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Corran Horn - August 7, 2005 03:44 PM (GMT)
In a quiet dock a lone X-Wing Sets down. It has unusually been painted a dark green. On top the S-Foils there is a crest, it is the rebel Alliance's crest that is encircled by 12 X-Wings. The cockpit opens up, and a man stands up. He is also wearing a Dark-Green jumpsuit, instead of the usually orange.

The pilot climbs down the automated stair-rail and notices with annoyance that it is the wrong size for cockpit. He then has to climb up two rungs on his side, to the top, before climbing down the other side.

As he walks across to the registration centre he scowls at the pirates and smugglers, he had been before and the place had definitely not improved. Suddenly notices something is wrong.

He clouts the child walking next to him, who was trying to pick the non-existent pockets in the Jedi Robe. He sighed, he was getting slower and slower, he knew Whistler would jump on this opportunity to make fun of him if he knew. Luck he didn't.

Having reached the registry Corran smiled not at the sight, it was a terribly grotty place, but it mean that his time on this platform would be nearly over. The smile was killed when he remembered what the surface was like.

"No reason to put off the enviable"


Corran walked away fifteen minutes later, He might be a bit rusty when it came down to manipulating the weak and greedy but he was a expert so it all came back to him.

He'd not even used the force once.

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