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Last Post [.}Pretty Colors{.]
Wolf Tears
Posted: Apr 12 2009, 06:38 PM

&& Ayokunlith

Group: Admin
Posts: 141
Member No.: 1
Joined: 26-January 09

Most people, come autumn in the far north, tended to treat the transition to winter by beginning their own transition. They began to go outside less, to bundle up more, to- well, to do whatever it was that they happened to do when it was cold outside.

They did not, however, tend to spend their free time outside, flinging themselves at leaves whilst screaming about how pretty the colors were.

Especially not leaves that happened to still be attached to their respective trees.

Kirel was not most people.

Not that the inside wasn’t lovely. Kirel liked being inside. It was nice there. He found sparkly rocks there sometimes! And the people- who Kirel generally liked, even when they weren't always so fond of him, because Kirel liked people but he got on their nerves sometimes even though he usually didn't try to, especially the adults- but anyway, the people were usually inside instead of outside, because first of all they lived there, and also the dragons were a tiny bit tetchy about who got to go outside and for how long and under what sort of supervision, and different dragons had different opinions on this, particularly, at least so it seemed, as to whether Kirel qualified as adult supervision, not only over the younger children but also over himself, which made sense because he was seven but at the same time didn’t because he had been around a long time and they ought to know they could trust him, but that leaf was far more interesting than the dragons’ arguing that wasn’t even happening right now, and besides it was the leaves why he was outside.

This is, in fact, an almost direct outside (outside not as in being removed from shelter, but as in being removed from a particular mindset) transcript of Kirel’s thoughts as he paused to catch his breath between leaf-flings.

Be grateful, my friends, that your mind makes more sense than his.

At least I hope it does.

In any case, this mental reminder of the leaves set Kirel off again, running around the tree and pointing happily at the leaves, shouting something that probably, if you slowed it down to something a little closer to mach 1, could be translated as “PRETTY LEAVES LOOK AT THE PRETTY COLORS THAT ONE’S ORANGE AND LOOK IT’S A RED ONE- OHMIFARANTHTHERE’SONETHAT’SSTILLGREEEEEEEN!!! HOW CUTE IS THAT?! <3”

With no one around to interrupt him (or, for that matter, be noticed by him and then get assaulted with about three decanters’ worth of solid happiness), he would probably have continued like this for some time. However, a gust of cold wind burst into existence just then, not only blowing a significant portion of Kirel’s hair into his face, but also taking hold of one of his ribbons- incidentally, it was a very bright fluorescent orange one that was starting to fray along one edge, and which clashed horribly with today's pink ensemble- and sending it fluttering away from him. At first, Kirel didn’t notice- after all, it’s hard to notice anything when the only thing you can see (or taste) is hair- but as soon as he did he shrieked in horror and went chasing after it. Unfortunately for him, the wind suddenly became very unpredictable and continued to blow it random away from him, with the effect that he looked rather like a kitten trying to pounce on a lizard that keeps running away.


Special, indeed.
Posted: Apr 26 2009, 11:21 PM

thank.you.for.the.music.♬ :.

Group: Admin
Posts: 243
Member No.: 2
Joined: 11-February 09

    Any human that got near Melanthioth was a very unlucky individual. Anyone that got in Melanthioth's way, regardless of the reason, had better pray to be struck dead quickly and painlessly or that one of the feral queens came along to stop him from killing them slowly and painfully. Because that was just who Mel was. There was a good reason for the placement of the candidate and servant caverns to be on the opposite side of the volcano from Melanthioth's den, and even the small children learned quickly enough to never, ever, go near the black monster. Life for humans would be just dandy among the ferals if it wasn't for Melanthioth and any other dragon like him. But even the other dragons could be controlled. Melanthioth was a loose cannon.

    So it was incredibly unlucky when the blinding orange ribbon slapped into what looked like a very large, black log suspended from a cliff. The trailing shape was obviously not a log, though, and only appeared so at first glance. It tapered slightly down its length until it ended in a very tail-like fashion a short distance about the ground. And it could certainly be no plant, because a second after the ribbon hit it it jerked quickly and smashed into the rock next to it, trapping the ribbon. It struggled to be free, but could not escape the void-like tail that had captured it.

    There was by now very little hope. It might be a particularly dark nebula. A very large, dark nebula. Or maybe that other night, the younger, nicer one. Surely fate wasn't so terrible that it would send that night out to catch the ribbon. It wouldn't send that evil monster out. Kirel was a nice boy, why should he die?

    A vast black shadow rose up from the stone, and wings spread on either side of it to block the view of the dragon's head. It turned slowly and reached down, carefully grabbing the little ribbon between two claws. It pulled the ghastly orange thing back up behind the wing where the faint shadow of the creature's head could be seen through the thin hide on it's wings. A low rumbling growl grew from the shadow, and suddenly a sharp and biting voice jabbed out at the human.


