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 Darth Insidious, Join the BrotherHood
Darth Insidious
Posted: Jul 4 2005, 05:05 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 1
Member No.: 149
Joined: 4-July 05

Name: Ka’ Heem Sagan (Darth Insidious)

Homeworld: Coruscant

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 1.73 meters

Weapon: Dark-side lightning, Lightsaber (red blade)

Vehicle: Imperial shuttle

Affiliation: Galactic Empire, Sith Brotherhood

Born secretly in one of the best hospitals in Coruscant, Ka’Heem Sagan lived most of his first 20 years on Nal Hutta as a slave with his mother Cillia Sagan. There he lived a life of pain, constantly beaten up by Gamorrean guards, cleaning the greasy damp floors of the Hutt palace and serving drinks to smugglers and mercenaries.
By the time he was 6 he already had in his body the marks of abuse and disgust towards the slaves. The only thing that made him stand up to the violent life in that place was his mother whom he loved more than anything in the world. The only kind living being he knew.
One day he asked about his father and Cillia cried begging the boy never to try to find his father. “Don’t you ever try to find your father. You hear me Ka’heem? He is a bad man” The two hugged as strong as possible crying compulsively on each other’s shoulder.
At the age of 8 Ka’Heem saw his mother being killed in front of his eyes in a blaster crossfire between his Hutt master and a rival crime lord.
For ten years he was forced to serve the Hutt he was blamed for the death of his mother until one day, for some reason, two empirial Royal guards came and took him away to join the Empire. He could not understand the reason why the Galactic Empire had just recruited a slave but he didn’t care. He was free! And somehow, he felt safe in the company of those two red uniform guards. But before he left the palace he turned to the slug like creature and promised one day to return and make him pay for all those years of pain inflicted both to him and his mother. Their laughing echoed through out the hall as they walked towards the gates but the boy did not care. They could laugh all they want because one day he would be the one to laugh at them.
Years passed and the boy became an ambitious and very promising officer. In the year of the final confrontation between Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance, Ka’Heem was promoted to captain and joined Admiral Gravin Bitta on board the Stardestroyer Warhammer. Admiral Bitta became one of Ka’Heem’s idols for his quick thinking and strategies.
On the day of the Battle of Endor, the Warhammer was severely damaged by a Mon Calamari Star Cruiser which rammed out of control against it. Fire and debris were spread all over the bridge. As soon as the smoke began to clear he found Admiral Bitta dead among other bodies on the floor. His despair increased when outside the windows he saw the destruction of the Death Star and the consequent death of the Emperor. The Empire had fallen and so did the Emperor.
Frustrated and afraid his eyes glanced at a little piece of glass on the ground and he squeezed it in his hand until drops of blood started to fall of his hand to the floor. “I swear by my blood. I will not be taken prisoner again.” He whispered to himself while feeling his anger gradually growing, burning almost as if his body was boiling from the inside out. “AAAAAAAAh!!” The furious shout made by Captain Ka’Heem Trakin cut the deafening sound made by the alarms and caught everyone’s attention, even the ones running around desperately trying to escape the deadly wounded ship stopped and stared at the dark haired man in grey uniform as he kneeled on the bridge’s floor. “Take us to hyperspace commander Malket” commander Seth Malket looked at the systems control panel and saw the panel completely useless. “Captain, the control panel has been damaged, sir. We cannot engage the hiperdrive” Malket felt like Sagan’s eyes could pierce him in that very moment. “You… will do it. Now.” Something in Ka’Heem’s voice made the bridge officers feel a shiver down their spine as he spoke. There was only one person in the empire capable of inflicting that much amount of fear in so many individuals.
Malket volunteered to activate the hyperdrive himself manually even without the control panel to programme the jump. “I‘ll do it right away sir but without the computer to calculate the jump we might end up anywhere in the Galaxy. Even in a blackhole, sir”.
“Anywhere is better than this place now commander”. And so they did. They jumped into the hyperspace within just a few seconds before a rebel escort frigate got close enough to take the Warhammer crew prisoner.
Hours after the battle of Endor the Stardestoyer was forced to drop out of hyperspace in the Unknown Regions due to hyperdrive overload.
