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Posted by: Cast Apr 5 2008, 01:55 PM
Cast is a force sensitive human boy at the age of 15. he knew he was force sensitive when he learned hoe to levitate small object a couple of feet in th air. He would take s hip to the jedi temple but comes from a poor family.Cast also knew how to feel other people wielding the he wait for money for a ship or a jedi to come to the planet and show him of his powers.

But Cast has been feeling a cold harshness of the force lately like something evil is near. Like a sith. just the feeling of that presence makes his stomach turn to ice.
He hoped the darkness never finds him. Only the light. Cast is a good guy he would never hurt some with out a reason.

A week ago Cast felt a jedi near but then the presence disappeared and return as the force and Cast could tell the jedi was dead.
But today felt a jedi .this time he would find the jedi and go to the jedi temple.

As Cast traveled a full 20 blockes he felt the jedi get closer he started to run towards him.he saw a zabrack man wearing a jedi robe and Cast could see the light gleam from the hilt his lightsaber. Cast felt a wave of


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