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Posted by: y-at Mar 17 2006, 11:11 PM
Name: jorv Kath
Age: 25
Faction: jedi
Rank: jedi knight
Height: 5.9
Clothing: normal jedi robes
Weapons: Dual sided blue light saber
Ships: custom made smuggling ship called the last patriot
Droids: none
Weight:120 pounds
Body build: skinny
Hair: Blonde, shoulder length
Eyes: green
Prestige Class: jedi sentinal
Personality: the most laid back jedi you'll ever meet
Bio: Trained at the academy before the inasion. at the time of the invasion he was a jedi knight and instantly whent to the front lines of the battle. After seeing most of his friends doe he whent back to republic space and began meditating on how to beat the invaders. Now that the invasion is coming to a close he is ready to stand by his allies and help the republic win.
There! Hope you like my bio! If I need to fix anything, let me know okay?

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