[Rules, Guidelines, General Info]
1. Saryeako and I are the head Admins. What we say goes.
2. Please keep the cursing to a minimal!
3. Kissing and hugging aloud but other then that no.
4. Please keep ooc comments in the ooc! An ooc is an Out Of Character chat.
5. Absolutely NO God-moding (the controlling of someone else or Power Playing. If you do this I will get warned, and if you continue you will be suspended.
Example of a G-mode: Bob: Bob hit Bill, Bill died because he couldn't withstand the hit.
Example of a Power-play: Bob ran at Bill with the most high tech weapons in the world.
Please note those examples are exaggerated, but you get the idea.

Failure to keep these rules will result in (first) a warning, (seconded) suspension. Also, continual breaking of the rules will be grounds for expulsion from the site.
Thank you for your cooperation.

The biggest problem I'm worried about is G-moding and power playing. DON'T DO IT!

Guideline Info: There are certain species that were created by people on this site. You may RP as any of these new species if you wish, but you must follow the set guidelines that were set down by the person who created the species. If you wish to create your own species, you must ask one of the admins first. Please be somewhat realistic, as in no race that is all powerful. Every specie has it's limits.
Also, for species that apear normaly as part of Star Wars, please try to keep true to the species. For example, the Vong hate anything that has to do with machines. They prefer organic technology. Don't have a Vong flying a machine type space craft, for the Vong would rather die than do that.
Thank You!

(If any are missing you wish me to add, please post them in "rules" or mesage me about it.)

~Good Guys~
Alliance/New Order
-Senate Member
-Alliance Fighter Pilot
-Alliance Soldier
-Jedi Master
-Jedi Hopeful

~In between people~
-Randome Aliens (can be any alignment, or just a civilian)
-Bounty Hunters
-Dark Jedi (Not Sith, not good Jedi either)

~Bad Guys~
-Sith Lord
-Dark Apprentice
-Sith Armada
-Sith Fighters
-Sith Assassins
Yuuzhan Vong
-Vong Warriors
-Any one aligned with the Vong...

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