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Last Post Beyond, (For Caeloran/Sai)
Posted: Jun 14 2009, 10:01 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 92
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Joined: 4-March 09

"I hide when he's around," Cael replied immediately, shuddering at the mention of Melanthioth's name. "I don't figure he'd be so nice to just rip my guts out. I'd die quick that way, like that herdbeast there. I know where I sit on the food line -- right above him." She gestured sullenly toward the now-mangled and mostly eaten corpse, wrinkling her nose as it came once more to her attention. Ghaw, but dead herdbeast looked gross. A full turn of looking at it, and she'd never managed to shake that impression. She didn't know what it was, but there was something about it just inherently... unnerving. Perhaps it was just that -- the knowledge that she and that dead beast sat in about the same place in the grand scheme of things. Shaking her head, she dismissed the thought before it had fully formed. She was, after all, only eight, and such abstract thoughts were still very difficult for her.

When Audrath asked for her name, she was startled. Even the dragon who'd taken her hadn't asked her that. Nobody had since she'd come here, except the other candidates. To have an irritable twilight ask for it was ... surprising, to say the least. Still... at least it wasn't an unreasonable request. A name, she could provide. "I'm Cael. Er... That's short for Caeloran," she told the dragon, hooking her hands behind her back. It was a very old habit, from when she was very young. As a child, her parents had insisted that, as a display of respect, she introduce herself properly, hands behind her back, providing her full name, to every adult who asked for it. Even after a full turn in this upside-down, nightmarish place, she hadn't managed to shake that behaviour.

This ... was getting stranger with each passing moment. Here she was, who knew how high up, standing on a stone ledge, watching a dragon -- the dangerous variety, mind -- dine on a mangled herdbeast carcass while having an idle chat about why she wasn't dead, yet! That being a question she didn't like to think about the answer to -- it surprised her, sometimes, too -- she found the whole affair to be decidedly awkward, especially considering that the dragon's indulgent mood may not last terribly long. She hadn't exactly gotten herself off to an exceptional start by being caught climbing the walls outside of the Candidate's ... well, she couldn't really call them barracks. The Candidate's cavern? That seemed to be their de facto name. Regardless, it was an ill start with a temperamental dragon. Perhaps she ought to be watching her mouth a bit better.
Posted: Jun 15 2009, 01:20 PM


Group: Jr. Moderator
Posts: 80
Member No.: 11
Joined: 6-March 09

Audrath snorted to see the child shudder at the mention of Melanthioth, ichor dripping from her jaws as she pulled up a smaller piece and swallowed whole. Like she had already observed earlier, Cael was bold but not stupid - she knew who to respect, and who to fear. If it had been the black beast who found her outside...well, things would have gone very differently. He would not have brought her up to his lair to frighten her by forcing her to watch him eat. No, he would probably have been dissembling her by now, and not some bovine or wherry. And he would not have done it out of hunger. Knocking the nearly fleshless carcass of the herdbeast aside, the purple-hued female reached and snagged the wherry with one talon, dragging it to her jaws as she mindspoke.

You are wise - but truth be told, any human still alive here is one who has learnt to hide from him, her tone remained casually conversational, And no: we do not eat humans. We just play with them. There is little pleasure or taste in human flesh.

Besides, she sank green-strained fangs into the wherry's chest, You humans have other purposes. So long as you can serve us in some other way, you are not food.

A huge chunk, nearly half of the wherry's front, came away as the twilight pulled her jaws back. Chewing her meat with slow, sedate motions, the female kept her gaze on Caeloran as the girl spoke her name. She seemed surprised, and indeed she had every right to be. Audrath never asked for a human's name unless they had somehow caught and held her attention for long enough - never remembered them either, unless they were bondeds of some dragon who had her respect. Ranking ones, usually. But the twilight's mood was getting better with every mouthful she took; and for Audrath, satisfaction almost invariably came with curiosity.

"I'm Cael. Er... That's short for Caeloran."

The female swallowed her meat, and flexed her talons into the bird's carcass as she titled her head down at the girl. That was another of those silly human traits - there shortening of a name that was perfect in its wholeness. That was fine when a new-hatched dragonet chose to re-shape his or her rider's name - re-make it into something neater and more suitable for use between them. But to shorten a name when you were unbonded and it was already quite perfect as it was? It made no sense. A low hiss escaped the twilight's maw as she thrust back with her sunk talons, opening the rib-cage of the wherry to expose its innards.

