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Posted by: Vendo Orpala Sep 18 2005, 09:57 PM
Name: Vendo Orpala

Affiliation: Alliance

Race: Human

Weapon of choice: heavy blaster rifle

Height: 1.78 meters

Age: 20

Bio: Vendo was taken into military training at the age of 9, but never fought in any battles because the rebels defeated the empire before his training was complete. He has basic training with a blaster rifle, and is currently a soldier for the Alliance. He never knew his family well since they were executed by imperial forces when Vendo was 4. He and his siblings were left alive to fend for themselves until they were able to be recruited into the rebel Alliance's army. Vendo Orpala is now ready to fight the enemies that threaten the Alliance now, and make up for not being able to get revenge on the empire.

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