smiled at him and in that smile he felt the sun come from behind a dark cloud.

"Lord Elrond would be pleased to see you mount your horses with your goods in preparation to ride to the Halls of Thranduil," Tulus announced after turning to the group of women. Surprisingly the women got to work and in a short time they were on their horses.

"We shall ride to the elf path over there and proceed," Tulus explained to them as he watched Neithan mount Elrond's horse and join Lady Uruviel. Seeing this he realized Elrond would be walking with Legolas. Lady Celebrían already sat upon her own horse after helping others with their things while Tulus' horse stood patiently waiting for him. He leapt onto his horse's back and rode up alongside the Lady of Imladris just as Elrond came up to speak to his wife and place his sachel of healing supplies with her.

Elrond told them to follow Tulus and that he would be protecting them. The young guard beamed with pride as he led them out on the road to follow behind the Mirkwood scout and the lady from Lothlorien.

What if Eru is a woman? Not only am I going to the void, I'll never know why.

Character Biography: Search for the Elven Ring
Posted: May 8 2006, 10:52 AM


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A smile threatened Uruviel's lips when Neithan laughed. She found his laugh pleasant and wished that he had not cut it short. She forced her mind on readying her mare for their journey. When the mare was tended to and the light blue riding blanket was in place, Uruviel mounted gracefully onto the mare's back and awaited Neithan to mount Lord Elrond's horse and join her.

When the handsome ellon returned and asked her of her childhood, she was flooded with memories that had seemed nonexistant for so long. A smile graced her lips as she thought of her times as a young elfling. She turned her head to face Neithan, "I must admit, I was a rather rebellious elfling. My naneth spent my childhood years trying to raise me as a lady. I would frustrate her so much when I came home covered in mud after trying as hard as I possibly could to keep up with the boys. It was a constant battle with us... I wanted to learn how to use swords, she wanted to teach me how to keep house. My ada found it humorous and would just sit back and watch. It was a mess back then, but we all laughed at it when I finally after many failed attempts, balanced out."

She could not hide the smile on her face as she remember back through all those years. Uruviel looked down to the white mare who was nickering to the horse beside her. SHe smiled and returned her gaze to Neithan. "What about you? Tell me of your childhood." She could not understand why after all these years, it was now that she felt like a normal elf maiden, full of emotion. She feared all the emotions, especially the growing attraction for the ellon beside her, but she accepted in gratefully.

Elven rednecks of Middle Earth
Posted: May 10 2006, 04:44 PM


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No one paid any attention to the elf, he went right back up into the trees where he had been earlier, he sat down on a branch and just sat there. What else could he do? He could no bring back Herion nor the others. It had been a long time since he lost anyone and he was taking it hard.

He watched as Glorfindel introduced the wolf to the little elfling. For some reason Erynion had a strange feeling about this wolf and where it came from. But without talking to Glorfindel personally about it, all he would have is his suspicions. He got up on his feet and tried to focus on what the others were doing, but it was not working. His concious would not let him forget that he was the cause of Herion's death. He stayed above Glorfindel and the elfling. For some reason, seeing them made him feel better.

Tomorrow's battle is won during today's practice.

Posted: May 11 2006, 09:47 PM


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Neithan smiled as he listened to Uruviel's story, imagining her as a young elfling trying to play with the boys. He remembered two girls in his young friendships who intended to be warriors. Eventually they realized they would be more valuable to their people as healers and so left to study the healer skills. He could see the value in either, healer and warrior and knew they needed each other. His mind drifted away with his thoughts for a few minutes until Uruviel asked him about his own childhood.

"I was not a rebellious youth at all. My parents were very permissive with me and allowed me to have much freedom. I spent most of my young life in the woods, speaking with the squirrels and other animals in the trees and on the forest floor. My ada said I had an affinity for speaking with animals rather than people. Danuíar and Aëwin are... were... my parents and they were well-loved in our realm. I feel fortunate to have had my upbringing, though I am a natural loner I suppose."

He watched as a black squirrel stopped in the tree branches a short distance away and sniffed the air in their direction.

"See, that one is Rälco, she is old and wise and knows we are going home. She has come here to see what we are doing." He made a strange guttural whirring noise with a chirp at the end. The squirrel sat up and whirred and chirped back. Neithan smiled and turned to Uruviel.

"She wonders who you are and she is nervous." he said to Uruviel before turning back to make several more sounds. He was answered with additional clicks and chirps before the squirrel scampered off.

"She says welcome," Neithan laughed. "I told her you would be visiting me beyond the gate and that I would teach you to speak to them. She is funny. Right now I would wager that she is telling our tale to her friends and soon it will be all over the forest."

Ae aníron nad carnen, han cerithon anim.
Character Bio: Search for the Elven Ring
Posted: May 12 2006, 09:14 PM


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Legolas watched as everyone prepared to leave. He felt sadness at the friends left behind, beneath the stone cairn, but there was relief and gladness that his father's realm had been protected, the Lord of Imladris was safe, and, joy of joys, his mother had returned! The elven prince shook his head in bemusement. "Even the spiders are somewhat allied now," he thought, "though who knows how long that will last."

"Come with me, Hir Elrond," the prince murmured to his companion. "You and I will follow my chief scout and his companion, and behind Glorfindel. If you would, I would have your party and the inhabitants of the Inn directly behind us."

Elrond turned and passed on the request to Tulus, who nodded and brought his group to the two ellyn. Legolas led Elrond forward, until they stood a bit behind Glorfindel with Sulie on Asfaloth, and Neithan and Uruviel further forward on their horses, as the line formed. Then they waited patiently as Legolas' troops fell in behind them, both on the ground and in the trees above.

When the signal that all was in readiness had passed from the end of the line to its front, Legolas raised his hand. "APHADO NIN!" he cried loudly, dropping his hand, then he sighed. "An bar," he added, more quietly, and all nodded as the line began the eastward trek along the Elven road.

Aphado nin = Follow me
An bar = To home

"Would you like for me to describe it to you, or do you want me to find you a box?"

Amulet Inn Biography
Posted: May 13 2006, 07:40 AM


Group: Tauristo
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And so the Army of Mirkwood along with Legolas and Elrond at their head marched toward the caverns behind the gate of Thranduil's realm. They were weary and saddened at their losses. Ever in Mirkwood had been danger and this no less than any other but the Lord of Imladris was safe now and their enemy was on the retreat.

----------The End-----------
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