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Last Post Dragon Portraits, A Non-Profit Organization
Posted: Sep 19 2009, 04:36 PM

thank.you.for.the.music.♬ :.

Group: Admin
Posts: 243
Member No.: 2
Joined: 11-February 09

So this service is free, because I certainly don't need the money. I have most of it anyway. But I would very much like to get as many of these done as possible.

I don't have an example, other than the pictures I currently have of Mel and Okath. But I'm imagining a much closer view just up on the dragons' faces. Like Mel's in the top third or so of his picture, only larger and possibly with a nice little border or something.

But on to how to apply for one of these. First, take a minute to really think about your dragon's face and head. The proportions you want. Then you tell me what you see. In order that I know exactly what you mean, I have a form. It's kind of large. Hopefully all the sections should be explanatory, but if you have questions, you're welcome to ask. You can add in as much detail as you want. Because otherwise I'll be taking artistic liberty.

[B]Dragon Name & Color[/B]:

[I]Generic Appearance[/i]
[B]Length of Head Compared to Girth[/B]:
[B]Length of Muzzle Compared to Head[/B]:
[B]Overall Shape of the Head[/B]:
[B]Roundness of Head/Cheeks[/B]:
[B]Roundness of Muzzle[/B]:
[B]Pronouncement of Bone Structure[/B]:
[B]Length/Shape of Headknobs[/B]:
[B]Thickness of Neck Compared to Head[/B]:
[B]Approximate Start of Neckridges[/B]:
[B]Approximate Shape of Neckridges[/B]:
[B]Size/Shape of Teeth[/B]:
[B]Size of Eyes Compared to Head[/B]:
[B]Nose Design[/B]:
[B]Eye Shape[/B]:
[B]Hide Texture[/B]:
[B]Size of Mouth[/B]:
[B]Base Color HEX Code[/B]:
[B]Markings & their HEX Colors[/B]:

[I]Portrait Pose[/I]
[B]Eye Color(s)[/B]:
[B]Description of Pose from Shoulders Up[/B]:

For example, my boys:

Dragon Name & Color: Night Melanthioth

Generic Appearance
Length of Head Compared to Girth: The head is long for its width, but both dimensions are considerable
Length of Muzzle Compared to Head: The muzzle makes up the majority of the head's length. In fact, if it was normally proportioned, the rest of his head would be as well
Overall Shape of the Head: It is pointed from neck to nose, with little definition between forehead and nose
Roundness of Head/Cheeks: There is only as much roundness as is needed in living things
Roundness of Muzzle: ... None?
Pronouncement of Bone Structure: Mostly in his brows and his jaw, where it is quite sharp
Length/Shape of Headknobs: They're not very long, but thick at their bases and pointed like horns
Thickness of Neck Compared to Head: The neck is very thick, but his head is big enough that it doesn't look silly
Approximate Start of Neckridges: Halfway between headknobs and eyeridges
Approximate Shape of Neckridges: Rough, macabre waves that curve back too far
Size/Shape of Teeth: Long and pointed like spikes, and barely contained by his lips
Size of Eyes Compared to Head: Not very large, a bit on the small end
Nose Design: Slits on either side of his muzzle that flare when he breathes in
Eye Shape: They're most often slivers, and look angry generally regardless of his mood
Hide Texture: Smooth, but not soft. More like polished marble than suede
Size of Mouth: Large, and his lips have a smirk to them
Base Color HEX Code: 000011
Markings & their HEX Colors: Random Stars that fade down his neck: CCCCDD

Portrait Pose
Expression: Proud, Haughty, Dangerously cheerful and smug. He looks like a cat about to eat the mouse trapped in a corner that's enjoying the terror of his prey
Eye Color(s): A mixture of red and dark blue, avoiding purple as much as possible. He's being violent, but he's enjoying it.
Description of Pose from Shoulders Up: His head is raised so that the neck is about directly beneath his head, which is facing about 5 o'clock from the viewer's perspective. His head is situated above the viewer, and tilted down slightly to his right so that he can look down on his audience.
Posted: Nov 1 2009, 08:56 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 24
Member No.: 16
Joined: 27-March 09

Dragon Name & Color: Turquoise Jeth

Generic Appearance
Length of Head Compared to Girth: Is alittle long but not enough to make him look like a strange creature.
Length of Muzzle Compared to Head: his muzzle makes up alot for his face but looks alright in compare to the rest of his head.
Overall Shape of the Head: His nose and eye ridges pointed some but not to much this clearly applying also to his lower jaw and cheeks.
Roundness of Head/Cheeks: his cheeks could be looked at as if there were a round fruit that joins all to sudden to his lower jaw.
Roundness of Muzzle: He has a slight roundness to the front of his muzzle but not much to be noticed by anyone.
Pronouncement of Bone Structure: His eye ridges, cheeks, and a slightly in his nose ridge.
Length/Shape of Headknobs: Streamline like the rest of his body that then rounded at the ends.
Thickness of Neck Compared to Head: Looks to be thinner then actually is but is not so thin as to make him look to strange.
Approximate Start of Neckridges: Right when his headknobs start
Approximate Shape of Neckridges: Short in height and rounded, though starting short in length and growing longer as they go down towards his back like plates in armor on horses.
Size/Shape of Teeth: Short and yet sharp enough to tear through hide and bone.
Size of Eyes Compared to Head: Normal for someone to be so streamline
Nose Design: His nose ridges noticeable along with the slits of his nose.
Eye Shape: Wide normally with fear or worry
Hide Texture: smooth and soft looking but retaining a reptilian look.
Size of Mouth: long and pulled back in a grimace
Base Color HEX Code: 00F6FF
Markings & their HEX Colors: swirls on his wings not sure their hex.

Portrait Pose
Expression: Worried, timid, fearful, and possible nervous
Eye Color(s): Yellow
Description of Pose from Shoulders Up: His neck pulled always back to the point that Jeth's nose is almost touching his chest and slightly of to the side as if waiting to get hit or laughed at. He almost looks to be trying to hide under his wings.
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