    The wing snapped back and bloody red eyes could be seen in the star-dusted face of the black monster. The ribbon was still in the beast's sharp claws, pulling half-heartedly for freedom from this most unpleasant creature that had it pinned. Melanthioth turned slowly, his tail lifting up to follow him around as he hopped in his three-legged position to glare down at the small human that had interrupted his sun bathing. A cruel, far-too-pleased smile pulled back his lips to show his gleaming teeth.

    Is this your ribbon?
user posted image

Ummm.... Yeah. As fun as it might be to play Mel, if you'd rather he didn't... yeah, I'll remove the post...
Posted: Apr 28 2009, 03:01 PM


Group: Jr. Moderator
Posts: 80
Member No.: 11
Joined: 6-March 09

The transition to autumn was a pleasant time for Audrath. It heralded the end of the warm weather (which held little appeal for her), and the return to the natural chill of the rugged mountains. Winter-born and winter-bred, the cold harshness of the mountains were the only climate the twilight had ever truly known or loved, and beneath her thick hide she enjoyed the sense of cool that came with the onset of autumn. It was an annoyance, always, to have to travel to the more humid climes in search of candidates - places where the mist clung to one's pelt like stubborn dirt and collected within wingjoints in the most annoying ways. She despised those regions, and pitied the tame dragons who had to eke out their existences there. Such a shame, really, when they could have been wild and enjoying their lives in the open mountains.

Yet autumn was also pleasant for another, albeit simpler, reason: the vividness of its associated colors. Little though she admitted it, Audrath was immensely proud of the wild palette that colored her hide and added character to her pelt. The colors of autumn were a lovely if startling match for the twilight's pelt coloration, and there were few things that pleased her more than merely laying on her belly and watching as a swirl of leaves washed over her with the eddying wind. It was almost...therapeutic, if anything could ever be said to be therapeutic for the quick-tongued twilight.

The fact that she was near to Rising had nothing to do with it, of course - it just meant she found ever-fewer experiences that could cool her easy temper and quick-minded tongue. The lower ranking dragons had every reason to avoid her at this time, and a good number of the more foolish ones carried scars for not doing so. But the sight of the autumn leaves always managed to steady her, somehow; and she appreciated the fact that their doing so left her thoughts a good deal clearer. They were a good reason to look forward to the season. Though it was still early too early for many loose leaves to be blowing around, Audrath was content to sit quietly and enjoy the sight of autumn trees swaying in the wind to a full flowering of brilliant color.

That is, she enjoyed it until a particularly bright and oddly shaped leaf came fluttering past, followed closely by a shrieking human. A hiss escaped her teeth as she raised her head, mentally preparing to send a tongue-lashing to send Kirel's way. That proved unneccessary, however, as the ribbon became entangled with something far larger - and far more menacing. The twilight's eyes, beginning to whirl orange, became a full amber as Melanthioth reared his head from his wings and turned to transfix the young man with angry red eyes. If Audrath could have groaned aloud she would have done so. She knew well what would come next, and though she cared little about Kirel and whether he would suffer before he died, she did care about the fact that her afternoon would soon be filled with screams and blood spatter. There was no doubt now that the afternoon would be completely and irretrievably spoilt.

Unless, of course, the black monster could be convinced to stay his paw. Or take his sport elsewhere.

Melathioth, she greeted him, her eyes whirling to dark blue as she fought to stay her fey mood. The soft brooding nature of her mindvoice held just the faintest hints of annoyance - somewhat like lightning emitting from deep within a huge dark cloud, It is a very pleasant day. Is it not?

Let the night dragon take the hint, if he would. If he didn't, Audrath could always make herself plainer, or else simply take herself away to somewhere more pleasant.

(OOC> Just a note: Audrath isn't interested in saving anyone from an irritated Mel, so if the feral Queens would like to step in, they still have very good reason to do so wink.gif)
Wolf Tears
Posted: May 16 2009, 03:46 PM

&& Ayokunlith

Group: Admin
Posts: 141
Member No.: 1
Joined: 26-January 09

(OOC- HAHAHA. What do you mean, Tears is late? << >>)

The majority of sane people would take one look at a moving log and back away. The rest, upon realizing that the interesting moving log was in fact Melanthioth, and then not only would they be backing away, they would be doing it at full possible speed, throwing in profuse apologies and/or flattery every three steps, just in case.

As stated before, Kirel often does things that would confuse, worry, and/or scare the vast majority of human-, dragon-, and wherkind. And he is also probably not entirely sane, but that is, at this point, somewhat beside the point.

Which is that there is only one thing that Kirel is really, truly scared of, and that thing is not freakishly large and often-angry dragons who could eat him if they so wished.

Unfortunately for Kirel- and for Audrath, poor dear, who really wanted nothing more than to be left alone- Melanthioth did not happen to have a knife with him.

"Melanthioth. How are you?" Kirel returned in response to him name, tossing in a respectful bow as he did so. He was crazy, yes, but not suicidal, and even he realized that if one was to spend any time whatsoever around this particular night, one had to be careful. Just because the boy had survived previous encounters with the much larger creature didn't mean he was guaranteed to do so again. Indeed, it could be noted (if Melanthioth cared about such things, which he probably didn't) that though he was smiling as cheerfully as always, the teenager/child had pulled a second ribbon from his hair (a pastel yellow one, which ought to clash with the hot pink sweater and pants, but somehow managed not to) and was threading it nervously through the fingers of his right hand.

