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Title: The Vong's Revenge Attack

Jinku Larr - June 14, 2005 02:26 PM (GMT)
Jinku hopped on his X-Wing to go to the planet Hoth. Empty from the last battle, it was a good place to train. As he came near, he saw hundreds of Vong ships heading to the planet. Suddenly they turned around alert that Jinku was landing on Hoth. Shots flew everywhere but Jinku managed to escape. He flew down to the planet Hoth as it was the only was to escape. They landed. "Revenge we will get! Hoth will be ours", the Vong soldiers screamed marching towards Jinku's X-Wing.

Count Lucius - June 14, 2005 04:20 PM (GMT)
Count Lucius frowned as he watched the Vong troopers. He lowered his elctrobinoculars, looking over at Captain Luc and the small landing party of eight with them. Luc returned the gaze, face emotionless. Lucius snorted.
"Luc, covering fire. Do not advance until I signal." he said, igniting his golden lightsaber. "It is a gentleman's duty to render aid whenceever he can..." he added to himself. This philanthropy was getting the better of him. Or maybe he jsut despised Vong.
Regardless, Count Lucius sprang over the snowdrift, jogging towards the Youzhon Vong.
"Have at you, brigands!" he shouted. Some of the Vong stopped, giving him quizzical looks. Three advanced towards him, growling like angry akk dogs. Lucius smiled as two fell from disciplined fire from the snowdrift. The third charged, and Lucius deflected the staff lazily, spinnig with the attack and decapitating the warrior with a gentle stroke of the golden blade.
The other Vong suddenly took him a bit more seriously.

Dave Sepnit - June 14, 2005 05:17 PM (GMT)
Dave landed his X-Wing and climbed out. He ignited his lightsaber. He force jumped closer to the battle and sliced through several Vong warriors with strength. He took out his blaster and shot a bunch of vong. He put his blaster away and cotinued to kill Vong with his lightsaber.

Count Lucius - June 15, 2005 02:11 AM (GMT)
ooc: whoa there sparky... calm down. the enthusiasm is great but the, for lack of a better word, realism is...shaky.
vong are not easy to kill. vonduum crab armor is vulnerable only under the armpit, neck, and hip area. blasters are nigh ineffective against it.

Dave Sepnit - June 15, 2005 03:58 AM (GMT)
ooc: Oh ok. I don't really know much bout the Vong. I haven't read any of the books with them.

Count Lucius - June 15, 2005 04:09 AM (GMT)
ooc: alright, no problem. ill give you a quick rundown
-from a different galaxy, want to complete subjegate/destroy this one
-use ONLY organic things (weapons are creatures called amphistaffs, everything they use is alive)
-HATE all things mechanical (anyone who uses them are infidels who deserve to die
-obsessed with pain/tattoos/scarring bcuz it = devotion to their gods
-hate all jedi/people with lightsabers (cant say jedi, for some reason. say Jeedai. yea. kinda weird...)
-any one Vong warrior can go toe to toe with a padawan and have a good chance of survivng. theyre monsters in close combat.
-absolutely IMMUNE to the Forcec. for reasons unknown for now, the vong do not exist in the force like they should. force powers like push, pull, whirlwind...none of them have any affect at all on the vong.

ARC Trooper 'Beast' - June 15, 2005 01:29 PM (GMT)
( suddenly a badly damaged dropship arrives from hyperspace & crashlands near your location)
Clone: everyonne grab your guns & hold your postions!
( the clones go into def formation & hold their ground)

Jinku Larr - June 15, 2005 02:03 PM (GMT)
Jinku, with his lightsabor went for one of the Vong soldiers. Jinku flipped over and slashed away at him. Suddenly, reinforcements came in, more and more Vong's attacked the Jedis. Jinku gazed at the army and aircrafts that the vongs had. I cant give up Jinku said. From then on it was a battle of life and death was in place.

ARC Trooper 'Beast' - June 15, 2005 03:52 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Jinku Larr @ Jun 15 2005, 09:03 AM)
Jinku, with his lightsabor went for one of the Vong soldiers. Jinku flipped over and slashed away at him. Suddenly, reinforcements came in, more and more Vong's attacked the Jedis. Jinku gazed at the army and aircrafts that the vongs had. I cant give up Jinku said. From then on it was a battle of life and death was in place.

