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Last Post [.}ARCADIAE.vias.peregrinatur{.], [Hatching of the Paradise Clutch]
Wolf Tears
Posted: Aug 2 2009, 03:28 AM

&& Ayokunlith

Group: Admin
Posts: 141
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Joined: 26-January 09

(OOC- Woo-hoo, Lakiyapost at last! Sorry for taking so long, Lesa.)

And if we could not finish them all, I would simply stomp on them, Zajadisth told her rider's weyrmate, amusement laced through her voice. She hadn't known him long enough to have much more of an opinion on him than she did on most humans, but he was good to Lakiya, which essentially meant that she liked him. It didn't hurt that he was amusing, or that he was bonded to Skepnadth, who she was fond of. All the same.

E'rik's sigh shook Lakiya a little ways out of the excitement of the hatching, and she echoed it faintly. The green was healthy, if not particularly strong, and it definitely wasn't her fault that she wasn't bronze, but it may still be frustrating. All that nonsense about the first dragon in a clutch...

They will all be beautiful, Zajadisth interjected, and taht was that.

Not that Lakiya had much time to think on it, anyway, because E'rik was paying attention to her, and keeping herself from flushing as he kissed her hand took most of her own attention. Not that it did any good; she could feel her face heating up regardless, and she turned her face away a little in an attempt to hide it, unsure what else to do. Luckily, he spoke, and she managed to turn her thoughts to his words.

"Oh, I don't know," Lakiya said with a playful smile, stepping away a little to consider her weyrmate. "I think red would actually work for you."

Zaja took a moment away from humming to look toward the humans. And the woman who wears mismatched socks is a good judge of these things?

The Weyrwoman nearly protested that the sock incident only happened when she was in too great a hurry to pay attention to what she was putting on. She never got the chance, however; the words were ready and she certainly had time, but what E'rik said next knocked all thoughts of socks out of her head.


Lovely, Lakiya. Very eloquent. Sure to make him feel warm and fuzzy.

She didn't seem to be able to say much else, though; her thoughts were swirling around in random meaningless patterns, trying to find some sort of purchase on the situation. Or purpose. Or anything, really. The hatching had pretty much faded out of her mind; she was just standing there gaping at E'rik, which was just about all she had the brainpower to do.

Mine, you look like a fool.

Lakiya snapped her mouth closed and busied herself with watching the next egg hatch. Or... trying to watch the next egg hatch. Her brain was mostly still trying to think of something to say.


Oh, this situation was going to go downhill so fast.

Just focus on the dragonets, Laki. It's easier that way.


Time passed. Awkward conversations were carried out, dragons hatched and Impressions were clapped for. Finally, the remaining candidates began walking off the Sands with the spectators, some of them handling it well and some of them in tears. One girl came running up to Zajadisth, demanding to know why she wasn't good enough, and had to be led away; the gold was unusually gentle with her, which both surprised and relieved her rider, but the girl had still been out of line, though Lakiya could hardly blame her. It couldn't be fun to get your hopes that high and have them dashed.

There was one person that stood out, though- not for his display of emotion, but for his lack of it. Lakiya's eyes latched onto Jadan, who she recognized from Hatchings past, and she frowned a little, watching as he refused to move.

A minute passed, and Kiya turned to E'rik, reaching out to squeeze his hand gently. "I'll see you in a while," she murmured, nodding to the boy as she did so. Hopefully he would understand.

It was a short walk across the now mostly-empty Sands, and Lakiya nodded to the candidate as she approached him. "Jadan," Lakiya greeted simply as she came to a stop, her hands by her sides and her gaze reflected. "How are you?" It was more than a simple greeting, but only if he wanted it to be. Lakiya had never expected to Impress in the first place, and didn't know what it was like to be left Standing; she didn't want to press the point.
Posted: Aug 2 2009, 06:33 PM

thank.you.for.the.music.♬ :.

Group: Admin
Posts: 243
Member No.: 2
Joined: 11-February 09


    The named candidate pulled his head up as if from water, blinking and looking around until he saw the Weyrwoman approaching him. He blinked again at this, straightening himself up and nodding in respect to her. She had always been so involved in the lives of the Weyr people, but he still hadn't really expected her to come over. He didn't know her well by any means, but he supposed it natural that she would come over. This was the sixth time, after all. He should be familiar by now. And she seemed to know everyone's name anyway. It was a little surprising. But he found himself wishing that he could just forgo this conversation. They didn't really help much, he'd found.