Who knew? Kirel might actually be sane.

"Hmm?" Slightly confused, Kirel shifted his gaze from the dragon's face (his neck creaked in relief) to his feet (if only his fear of blades included pointy things...), and with a start realized that there was, in fact, a ribbon trapped in the beast's claws. Grinning even wider and reaching up to tie the yellow ribbon back into his hair, he nodded happily. "Yep! That's mine. How'd you guess? Well, I guess it's fairly obvious, since I was running after it and everything, and since it's a ribbon and I'm me, but, well, yeah. You know, usually-"

This monologue probably would have gone on for quite some time, until Melanthioth got annoyed enough to forget (or 'forget'- either one worked, really) that Idraveth would be annoyed if the caretaker for her children's candidates suddenly happened to go missing. Luckily, however, another voice entered the conversation, and Kirel, surprised, turned mid-sentence to see a chaotic mass of purple.

"Hi, Audrath!" he called, adding a bow that was (very carefully) lower than the one he had given Melanthioth. He finished tying the yellow ribbon and dropped his hands. "How are you? It is a pleasant day, isn't it? Aren't the leaves pretty? Autumn is such a lovely time of year." He giggled happily, but had the sense to stop there, hopefully before his voice for on either of the dragons' nerves.

Posted: May 16 2009, 07:03 PM

thank.you.for.the.music.♬ :.

Group: Admin
Posts: 243
Member No.: 2
Joined: 11-February 09

    His smile faded quickly at the reaction he received. It turned into the expected pissed off snarl. This backwards little human was out of its freaky little mind. Humans were not to talk to him in that tone. The question was left completely unanswered. The most response that was given was the massive dragon turned in place with much rustling wings and dragging hide. The ribbon stayed clamped within the gleaming talons of the dragon as he positioned his long teeth and claws closer to the offending human.

    His red eyes sparked as it answered him, and started spinning faster as the explanation continued. Honestly, forgetting was never a problem. He knew all the time, he simply didn't care. Let the stupid children go without the wacko. He slithered down the cliff and on to the level the human occupied, still keeping the ribbon prisoner. When he got down, he approached the human slowly and with his teeth bared in the delightfully feral grin that he had all but trademarked. He would have swallowed the human whole if someone hadn't beaten him to it.

    He snapped out of his 'kill the idiot' mode sharply at the sound of another voice. His head jerked toward the twilight, and the sick green delight in his eyes faded back to red. Who was she to ruin his fun? Regardless, she was close to rising, and he didn't want to destroy any chance he had in that race just to kill this idiot. That didn't mean he was going to enjoy it, and he wasn't going to let it off easy either. All the same, he lifted his head and looked over his proddy twilight.

    It was, Audrath. Before this pest came along and disturbed my nap.

    He snarled at Kirel, dropping his foot and smashing the ribbon into the ground.

    I must wonder, boy, what you are doing out here. Humans aren't allowed outside the mountain without supervision, and clearly you have none. And you are being too much of a fool to have been cooking. What are you doing here?

    He bore down on the human, his teeth bared, and stopped just short of the human's face.
user posted image
Posted: Jul 24 2009, 08:19 AM


Group: Jr. Moderator
Posts: 80
Member No.: 11
Joined: 6-March 09

Melanthioth's response was none too gentle, and the twilight stifled the hiss that would have given away her annoyance. He was in no mood to be pushed, not even by a proddy twilight. Perhaps it would be best if she simply up and left, leaving the night to deal with the disturbance as he wished. She had just about decided to do so, in fact, when Kirel started speaking to her as well. It was a speech that merited a response.

You are such a fool, Audrath's eyes whirled as she swung her neck around to eye the human, long foretalons aching into the ground beneath, To pratter on like that. Perhaps I should take claw to you myself.

Which she would have done without preamble, had she been in less of a good mood. Kirel was annoying, that was taken for granted and had been for turns now; but Audrath was doubly unhappy with how he might have ruined her standing with Melanthioth's - by inducing her to intervene. And all over a pleasent evening, or the definition of one. Whether or not Audrath's intervention had truly been Kirel's fault was not the point: she was moody, and her mood was fast swinging into red even with no blood spilt as yet. Rustling her many-hued wings, she sent a tendril of thought into Melanthioth's mind.

Night Melanthioth, her mindvoice was the silky purr of a soft wind, the kind that came softly before a storm gale followed, You are right to be annoyed by this disturbance. He is clearly out of his bounds, and all for...a ribbon. Hmph. Perhaps, if I may suggest, the best punishment would be to shred it? Then he would have risked himself for naught.

She shrugged her wings aside as she rose, autumn hues flashing vivid along her hide and sails, And if he is still unswayed, it would be my pleasure to flay him for you. But if you want more you must do it yourself. Not all of us have such good standing with Idraveth, after all.
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