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Posted by: Raziel Aug 2 2005, 11:14 PM
this is my bio

name:Raziel(no last name)
age: 4456
speicis:soul vampire (formor human)
home word: (none untill i think of some where good)
faction: own
skin/model:new Raziel(sound fix)

pyisical description:tall skiney with blackish blue hair looks like a scklton with some mussle on his legs face and arms stomic is compltly gone can c sping coverd in a layer of skin has 2 broken wings that makes him able to glide but he can no longer fly
weight:72 lb.
hight aprox. 6 ft
hair color: blakish blue
eyecolor:glowing white eyes
skin color/tone:blue
personality: he dislikes blood vampires intesly only feeds when he has to and only on the eviel for a soul vampire he is unusaly kind he can be extreamly dangrous if angerd
appearince he whears nothing but ankle braclets made of leather and a pair of leather wrist braces hides in the shadows to avoid being seen is able to climb walls and he has a brown scarf that coveres his mouth under that scarf he has no botum jaw and is able to create a small votex that rips spouls from livung bodies
the sith is one of his favriot meals but they r hard to find so he feeds off them only when they stumble into his temple
historey when he was human he was a kind priest that helped evreyone he could when he died of natral causes a vampire named parsen broght him bak to life as a vampire raziel was his frist lutenit and over time parcen became less human and more ..... devine soon after his tranformation came as well untill he surpassed his master and his master called him to the main chamber he saw that he now had wings as his master looked at the wings he grew anger and riped the bones out of raziels wings causing him emence pain but it was nothing comparred to wat was to come for his trangretion he was trown into the pit of souls to burn forever as his bodey burned his only thoght was the hiprocrecy that dammed him to that hell
a milnim passed and his tourtre recided he stood shoked to yet live the decent desroyed him and he was not a blood sucer any more but a soul sucker his botum jaw was completly burned away as his internal organs and he was tuned blue
his only thoght was revenge on the vampires he went looking for them and killed maney till only his former master was left when he finaly met up with him they foght raziel did well but his master exscaped but raziel swore he would find hm and kill him soon 500 years passed and he found his master again his master asked him did it troble u to murder your brothers all raziel said was did it troble u to order me in to the abyss just cause i grew wings and u didn't and still didn't i c
then he ripped his masters heart out and crushed it in front of his masters eyes
as his former master colapsed raziel sucked his soul out of his master and now hides in an old temple called xartemple
end of his historey

weapons: his weapons r his vampric powers (lv 4 drain lv4 grip lv4 push/pull lv4 jump/speed/sense)and his sword the daywalker

if any one thinks i should add something tell me

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