    I'm fine. I still have several turns at least-

    He cut off quickly and glanced over at the broken shells before dropping his eyes. That's what made these conversations so difficult. They always danced around the question: What will you do if you never Impress? He hadn't been asked yet, but it always lingered, and he didn't want to answer it. He just didn't know. He didn't have any outstanding skills other than drawing, and that took too long to be marketable. And especially right now, he didn't want to consider his future life. Another turn and the weyrlings that had cheered him on would be riders. How much longer before they forgot him completely?

    I... don't think I'll be joining the feast tonight.
user posted image
Posted: Aug 3 2009, 04:18 AM

New Member

Group: Members
Posts: 9
Member No.: 22
Joined: 6-May 09

"Rhadith," Cadel - C'del's attention was drawn back to the hatching sands. His previous thoughts were wiped from his mind, filled by the melodic voice of the dragonet sitting at his feet.

I don't mean to be a bother, but I find myself hungry...

Of course, we'll get you something to eat. The goofy smile which was plastered on his face made him feel like he was 8 turns again.

Although he had every intention of heading in the direction of the table, C'del could not take his eyes of the glorious creature. The water like hide reminded him of his home, and as he thought back on the Nirvana Egg - Rhadith's egg - he couldn't believe that he had thought that he would not impress. That piece of him, which he had thought he lost, fell into place. It did not make him feel like he knew himself any better than he had moments before. On the contrary, there was this whole other being he would spend the rest of his life getting to know, and somehow that made him feel more complete.

Rhadith turned around and nudged C'del from his thoughts. Come now. My patience is strong, but my stomach is not. The dragons impatience was not betrayed in his voice, and without a second look back he started towards the meat at a leisurely pace.

Who was the one to had to wait? he asked, his brain finally connecting with his feet as he trailed after the blue. C'del was amazed at how the dragon seemed to float. He appeared to lack the muscle mass which most of his brothers held, but what he lacked in masculinity he made up for in the grace of his gait.
Yes yes, you had to wait for me, and you would still be waiting if brother Maikaith hadn't broken my shell.

He couldn't tell by the dragon's voice whether he was grateful or irritated by this, but the feelings radiating from the youngster told him that it was probably more of the latter. He couldn't blame him either, the calming presence he had given off while in the shell had almost made C'del want to be in there himself.

But now I am waiting for you, and you are not moving quite fast enough.

Cadel picked up his pace so that he was walking next to the awkward youngster. He laid his hand on the soft still hide, only to find that there was more to him than met the eye. Though his hide gave no movement he could feel the hard muscles working beneath and could not help but question how such a perfect balance had been made to give the hide a flawless image.

He was the last to arrive, and he couldn't help but notice that the candidates, for the most part, stood in silence. Each had an awestruck look in their faces.

You are no different. Rhadith's informed him as he took the first piece of meat from his hand.

C'del chuckled, knew it was true. Handing the dragon another piece of meat he smiled down at his Rhadith. C'del, Rider of Blue Rhadith, his father would surely like that title.
Posted: Aug 6 2009, 01:56 PM

&& Niflehmeirth

Group: Sr. Moderator
Posts: 78
Member No.: 3
Joined: 11-February 09

Thankfully, Yukie seemed inclined to follow her sister, closing her mind to only Rhosweth--and both riders. Somewhere in the back of her mind Cessa hoped Gwyn was forgiving. The girl was coming out her shock, was somehow, amazingly, adjusting to Yukie's syrupy sweet, shrill tones. She noticed Yukie's appetite was slowing as she was distracted by her sibling, and checked herself just before squashing a piece of meat on the poor dragonet's nose.

Cessa smiled appreciatively as Gwyn translated. Yukie might have spoken fast, but at least she favored the common language. But the turquoise seemed to have no trouble understanding her sister.

Hmm. Well that was nice of them. She looked towards their explosively hatched brothers; heard the cheer that went up for the hatchlings, and another, greater wave for Reineth. I guess we're a little exciting. A flnnn...?

Feline. Cessaly offered helpfully. For her earlier cognicensce, Yukie seemed stumped by Rhosweth's last question. For pausibly the first moment of quiet in her entire breathing life, she studied her sister, puzzling out the clipped consonants. Oh! Meet it. Meet the feline! Yes, please. He's so fuzzy!

Cessaly was surprised by the closeness in the hatchlings' colorings. Were it not for the barest tinge of green, Yukie and Rhosweth would have melded seamlessly. Gwyn's voice broke through her reverie, and the background chatter of the dragons.

