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Last Post May I Have Some Volunteers?, [Masque]
//. Joker
Posted: Nov 11 2009, 12:09 AM

//.MASKS.don't.change./who.you.are they.change./what.you.are

Group: Mask
Posts: 8
Member No.: 37
Joined: 18-October 09

    "Ladies and Gentlemen! Riders and Holders! Lend me your ears!" Harper's voice boomed out over the crowd as he suddenly jumped upon the stage. It was the second night of the ball, and today he had dressed simply in a white coat and pants, with a red shirt visible at his neck under the fitted coat and the customary monochromatic mask. No stilts tonight, for he had the stage, and all attention of the weyr. People grew still and masks turned up to the stage as the musicians ceased their playing, and curious folks wandered from the adjoining hall to see what had happened.

    After a suitable pause, Harper went on with an easy smile and loud voice, "We cannot of course go through our festivities without some merriment, can we? Without some fun? Tonight, we shall hold a costume contest!" He paused again to let the applause and catcalls settle before going on. "There shall be three categories: Beauty, Originality, and Chaos. Beauty of course applies to the person - male, female, or otherwise - that is most pleasing to the eye. Originality is the costume best thought out, the one that we wish we'd thought of. Chaos refers to any costume that just isn't what you expected, the kind of costume that is either hideous or grotesque. There will also be an overall winner separate from the categories, for the costume that simply wins the night.

    Anyone may enter, and if you wish to, please come to the stage now. There is, of course, incentive. If you should win first in any division, or even second, you will receive an egg.
    " As he spoke, he went to the back of the stage and pulled up a large ceramic jar painted gold that he set on a chair hastily vacated by a musician. "So, who thinks they may win? Come on, don't be shy." He beckoned the people forward with a wave of his hand and a sly grin, his other hand resting lightly on the jar beside him.

Please only real characters enter, and make sure to let me know at the top of your post that the character is entered into the contest, and in the space of your post describe their costume in detail. Spectators are also welcome, and voting will occur within them.
//. Joker
Posted: Nov 11 2009, 07:05 PM

//.MASKS.don't.change./who.you.are they.change./what.you.are

Group: Mask
Posts: 8
Member No.: 37
Joined: 18-October 09

** Tom is volunteering for the contest.

He was hesitant to join, and though he felt the pull toward the stage, and wasn't far off, he looked around furtively first to make sure he was at least not the first one to step up, nor the only one. Only once several other happy partygoers came up did he grin and hurry up to the stage, jumping up on to it with youthful enthusiasm and looking eagerly at the others standing around him.

Tom was clearly the boy's name, at least tonight. He was dressed in an off-white tunic with puffed sleeves and a fitted brown suede vest. His pants were of the same material, and tucked into clean-cut black leather boots he was wearing. A long, smooth tail hung behind him, russet brown and striped with charcoal gray, to match the leather mask on his face. Two pointed ears rose from it at either temple, their insides painted with pale fur, and the outsides with russet and charcoal. The nose of the mask went down over his upper lip in a rounded feline muzzle, and the face of it was painted russet brown and charcoal gray, with paler fur around the eyeholes and muzzle. And as if it was the most natural thing in the world, a brown felt hat sat on his head, the point down over the forehead of the mask, and a fluffy russet feather extending out behind it.

He seemed a jumpy sort of character, and a bit nervous standing up on the stage, and was a teenager to boot. But so long as he enjoyed himself, did it really matter if he won? Still... he glanced for a while over at the tempting jar of sand holding those eggs. It would be nice if he Impressed a flitter...
|-{ Gypsy
Posted: Nov 12 2009, 04:55 AM

-| never |-let-Them-see-how-the-{ MAGIC }-Works

Group: Mask
Posts: 8
Member No.: 36
Joined: 18-October 09

** Violet is entering...she just doesn't know it yet.

One of the problems with being so little at such a grownup party, Violet had found, wasn't that there was no conversation. There was plenty of conversations for her to listen to, and good music to dance to and places to explore. No, the problem was that when there were announcements, it was really hard for her to see, everyone was taller than her!

So Violet had squirmed to the front of the crowd, and found herself jostled forward at the man's announcement of a contest. One of the people heading for the stage thought she wanted to come, and before little Violet found her voice to say otherwise, she was staring down at all the people. Ooh, scary. But fun! And a firelizard egg, that would be really awesome!

Violet smoothed down her dress, a pale lavender confection that floated out around her like she could fly with it or something, it was so poofy, but pretty! Except for the poof, it was plain, with violet ribbons lacing the sleeves to her arms, bunching the fabric, as it did across her chest in diamond shapes. Her mask was also pale lavender, a delicately tatted lace that fit her small frame; there was no worry about it being molded for someone with more adult features. There was a delicate line of rhinestones laid out on the mask that sparkled, picking up the sparkling purple stones on the end of the ribbons around her sleeves and dress. The excess ribbon from the lacing on her chest streamed down her thin and coltish body to her knees, the shimmering stones weighing the ribbons down slightly. The ribbons on her sleeves dripped off at her elbow, making sure that she didn't drop the ends into her food; the stones at the ends chimed against each other gently.

She knew her dress wasn't actually the color called Violet - she was called that for the flowers woven through her dark hair like a crown. They were violets.
|-{ Gypsy
Posted: Nov 12 2009, 05:05 PM

-| never |-let-Them-see-how-the-{ MAGIC }-Works

Group: Mask
Posts: 8
Member No.: 36
Joined: 18-October 09

**Rose is entering...though a bit reluctantly.**

The thing she loved the most about this kind of party was the fact that she could be someone completely different. She could behave anyway she wanted to and it was alright because no one know who she was; no one knew who anyone was. For tonight, she was the confident and flirty Rose. Her costume told the story of her name very well. In reds and silvers she was adored; the neckline of the dress scooping low enough to show a generous amount of the top of her pale clevage. The dress itself fit her well, giving her a clear defining shape that made her feel like she could have anyone she wanted while she wore this dress. Her dark hair was done up in a mass of gentle curls, wrethed in a crown of red roses. The dress was long and a bit cumbersome, but not enough for Rose to be too terriblely worried about it. She loved the feeling of absolute freedom the mask she wore brought her. Compared to her dress, the mask was a simple thing; a silver mask that covered her nose and eyes from the world. Adorning the mask at the tips were to silver roses. She knew no one knew her, and no one cared.

Hearing someone speak up about a contest and firelizard eggs, she quickly made a descion and walked confidently forward through the crowd and onto the the stage where others had already arrived. Her movements were graceful and confident, but her shifting proved just how excited she was to be on the stage. She flashed a brillant smile to the crowd as she looked out at both them and her fellow competitors. Excitment and exillaration flew through her lean body as she looked out at the crowd. Rose had never in her entire life felt such a strong feeling as she did this night and decided that, though she was up here a bit reluctantly, she was happy she'd made the decision to come after all. Looking over at the jar of sand that held the firelizards as a prize, she knew she'd made the right choice. Even if she didn't get to Impress one of the little wonders, at least she'd gotten up here and tried. In the end, for her, that was all that mattered.
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