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Title: Akonian IV
Description: The Crimson Moon, Home of the Empire

Lord Drake - March 11, 2005 03:02 PM (GMT)
Akonian IV is a distant moon in the system of Ikora. Akonian IV is a retreat for those star destroyers that made it from the battle of Endor. On the surface of the moon is a soft landed original star destroyer used as a base of operations for the overseeing of the Crimson empire creation. The Crimson Fleet, composed of seven newly designed star destroyers is commanded by Lord Drake, a former crimson guard and sith to the former emporer. The base itself is composed of a lunar base (Soft landed Star Destroyer), five construction yards, a new defense ring around the Ikora system, and a starbase for small starship docking and construction. The Crimson Empire introduces its new droid fighters. Sleeker, faster, and controled by a centeral computer brain, deep within each star destroyer. Original Battle Droids have been reconstructed for basic military functions. A cloning facility is located deep under the surface of Akonian IV for the creation of Battle Storm Troopers (Those seen on Episode II) In preperation for retaking what space that used to be occupied by the previous Imperial Empire. The Crimson Empire is currently recruiting bounty hunters and sith everywhere to join in ruling the empire. However the Jedi are not the only enemies that must be delt with.

Jorrick - June 7, 2005 04:04 AM (GMT)
The Nighthood lands on the moon, with a few capitol ships, and sets up a New Acadamy on the moon, opposing the Crimson rule

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