"Thanks. Same to you," She smiled again, blinking and shaking her head. She hadn't quite lost the odd dizzy feeling. "And yes, we certainly do. Though I must say, I'm glad I don't have an accent to work out on top of it all. Though maybe it might've slowed Yukie down...though they don't seem to have much trouble!" She offered Yukie another chunk of meat.
Posted: Aug 6 2009, 02:52 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 87
Member No.: 20
Joined: 28-April 09

Gwynell, Rhosweth and Hal

Tha'warrent quoit wha'I me'nt. Rhosweth remarked to her rider, but delved back into conversation with her sister, only the quick flicker of her inner eyelid making note that she heard Gwyn's advice: Then speak slower or with less of an accent, silly! The green chirped in Hal's directions, and the table-resting feline cocked his head in their general direction, before laboriously getting to his feet and stalking over to where they sat.

He grumble-purred, flicking his tail against Rhosweth's nose as he passed her, stopping between the two hatchlings with an expression of 'Here I am, now what?' plastered on his face. Silly Little-BigWings.

"Weell," Gwyn adopted an accent of her own, "I think Imma noight gonna 'ave a p'blem, meself," she grinned, returning to her normal voice, "since I've heard so many accents as it is. Be interesting to discover how many of our pair's siblings have their own vocal peccadilloes. Weyrlinglessons are going to be interesting, I'll say that much!" The Harper-girl searched for a topic of conversation-she'd hidden herself away so much that while she knew most of her fellow Weyrlings, there was really only one boy she really knew, and he was still on the Sands. Kharanjanan didn't count in her book; she knew him, but more in a teacher-student capacity than as a friend.

"Your parents able to get here, you think? You're Trader-born, right?"
Wolf Tears
Posted: Aug 24 2009, 02:08 AM

&& Ayokunlith

Group: Admin
Posts: 141
Member No.: 1
Joined: 26-January 09

Lakiya couldn't honestly say that she knew what it was like to be left Standing. She had never been a candidate to being with; she had never expected to Impress, never really even wanted to Impress until Zajadisth came to her. It was mere chance that she had found a dragon, and had none ever come to her- had she passed the days of candidacy without any coming after her- she wouldn't have been disappointed, because how could you miss what you had never even thought about?

That wasn't to say she'd never been disillusioned before, because really, who hadn't? All the same, she didn't think it was fair to compare those things to something like this, so she didn't. She merely watched Jadan with sympathetic eyes, nodding at his answer and sighing just a little. "Of course you do. You're a good boy, Jadan, and Zajadisth was sure of it when she Searched you. It must be a matter of time."

She hoped, with all her heart, that it was true.

"You don't have to," she said quietly, sighing again. She would be expected there herself, in fact, and should probably be gone by now, but they could wait. This conversation, on top of the one beforehand, was sobering her a little, and she wanted a minute before she could join in any festivities.

Unfortunately, it seemed that there was nothing more waiting here but an awkward pause. Kiya resisted the urge to fidget, though she did tug a little on her braid as she followed the candidate's gaze out to the eggshells.

"I'm glad they all made it okay," she confided suddenly, more to break the silence than anything. "The last thing Sinthera needs right now is another crazy hatching, or more changes- or a death, Faranth forebid. We've had enough of those lately." She ran a hand across her eyes at the inadvertant reminder of her dead friend. "Have you heard that we've renewed the effort to find Ilis' murderer? E'rik's doing, that- he's taken a special interest in the case."

Why was it that she usually go chatty when things were awkward- but when things were awkward with E'rik, she fell silent?
Posted: Aug 25 2009, 11:21 PM

thank.you.for.the.music.♬ :.

Group: Admin
Posts: 243
Member No.: 2
Joined: 11-February 09

    He looked up slightly and smiled at Lakiya's words. It wasn't entirely convinced, but the smile was genuine. That she thought he was worthy of one of those mythic dragons was enough to lift his spirits. He decided to conveniently forget that she didn't know him very well. And after all, she could be right. He couldn't disagree with the wisdom of a dragon, and a dragon said he was worthy. It had to just be a matter of time. And really, Jadan was simple enough that these thoughts were enough to pacify him. He didn't often question the beliefs of his superiors, and he wasn't about to contradict someone as wise as Lakiya.

    Of course.