( in the distance)
Clone sergeant: look it's a jedi!
(shoots in the air)
CS: Master Jedi come here!
allright give him cover lads!!
( the clones shgoot at the vong to cover jinku)

Count Lucius - June 17, 2005 02:09 AM (GMT)
Lucius had drilled his men well. Actually, it had been Luc ho had drilled them his dour sense of discipline keeping the men on their toes. In any case, the effect was tremendous.
"Forward!" Lucius shouted, parrying a Vong's staff. He riposted along the blade, snicking off some fingers. Any other enemy would have dropped, but the damneble Vong simple growled louder, and attacked again. The Count ducked as Luc bracketed him with fire. Many of the shots were deflected by the vonduum crab armor, but enough hit his face that the warrior dropped.
Lucius straightened, taking the time to dust snow from his immaculate high collared jacket and cape. It wouldn't do for a Count to go into a battle looking frazzled, after all.
Luc pulled even with his master, and Lucius thrust his golden blade forward.
"Advance! Spread fire, high low and bracket!" he said clipped. The men understood, creating a firestorm on either side of their Count. Lucius took to the corridor like a whirling dervish, cutting down the Vong that saught to escape the hail of blaster bolts.

Jorrick - June 17, 2005 03:42 PM (GMT)
"Count! Look out!" Jorrick shouted as a Yuuzhan Vong warrior jumped through the air, unaturally high and then died with two slices to his neck and his waste of a green lightsaber, Jorrick smiled at the Count, "Heh you gotta watch your back," said Jorrick, the turned to his Nightclan, "Forward! Never stop until the Vong is vanquished from this planet! When it is over meet back at the ships! Two or more to a group, no soloing, we all come back," Jorrick pointed to Rowk his personal favorite Nightsister, "You come with me, everyone else attack!" Jorrick finished then turned back to the Count, "If you require any of my services reach me on this comm." Jorrick handed the Count a comm then saw two more Yuuzhan Vong, although Jorrick did turn to the light, he used the force to choke the two warriors.

Jinku Larr - June 18, 2005 10:43 PM (GMT)
"Five of you Clone Troopers follow me", Jinku said still charging into the Yuuzhan Vongs. Jinku managed to destroy 3 of the Vongs before all five of the Clone Troopers caught up to Jinku. "Give me covering fire your 5 Troopers", Jinku said while destroying a Yuuzhan Vong.
"Yes sir!", the CloneTroopers replied. Jinku whistled and his droid R4 along with his X-Wing.
"Bring it down here, put the sheild up incase if one of the Yuuzhan Vongs try to attack", Jinku said. R4 made a noise then did what he was told. "Try your best to fight while you can you five. I will be back, I need to find out who is the leader of this attack. He or she is here, I can feel it", Jinku said while flipping on his X-Wing and turning off autopilot. Okay R4, you know what to do.

ARC Trooper 'Beast' - June 19, 2005 02:41 PM (GMT)
Clone Sergeant: Yes sir!
( orders the clones to go into def formation & ready to give some cover)

Darth Feerse - July 14, 2005 11:22 AM (GMT)
Feerse was standing by, unnoticed. After seeing many troopers die as well as Vong, he decided to step in with the power of the Arna.

"Ok. Slayers, Kings, up front with me. Stealthman cover the back. I want a hundred Raid Troopers on each side. General Khathor, up here."

The Arna General ran up to Feerse.

"What do you think, old friend?" Feerse said to Khathor.

"It'll be tough, but in the end, we'll have our victory." Khathor replied.

"Ok, line 'em up and send 'em out."

"Yes, sir!" said Khathor running back to his men and readying them for battle.

Feerse walked around the Arna that were waiting beyond a snow bunker. He looked into each one of their faces. Fear, aggression, betrayal, revenge, anticipation, pretentiousness, flabbergastion. All of those traits were things Feerse had sensed in the men and women as he walked by.

"Alright, men! Charge. Take. Celebrate. There is no 'hopefully'. Now...GO!"

All the Arna that were lined up charged into the battle; some were frightened, others were excited, but every single man and woman had one thing in common...they were fighting for their faction, their family.

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