Caeloran. A long name for one so small, though it suits. But I forget manners, she waved the tip of her tail to indicate the ledge and the yawning mouth of the cave beside them, and sarcasm laced her voice once more, Welcome to my home.
Posted: Jun 19 2009, 02:32 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 92
Member No.: 8
Joined: 4-March 09

Cael glanced out toward the rest of the Weyr, where she could only presume Melanthioth, who, frankly, she feared more than any other dragon in the entire Weyr, could be found, and wrinkled her nose. To say that any human still alive had learned to hide from him seemed fair to her, for she certainly couldn't think of any still living who'd be dumb enough to raise the great black beauty's ire. Nodding her agreement, she looked back to Audrath. "Aye -- the sense to avoid him doesn't really make me that wise, just not stupid," she mused. Then again, she wasn't going to complain if Audrath wanted to continue to consider her wise!

At the revelation that the dragons would not, in fact, eat human flesh, however, Cael's eyes widened. "Really? ... Huh. I ... guess I always figured meat was just meat, didn't much matter where it came from," she observed pensively. "I mean... herdbeast doesn't really taste like wherry, but they're both meat. I guess some folk don't like wherry, though, so I suppose it makes sense you might not like this or that kinda meat." That was oddly comforting. Admittedly, if she died, she wouldn't be using her body, anyhow, so it really didn't matter too much what happened to it, but Cael really didn't want to be eaten. It just seemed like it would be a very painful way to die.

Serve in another way, though ... she knew that some of the humans were riders, of course, and that she, like most of the other children, was there as a candidate, but she'd seen adults as well with no dragons. What purpose did they serve? Since Audrath seemed willing to be forthcoming, she opted to ask. "Well, I know all us kids are here for Idraveth's clutches -- do we count as candidates? I s'pose. Anyway, I know that's why we're here. And I know that anyone a hatchling picks becomes a rider, and that's why they're here. What about the other folk: the ones who don't impress or who can't or whatever? The older ones. Why are they here? What ... how do they serve? Er, not that I want them killed or anything. I just ... wondered."

The welcome surprised Cael, and she felt a small smile flick over her face, very fleetingly. If she hadn't been in such a precarious situation -- and anything involving a feral dragon to which you weren't bonded was precarious -- she would have found herself wondering if she wasn't making a friend. As it was, however, she merely felt a growing satisfaction that she probably wasn't going to die, today, which meant both that she would see tomorrow and that she'd gotten by with sneaking out, if only a very little ways. Maybe she ought to think about setting up a nice map of the place, after all.

Then again, she might not be so lucky, next time...
Posted: Jul 24 2009, 11:12 AM


Group: Jr. Moderator
Posts: 80
Member No.: 11
Joined: 6-March 09

The little one was becoming comfortable - comfortable enough to presume, it seemed. The realisation twinged in Audrath, setting her eyes whirling even as they softened to a pale shade of green, slowly becoming blue. Sh dipped her head as Caeloran spoke, rising again with a stack of innards between her ichor-stained jaws. There were few humans who would dare speak to her that way, and most of these were hobbling around with missing limbs or unseemly scars. The twilight had no hesitation using her talons on humans as she did with lower-ranking dragons, though she stopped short of killing them outright. No point incuring Idraveth's wrath for the sake of some frail, silly beings - after all, there were many ways to make life miserable for them without taking them out altogether.

Yet the twilight felt no real affront to the child's daring in asking questions. Just a hint of annoyance and the sense that a reminder was in order. Caeloran had indeed found more favour with the dragon than most other humans did, but that did not preclude her from being respectful around her. And as for friendship...well, if asked she would have said she felt liking for the child, perhaps even felt entertained and amused by her. But...friendship? An unbonded feral was not and never would admit friendship with a human, no matter how much she liked that person. And Faranth help the person who tried to convince her otherwise. Finishing the mouthful, she arched her head back to let the slimy mess slide down her throat. The massive talons clenched into the carcass beneath her.

For a small child, you ask many questions, she plucked idly at the shattered ribcage with a claw, You humans serve us, that is all you need to know.

Her muzzle dropped and rose with another chunk of meat. It was really too small to need any chewing, and she regarded Caeloran thoughtfully as she toyed with it between her teeth, Or...perhaps I should show you how we are served.

Swallowing her mouthful, the twilight rose and laid her claws over the carcasses, one to each forepaw. Clenching her talons shut, she fell sideways and over the ledge, wings spreading to turn the drop into a glide over the disposal area of the ferals' Weyr, where she dropped the mangled things into the pile already there. Wheeling back up towards her ledge, she extended her wings as she touched down on the stone for just the briefest of instants - a moment in which her talons closed securely around the girl.


Not that Caeloran had a choice. Audrath was already airborne and making a clean line towards the bathing areas of the Weyr. She had a favourite spot, a little jut of land that extended out into the lake by a little, surrounded on three sides by the pale lapping waters; and as she approached the two daylights who had been lounging on it took themselves away discreetly. The twilight took no notice of them as she settled down and folded her wings back, releasing Caeloran from her grasp.

The brushes are over there, she indicated the pile of brushes - roughly-made by the assortment of crafter humans the Weyr had - which lay a little way off against a big rock, Get a few and scrub the ichor off my claws.
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