    He whispered the grateful agreement before averting his eyes again, his mind wandering off on a slightly happier tangent. He still wouldn't be attending the feast, but he felt better enough to imagine the kind of dragon that would choose him. A beautiful, frail little green, or a large strong brown. Anything between. And it would call him 'Mine', and they would always be together. He was drawn back to reality as Lakiya spoke again, his eyes wandering wide over to her before following her gaze toward the eggs. Soon enough he looked back, smiling slightly at chatting with the Weyrwoman. His smile disappeared immediately at the word 'death'. Far too many things he had shoved into the shadows were suddenly thrown into sharp relief. The one that caused his worry persisted even more as she went on about Ilis.

    He dropped his head quickly when he realized that his scared, worried face was clear for her to see. But they were investigating. If they found... They were almost certain to do a better job this time around, and he... could help. Might help. He would, if he knew that he wouldn't be hurt for it. Someone had already died, if he helped catch the murderer, what if they got angry? Realizing how cowardly this train of thought was, he glanced up and took a step closer to Lakiya, looking very much like he knew something. And he did. And he would tell. He trusted that Lakiya would tell no one but E'rik, and that even then she might not tell who told her. So in a halting whisper, he went ahead.

    I-- I might know something. I overheard- But they didn't hear me, didn't know I was there. I never told, but I should have. It isn't much, but... It's a motive. No one else would know. No one else could, except Ilis.
user posted image
Wolf Tears
Posted: Sep 10 2009, 01:03 AM

&& Ayokunlith

Group: Admin
Posts: 141
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Joined: 26-January 09

(OOC- Tears - sleep = failpost

True facts. x.x)

She would have made her farewells then, and gone to join the new weyrlings, as well as the Weyr and all their guests, at the feast. There seemed to be nothing more to say here, and she had no other excuse reason to remain; she may as well leave and join the revelry for a little while.

But just as she was drawing breath, Jadan moved closer, looking nervous. She frowned, wondering what was wrong, and fought to keep words from exploding out of her mouth as soon as he finished speaking.

Zaja, are we being watched? Is anyone close nough to hear? It would be too conspicuous if she did a deliberate search, but Zajadisth could see all of the Sands from her spot near the wall.

The gold stretched her neck, using the motion to aid her in glancing around. You are alone with the boy. What is-

I'll tell you later.

Lakiya's voice dropped to match Jadan's; the Sands were nearly empty and she trusted her dragon's judgement, but the lack of noise only gave her more reason to try and keep the conversation low, where no one could overhear it. "What do you mean?" She spoke urgently, but not harshly; the candidate seemed hesitant, almost afraid, and not only did she not want to frighten him, she might need this information. She probably did, in fact. "Jadan- if you know anything, anything at all that can help, please tell me. I promise to keep your name confidential- no one will even know the information unless they absolutely need to." She didn't bother saying E'rik's name; everyone knew that he was in charge of the investigations.

She didn't want the trail to go cold again. She wouldn't let it. And anything Jadan could tell her- anything anyone could tell her, even just speculation- might help.
Posted: Sep 10 2009, 02:51 AM

thank.you.for.the.music.♬ :.

Group: Admin
Posts: 243
Member No.: 2
Joined: 11-February 09

    Still keeping his head down and his glance furtive and nervous, Jadan crept just a little closer. His arms folded over his chest and he held on to his elbows, looking every bit like the hesitant witness he was. Even after Lakiya's encouragement, he took a few moments to gather the breath to speak.


    The name was a hissing whisper, and as soon as he said it he glanced around as if she was standing right behind him.

    About a turn ago. Just a little before she- before it happened. I was on an empty ledge, drawing the Weyr. I didn't know, didn't expect- They were below, on the ledge below mine. Talking. Weyr business. Or- I don't know, I was trying not to listen. As soon as I realized who was talking, I started to leave, but it was... too late. I didn't notice until- Vyviaan got mad. Very mad. I don't remember what she said, but I could tell. She sounded so... dangerous. And later, -

    Hopefully Lakiya could follow that. All together it made some sense, but delivered it was choppy and full of breaks where he wasn't sure he wanted to talk. He didn't like to recall this memory. In itself it was just unpleasant, but it always reminded him of when he heard of Ilis' death. Stabbed in the chest. All that blood. He felt sick just thinking about it, and he couldn't help remembering it talking about what he was sure was the precursor to that death. He did look like he could be sick, getting quite pale from the nerves and the memory of that blood, and his arms over his stomach as if to hold it in. He took a deep breath to steady himself, then went on.

    I don't know what she's said. I don't know if she - But if she says she has no motive, she's lying. I know. She was mad enough to kill.
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