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Title: Request to Become A Master

Corran Horn - August 7, 2005 03:27 PM (GMT)
Corran stands before the Jedi Council. He is dressed simply, he wears his old robes over an even older green jumpsuit. He waits for an acnolegement from Master Skywalker before starting.

"I stand here before you asking for the promotion to Master.

I was among the first Jedi, Master Skywalker, trained on Yavin IV.

I fought the Empire as a simple pilot because that seemed the best way to fight them.

But now against this new threat it is clear what is really needed is more Jedi.

I am almost twice the age of some you council members, but I am here to fight. I have fought corruption and evil all my life.

I retired from this fight, to my home planet, to enjoy some calm, gentle times.

But that has been ruined, I ask you to give me the title of Master.

I have overcome trials and test superior to any you might pose me and as time is of essence I ask you not to waste time and elect me to this council.

But I am bound to the council, I will obey any decision they make."

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