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Last Post Wher Colors
Posted: Feb 19 2009, 02:43 PM

thank.you.for.the.music.♬ :.

Group: Admin
Posts: 243
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Joined: 11-February 09

The deviant wher colors appeared a few turns after the deviant dragons did. But whers were more gradual in introducing the new ranks, and they never produced any feral offspring. This is believed to be because whers have been feral throughout time, which can also explain why their colors deviated so much from any other color, from flits to dragons to ferals. They share only the original six.

user posted image
Queen Whers are the largest and most intelligent of the whers, the ones with the keenest grasp on speech. They usually form the strongest bonds with their chosen, and also have a great power over the other whers. The eldest gold wher is called the Wherqueen, and she has tyrannical power over all other whers. They are wild and ferocious creatures due to their power and will, and will answer willingly only to their handler, if then. They range over every shade of gold and yellow, from rose to yellow, and from white to antique. They are definitely feminine, but they have much stronger and more muscular builds than smaller females.

Sex: Female
Size: 9 - 10 meters
Clutch Size: 3 to 15
Run By: Bronzes, Browns

user posted image
Bronzes of any species end up around the same. They are proud, many to the point of arrogance, yet often with a strength of will and character that makes them decent leaders. Strength also comes physically to bronzes, being quite bullish in stature and adorned with more muscle structure than most dragons can have simply because whers don't have to be light enough to fly. Their colors are not so varied as many others, from dark bronze to white and between honey and olive bronzes.

Sex: Male
Size: 8.5 - 9.5 meters
Chases: Golds, Spectres, Demons, Gems, Greens

user posted image
Spectre whers are wild cards. They are generally known for not being what the average person would call 'sane'. This can manifest itself in the wher being bipolar, hyperactive, sadistic, or any other manner of unsavory mental issues. Usually it's nothing serious and can be controlled if the need arises, but every once in a while you get a truly insane wher. They are based in dark purple, but are iridescent. In the light their hides shimmer with vivid blues or greens, and they sometimes have clear markings in those colors.

Sex: Female
Size: 8 - 9 meters
Clutch Size: 2-10
Run by: Bronzes, Browns, Demons

user posted image
Browns are the workhouses of any Weyr, with the sturdiness and strength of a draft horse and the calm disposition to make them excellent workers. They are unflappable creatures, steady and dependable. They are strong, often in many ways, but do not need to harp on it constantly. Their chances to win a Queen's Flight are much greater than a brown dragon's, because of the closer sizes between whers, but are just as content with Spectres and Demons. Their colors have a great range, with dark brown and cinnamon being more common than muddy or tan colors.

Sex: Male
Size: 7.5 - 8.5 meters
Chases: Golds, Spectres, Demons, Gems, Greens

user posted image
They were named mainly for their colors, being mixes of crimson and black, but some people say that it applies to their disposition as well. For the most part they aren't actually evil, they are simply mischievious. There has not yet been a demon that hasn't enjoyed a good joke, it's simply that sometimes they laugh at things that aren't quite appropriate to laugh at. They fall between the browns and blues in size.

Sex: Male or Female
Size: 7 - 8 meters
Clutch Size: 1-6
Run By: Bronzes, Demons, Blues, Gems
Chases: Spectres, Demons, Gems, Greens

user posted image
Blues are the most often seen males of the whers. And therefore their personalities vary the widest. They are fast and lithe, and generally are the spunky representatives in a Wing, though there's always the ironical sad blue. They are the smallest males, with only male gems coming smaller. Their color variance is perhaps the greatest of any color, from near black to almost white, and anywhere from blue-violet to teal.

Sex: Male
Size: 6.5 - 7.5 meters
Chases: Demons, Gems, Greens

user posted image
Unlike the other deviant colors, gems are rather a welcome wher. They are calm and serene, with pleasing disposions for the most part. Their attitudes can range from chilly to motherly (or fatherly), but at least they are at all times composed. Their hides are quite based in white, meaning that they are often first mistaken for a white, but to really look at one you'd never make that mistake. For one thing, they're far too large. For another, there is no gem that is without flashes of other colors. Most often greens or blues, but they can sport marks of almost any color, usually along the edges of their wings, on their feet, or across their faces.

Sex: Male or Female
Size: 6 - 7 meters
Clutch Size: 0-4
Run By: Bronzes, Demons, Blues, Gems
Chases: Demons, Gems, Greens

user posted image
Greens are the girls of the night. They are known for being flirty, shallow, caring, daring, and basically as flighty and unpredictable as any other female of any species. They are the smallest and fastest of most whers, and only the very rare whites are smaller and faster. They make up the majority of the wher population, very nearly half before the introduction of the new colors. They vary widely as well, from forest and lime to mint and sea.

Sex: Female
Size: 5.5 - 6.5 meters
Clutch Size: 0-3
Run By: Bronzes, Demons, Blues, Gems

user posted image
White whers are wild cards. Their range of personality is endless, pulling on any of the traits of the other ranks, which they usually can be connected to as mutations of that color. They are debatable as a rank on their own, and are in fact mutations, and rare mutations at that, showing up only in an egg that isn't big enough, or in a wher that didn't develop all the way or properly. Because of this, their hides are colorless, or in some eyes an albino version of one color, or all colors. And, of course, they have the odd qualities of complete sterility and lack of gender, along with heightened intelligence.

Sex: Neither (sometimes identifies as one or the other)
Size: 4.5 - 5.5 meters
Wolf Tears
Posted: Feb 21 2009, 02:59 AM

&& Ayokunlith

Group: Admin
Posts: 141
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Joined: 26-January 09

Wher Ranks




user posted image

All templates, reference pictures, and size charts drawn, colored, and compiled by Mellody

Spectre, Demon, and Gem whers were created by Mellody
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