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Posted by: Siege Oct 2 2009, 01:13 AM
Name: Talarn Stargazer (Siege)
Age: 25
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 156
Weapons: Two curved hilt lightsabers; orange
Vehicle: Jedi Starfighter
Faction: None
Clothing: Rohm Kota's Armor, Black robe, trimmed in white, lined in silky red
Description: Siege was born on the planet Kamino. The Emporer wanted to create the perfect apprentice and knew Darth Vader wasn't as powerfull as he used to be. So the Emporer took Anakin's DNA and gave it too the Kaminos to clone Skywalker. It took the Kaminos 10 years to clone a perfect copy of Skywalker at the age of 5. The Emporer trained the boy, codenamed Siege, to be a perfect and true Sith. But the Kaminos rebelled against the occupying stormtroopers around the time the Rebel Alliance was formed. Fearing the boy had to much hate, they called on a rogue jedi, Rohm Kota, to help show the boy the ways of the Jedi so that he could one day fight for the good of the Alliance.

It was Kota who named him, Talarn Stargazer, since the emporer never saw it fit to give this clone a real name. Over the years, Siege began experianceing visions of a past he had not lived, the past of Anakin Skywalker the Jedi Knight.

When he was 24, he lost his Master Kota in a viscious attack by an unknown sith. It was then, Siege knew he could never be a Jedi, nor could he ever be a Sith. Siege was in limbo, he carried to much hatred to be a Jedi, and too much compassion to be a Sith. He set forth in his old Jedi Starfighter to find the one who killed his master, and to figure out the path that he was supposed to travel.

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