The place they found there was more deserted than the Dunne Desert on Tatooine. Nothing there but an vast asteroid field orbiting a small star, probably originated by the collision of two worlds or maybe due to the proximity of the star the physical structure of the planet collapsed. With nowhere to go and with extended damage inflicted on the Warhammer, Ka’Heem sought their last hope on repairing the ship on a planetoid circling the star.
Stranded inside one of the deepest craters of the planetoid and incapacitated to return the Warhammer to the cold and dark space, Ka’Heem Sagan and his crew survived the first two years using Tie fighters and Lambda class shuttles to find supplies and transport minions inside both New Republic and the Remnant Empire. Although New Republic and Jedi were never much harmed by Sagan’s plots, a mysterious visit from the Royal Guard would start a chain of events that would shake the very foundations of the Jedi Order it self.
Once more Ka’Heem was on the presence of two Royal Guards just like the time he was set free by them to join the Empire. According to one of them, they were ordered by Emperor Palpatine, to take Sagan to a remote harsh rocky planet named Shil, deep in the Unknown Regions if something were to happen to the emperor.
Waiting on the landing platform was Axton Kors, Imperial Sovereign Protector and ruler of Shil. With him Sagan learn a terrible truth kept secret for more than twenty years. The truth behind her mother’s life before his birth and most important… The identification of his father…. Palpatine.
Before he was born his mother was one of the emperor’s concubines and when the emperor found it out by the words of a courageous Cilia Sagan, he secretly ordered his trustful Royal Guards to take care of her until the boys birth. After this, both mother and son were sold to Yatta the Hutt crimelord on Nal Hutta. The existence of the boy’s father identity was kept secret from every one, even from the emperor disciple Darth Vader.
After the death of Ka’Heem’s mother, the emperor ordered his Royal Guards to bring him to the Empire where he closely followed his progress within empire ranks.
But it seemed Palpatine had a master plan prepared for his son. Taken to Ka’Heem’s presence, Axton Kors personal droid brought a Holocron. When Ka’Hemm activated it the holographic dark silhouette of Palpatine showed up. “… This planet is one of the biggest weapons in the Galaxy. Learn from it and you’ll become more powerful than any other living being. Do not hesitate. Show no mercy. Our enemy deserves none… my son” The holographic image grimed a smile.
During his stay on Shil, he came to discover through the holocron and Axton Kors the planet was found during the first years of the Empire. There the cloning development continued through out the years searching for the perfect soldier, genetically manipulated to blindly obey their master orders and trained in the ways of the dark side of the Force. For Ka’Heem to have a better understanding of the dimension of his father work on that planet, Kors took him to a balcony of the Royal Guard Castle where he felt shivers down his spine when he saw a red sea of millions of royal guards kneeled before him, vanishing in the horizon. “You could say you have the world at you feet… my Emperor.” He said kneeling before Sagan, holding in his right hand a holo display that activated when Kors tapped a button with his thumb, showing soldiers and guards spread through out the planet kneeled before his image.
The new Emperor accepted to stay on Shil and with the help of Kors teachings and his father’s holographic image advices, Ka’Heem found his true strength in the dark side. For years he ruled both the secret base Warhammer and the dark, cold, deserted planet Shil where he built an army of dark side soldiers big enough to strike the heart of the old capital of the New Republic and more terrifying then his father’s former Empire. But instead of sending his soldiers into an endless battle against the newly formed Galactic Alliance and Jedi Order, he decided to work in the shadows and patiently crippling his enemies.
His first step was to release, in the city of Denon, a 48h virus genetically manipulated to make the population seriously sick. With MD droids reprogrammed to retrieve from Jedi females such as Mara Jade Skywalker skin tissues and eggs to create stronger Force sensitive individuals in order to form the new generation of the Sith Brotherhood.
The second step was the formation of a team of some of the most famous and dangerous mercenaries and bounty hunters in the galaxy so that each one would hunt down the Jedi representatives of the Galactic Alliance one by one.
However, with the discovery of an ancient sith artefact containing an old prophesy from an Oracle (“…beneath the dormant giant the son of the empire must enter the domains of the dark side temple and show himself worthy to receive the power of the old dark lords…”). He turned his focus towards the finding of a lost temple where, according to the prophesy, the son of the Empire would receive the powers of the ancient first dark lords of the sith…. if he could survive the challenges.
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