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Last Post Feral Colors
Posted: Mar 4 2009, 01:11 AM

thank.you.for.the.music.♬ :.

Group: Admin
Posts: 243
Member No.: 2
Joined: 11-February 09

Feral dragons were first spawned sixteen Turns ago from the clutch of golden Zajadisth and blue Yidoxeth. Since then, the first three- a solar female, a night male, and a lunar female- have expanded into a wide range of strange colors. They appear not to need riders, though many, especially the higher ranks, seem to appreciate having them, and those who do no find riders are prone to instability. The information here has been compiled over the past Turn, and is incomplete; all knowledge should be taken with a grain of salt, as it may or may not be correct. The numbers of these dragons are not sure; they could be dying or thriving, though from the number of disappearances- for the dragons must search the Holds for those worthy of candidacy- they seem to be doing quite well. Oddly enough, those thought to have been taken for candidacy, along with those candidates who have been observed, have rarely fallen in the usual range, and are never older than fourteen, with six to eleven Turns seeming the norm.

For more information on feral dragons, see this thread, but keep in mind that most of what is there is unknown to non-feral characters, unlike the paragraph above.

user posted image
Solar dragons are the unquestioned queens of feral dragons; the lower-ranked ferals will obey them to the same extent that any normal dragon would obey a queen. Their colors range from orange- or reddish-bronze to silvery bronze to golden bronze, though never green-bronze or true bronze, often with darker copper markings in arches, lines, or spots. Whatever their color, they all share an aura of gold, giving proof to their gold origins despite the fact that they are far larger than any current gold. Only one, believed to be the feral senior queen, has been observed at length, but they seem to be vicious and brutal, generally friendly but with a quick temper and no qualms about using force to get what they want- except when around their humans, whose presence seems to be the only thing that can calm them.

Sex: female
Size: 40-45 meters
Clutch Size: ?
Flown By: nights, supernovae, large nebulae
Impress: unknown (only known solarrider is male, sexuality unknown)

user posted image
Night dragons are named truly, for their coloration is just that- night. Either pitch black or so deep a blue as to not be able to tell the difference, their color is solid but for points of silver that shine in the light. Some display these points in patterns, with others merely having theirs tossed upon them, but not one night has been seen without its stars. They appear to be the descendents of bronzes, hardworking but often slightly full of themselves, and like their solar queens can be extremely vicious, though not to the same extent.

Sex: male
Size: 35-40 meters
Chase: solars, lunars, twilights, daylights
Impress: unknown (only nightrider observed is male, sexuality unknown)

user posted image
Lunar dragons are all pale, either silver or so pale a gold as to be almost silver, and sometimes have gray or black markings. They donít seem to have the same command over their kind as solars do, partly due to their lower rank and partly due to their much gentler nature. Lunars are complete sweethearts, as far as anyone can tell, rarely raising claw or voice and relying instead on their soothing nature and remarkable intelligence to solve problems. However, they are usually obeyed anyway, probably because they are unafraid to use their authority when need be.

Sex: female
Size: 32-38 meters
Clutch Size: 10-20?
Flown By: nights, supernovae, nebulae
Impress: unknown (one believed lunarrider is female, sexuality unknown)

user posted image
It can be hard to tell what supernovae males look like- not beacuse their colors shift or vary greatly, but because they are, quite simply, hard to look at. They were named for the flash of light given from a dying star, and earned their name well; generally silver or an extremely pale tint of another color, they are always brightly colored, with their metallic skin only adding to the effect. Their personalities, too, are explosive; they are very exciteable, able to go from completely calm to overdrive in seconds for little to no reason, though they are also very responsible once given something to do. As long as they don't forget about it, anyway...

Sex: male
Size: 30-35 meters
Chase: solar, lunar, twilight, daylight
Impress: unknown

user posted image
Nebula dragons are very distinctive; like many of the feral colors they have a base color of black, but there the similarities end, for they are beyond doubt their own color. Every color imagineable can be found on their hides in any combination, overlapping each other in cloudy but somehow distinctive patterns. And there are always patterns; they can be indistinct or difficult to see, but they are there, and never once exactly alike. The dragons themselves are rather like that; their personalities vary as widly as greens' do, and the only things they seem to have in common with one another are their love of mystery and their intelligence, which actually tends to be quite impressive.

Sex: male
Size: 28-33 meters
Chase: solars (very rarely), lunars, twilights, daylights
Impress: unknown

user posted image
These females are the first non-clutching female, and often find themselves in the shadows of their higher-ranking sisters. They are constantly trying to prove their worth, and can become violent when told that higher-ranking dragons are better than they are. Ambitious, proud, and determined, these dragons may not always have the best attitude, but you can be sure to count on one in times of need. Their hides are dark purple, sometimes fading to dark blue or lighter purple, and they often have a silver sheen.

Sex: female
Size: 26-30 meters
Clutch Size: N/A
Flown By: nights, supernovae, nebulae, dawns
Impress: unknown

user posted image
Dawn dragons are the opposite of their twilight sisters. Content with their position in life, all they really want is the best for their riders and those close to them. Calm and quiet, they prefer to relax and enjoy the small things in life rather than rushing through it without a second thought. They tend to prefer the company of Theirs and Theirs alone, though they are far too polite to say anything rude to unwanted company. Lightly colored, dawns are light pink, with white, silver, or light blue markings.

Sex: male
Size: 23-28 meters
Chase: daylights, twilights
Impress: unknown

user posted image
As night males are the personification of night, so daylight females embody the daylit sky. Light blue, they often have a golden sheen or golden points, and many have white or light gray markings. They are even-tempered and love the company of others, and while they aren't the most intelligent of dragons, their tempermant more than makes up for this. They are extremely social, willing to talk to anyone that comes along and especially loving attention from males, and it's hard not to get along with a daylight- even twilights and solars seem to be less prone to stomp on somone when around one.

Sex: female
Size: 20-25 meters
Clutch Size: N/A
Flown By: nights, supernovae, nebulae, dawns
Impress: unknown

user posted image
Storm dragons may once have originated from the genes that brought forth whites, but they have become something different, something strange. Generally deep gray, they occasionally have a silver sheen or choppy streaks of bright yellow; many seem to be layered, as though if you could peel back the gray you would find another dragonís colors. Completely sexless, though they do tend to identify as either male of female, these dragons will never have any interest in Rising or Chasing.

Sex: sexless, identify as either
Size: 15-19 meters
Impress: unknown
Posted: Mar 4 2009, 01:12 AM

thank.you.for.the.music.♬ :.

Group: Admin
Posts: 243
Member No.: 2
Joined: 11-February 09

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