Welcome to Sinthera, a small, young Weyr terrorized by riderless dragons that live to the North. Treachery lies in wait behind every corner. Will you join us in the war?

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But there are kittens in the Weyrbowl.


The threat of the summer rains have turned into the promise in the fall. It rains almost all the time nowadays, and slowly the rain turns from warm to cold to freezing, and at the last snow begins to sink lower from the heights of the mountains into the valleys.


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1. No Fighting or Flaming. Violators will be banned.
2. No Impersonating. Violators will banned.
3. No Advertising. Members will be warned, guests will be banned.
4. Respect Staff.
5. Keep chatspeek to a minimum or don't use it at all.

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Last Post Site Rules, And Where to Find Them
Posted: Feb 17 2009, 11:28 PM

thank.you.for.the.music.♬ :.

Group: Admin
Posts: 243
Member No.: 2
Joined: 11-February 09

Overall Rules

Rules of Punishment
  • When you get 5 warnings (the max) you shall be banned for 3 days (it's your choice whether you come back or not) and/or stripped of ranking characters. You can get rid of warnings by good behavior. 1 less warning every week you donít break a rule.
  • Mods may increase warning, but they must put the specific reason for it. Unaccounted-for warnings will be deleted.

Rules of Respect
  • Respect staff. Admin word is law, and mods are lawkeepers. Disrespect will be punished by immediate suspension. The time will vary depending on how badly you have broken this rule. Not on the rank of the staff member.
  • Watch your language. The use of profanity will earn you a warning.
  • No badmouthing characters that arenít yours. I recommend not anywhere, because when we do find out about it you shall be banned.
  • If there are any problems between any members, you are to PM an admin or simply quit. Those are the options. There are no others. Public brawls are worthy of three warnings to all parties.
  • If you have a problem with an admin, you're welcome to inform us. We'll try to fix the problem. But if all you're going to do is rail at us and refuse to even attempt compromise, goodbye. Weíre compliant in all areas save for trying to appease someone too selfish to accept a completely fair deal.
  • If you are sore at the outcome of a resolution, you can either keep it to yourself or you will be saved the trouble of quitting and be banned.
  • When/if you PM an admin about problems with other members, you must offer evidence. Use the quote button without mercy, or use links. Be aware that sources will be checked up on, and fabricating evidence is worthy of three warnings.
  • No dragging up bad reputations. We have heard a lot of them already, and weíll wait to see if they hold true. Accusing a new member of being a rankhunter will get you a warning. Just keep it to yourself and see if anything's going to change.

RP Rules
  • This is a literate RP site. No one-line posts, no chat speak. The use of such shoddy methods of communication outside of the OOC boards will result in a warning. You should also consider not posting novels every post, because it is incredibly draining on everyone involved.
  • Keep your posts to third person. Please.
  • Do not go crazy with post editing in the context of IC posts. A few little personalizing things are fine, but donít go off the wall adding every affect you can. Offending posts will be edited and the perpetrator notified.
  • There are mature boards for a reason. Anything overly violent or sexual belongs there. Just ask for the password. Offending posts will be deleted.
  • God-modding is not allowed. This means that you play your character, and everyone else plays theirs.
  • Your characters are not perfect, and will get hurt sometimes. If it looks like you arenít following this rule, a moderator may step in to say what mistakes they are making.
  • There shall be no wolf speak. If you don't know what it is, you're lucky. Offending posts shall be deleted.
  • Spelling requirements shall be enforced. Running posts through Word will edit out silly mistakes, and Firefox even has automatic spellcheck. Multiple offenders will be warned.

Plot Rules
  • Characters must be accepted by a mod or admin before they are played. Offending posts will be deleted.
  • Major plots may not be started without admin position. You are not allowed to blow up the Weyr without warning in your RP. Inter-character plot is welcome and encouraged, but offending posts will be deleted.
  • There shall be major plots, and they shall be admin-controlled, but you will be given chances to participate. Often it will be through your normal characters.
  • Plot characters will likely be available through contests. Watch for them.
Posted: Feb 17 2009, 11:44 PM

thank.you.for.the.music.♬ :.

Group: Admin
Posts: 243
Member No.: 2
Joined: 11-February 09

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